Xbox One Reveal Day Wrap-Up: All you need to know

We first began reporting on the next Xbox console (codenamed Durango) earlier this year, but the new console had been rumored for quite some time now. Earlier today, Microsoft finally announced the console during the Xbox Reveal event.

The console’s final name is not Xbox Infinity as many had expected. Instead, Microsoft has named it the Xbox One. The name stems from Microsoft’s goal of this console becoming the One device you use for all of your entertainment needs. The OS is comprised of three layers: one dedicated to gaming, one based on the Windows 8 kernel, and a third layer that interfaces between the other two. It will launch sometime later this year.

You'll find everything we know about the Xbox One past the break!

Industrial design

In obvious contrast February’s Playstation 4 reveal, Microsoft chose to not only show off the new Xbox One controller but also the system itself. In fairness, they did have like three extra months to finish up the console’s design compared to Sony!

The Xbox One utilizes what Microsoft calls industrial design. Basically, that means it can be used as a girder when constructing buildings and highway overpasses. Not really, but it’s a larger and boxier design than the Xbox 360. Presumably this increased footprint allows for not just beefier hardware but also much improved cooling. Overheating was a major cause of the Red Ring of Death that caused launch Xbox 360s to breakdown. The Xbox One should be resistant if not immune to heat-related issues.

The Kinect finally comes to life

The original Kinect sold pretty well but never really appealed to hardcore gamers and the gaming press at large. I enjoyed it and we covered our share of Kinect games, but nobody can argue that the Xbox 360’s Kinect technology had caught up to its promise.

The new Kinect is packaged with the Xbox One, so everybody will be guaranteed to have one whether they want motion-controlled gaming or not. In fact, the system requires the Kinect to be connected in order to function. But the Kinect technology has improved so exponentially that it should become indispensable both inside and outside of gaming, a boon rather than a hindrance.

First off, the new Kinect supports 1080P video capture. Its field of view has increased by sixty percent, allowing it to accurately track up to six users at once as compared to two users on the Xbox 360. Users can stand up to four feet closer to the new Kinect, which also means it can be used in smaller rooms than before.

The new Kinect can detect much finer details as well, such as the position of the players’ wrists and even their facial expressions. Even games that use controllers can react to that information. Microsoft promises better user recognition, with the system detecting individual users and signing them into their accounts – a feature that seldom worked properly on the Xbox 360/

One of my big complaints about Kinect on Xbox 360 is that few games supported simultaneous use of the physical controller with body tracking, and that will no longer be an issue on the Xbox One. In fact, the new Kinect can see how you’re holding the controller, so you can shake or twist the controller in games without the need for a built-in accelerometer or gyroscope.

Voice and gestures

You’ll find plenty of uses for the new Kinect outside of gaming as well. Improved gestures allow users to switch between multitasking functions like gaming and TV. On stage, Microsoft demonstrated gestures similar to the pinching we currently use for zooming on smartphones.

The Xbox 360’s Kinect offers fairly good voice recognition, though Kinect games seldom made full use of the ability. The Xbox One’s voice recognition is much improved and supported throughout seemingly every function of the console. When the system is in low-power standby mode, say “Xbox On” to launch the console. Voice commands can switch between multitasking functions, return to home (“Xbox: Go Home”), and even answer Skype calls (“Xbox: Answer call”).


The Xbox 360 controller would have been just about perfect if not for its oddly shaped and woefully inaccurate digital d-pad. The transforming d-pad controller offered slightly better control, but still left much room for improvement.

The Xbox One controller thankfully sports an all-new d-pad design that looks much more in-line with Nintendo’s excellent cross-style d-pads. Supposedly Nintendo’s patent expired recently, so hardware manufacturers are no longer forced to either pay up or use inferior designs.

The controller’s shape follows the ergonomically delightful Xbox 360 controller’s almost exactly, though the top of the controller is now recessed for aesthetic purposes. You’ll find the analog sticks, four action buttons, bumpers, and triggers in the same places as before. The triggers can now individually vibrate, and they also detect more levels of pressure than before.

The Guide button now rests at the top of the controller face, separating it from the buttons formerly known as Start and Back. Those buttons are now called View and Menu. One looks to switch between multitasking functions.


The Xbox One has long been rumored to have slightly inferior specs to the Playstation 4. During the reveal, Microsoft didn’t go into much detail about those specs, which kind of supports the rumor. But the specs they did reveal certainly sound good to me:

  • 8 Core CPU
  • 8 GB DDR3 system memory
  • 500 GB Hard Drive
  • Blu-Ray Drive
  • 802.11n Wireless with Wi-Fi Direct
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • HDMI in and out
  • At least 2 USB 3.0 ports
  • SPDIF output
  • IR output

Yep, as anticipated, Microsoft has chosen Blu-Ray for the Xbox One’s optical drive. Given the system’s non-gaming TV features, Blu-Ray movie playback is a must. Games will increasingly need more storage space than DVD-ROMs can provide, so the 50 GB provided by Blu-Ray discs will boost the system’s gaming capabilities as well. The lack of Blu-Ray drive was recently cited by Hideo Kojima as a major reason the Playstation 3 got Metal Gear Solid 4 while the Xbox 360 didn’t.

The built-in 500 GB hard drive will be invaluable since retail Xbox One games must be installed to hard drive prior to use. However, that same requirement means that avid gamers like yours truly could fill up the hard drive before too long. What happens then? Engadget has revealed that the Xbox One’s USB 3.0 ports support external hard drives, thank goodness. External hard drives will have access to all of the same functions as the internal drive such as game installation.


Xbox One Home screen

The Xbox One takes a major step towards the world of PC, tablet, and smartphones thanks to its multitasking support. Users can jump back and forth between games, TV, videos, Skype calls, Internet Explorer, and other functions at will. These various applications resume virtually instantly – even games – much as they would on a PC. As mentioned before, there’s even a button on the controller just for toggling between tasks.

Snap mode takes the multitasking opportunities a step further. It allows you to perform a secondary function on-screen without interrupting the primary function (games, TV, etc.).  The secondary function appears in a vertical slice at the right of the screen. This marks the first time a gaming console offered picture-in-picture functions across the entire system. The applications are myriad, but a couple of common ones will be browsing the internet while watching TV or participating in a Skype video chat while playing games.

Achievements and DVR

Xbox One achievements

Existing Xbox Gamertags/Microsoft profiles will carry over to the Xbox One, including all of a user’s Achievements. The same goes for Xbox live subscriptions.

The Xbox One will advance Achievements in a few different ways. First off, developers can dynamically add Achievements to games over time without having to wait for paid DLC packs. Could that hint to a relaxed Xbox Live certification process? We can only hope.

On top of that, the Xbox One will record actual gameplay footage when users unlock Achievements. In fact, the system allows players to record, edit and watch gameplay via the cloud. Sharing gameplay experiences and feats will be easier than ever… No word yet on DVR features for live TV though.

Non-gaming functions

Xbox One snap

The Xbox One will be a gaming powerhouse, but of course it does lots of non-gaming stuff too. Internet Explorer and Bing Search, already present on the Xbox 360, make their return. Live TV plays a major role, as the new console can input cable feeds while providing access to an Xbox One-specific guide and related services. Check out our Live TV article for more details.

On top of that, the Xbox One supports Skype video calls. Incoming calls show up as a small notification at the top of the screen. These can be answered with voice commands or controller. The new Kinect then captures your video and voice. Many of us have become big Skype fans since Microsoft bought the company and switched Messenger over to Skype. It’s good to see strong integration with the new console as well.

Promising start

Xbox One Forza DVR

Microsoft announced a handful of Xbox One games during the presentation: Forza Motorsport 5, Quantum Break from Remedy, several EA Sports titles, and Call of Duty: Ghosts. Check out this article for screenshots, videos, and quick impressions.

After the presentation itself, Microsoft revealed several key gaming tidbits through various channels. On the plus side, the Xbox One will not require a constant internet connection. But the possibility that games can't be installed without an online connection lingers. And just like the Playstation 4, the Xbox One will not play Xbox 360 games due to the change in architecture. Microsoft did promise more news and continued support for the Xbox 360 throughout the year, at least.

Think of today’s Xbox One reveal as an appetizer. We saw some cool features, learned much about the hardware, and glimpsed a few games. E3 will be the main course; that’s when Microsoft will share more games, details, and hopefully the console’s price and release date. E3 runs from June 10-13, and we’ll be there!

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Paul Acevedo

Paul Acevedo is the Games Editor at Windows Central. A lifelong gamer, he has written about videogames for over 15 years and reviewed over 350 games for our site. Follow him on Twitter @PaulRAcevedo. Don’t hate. Appreciate!

  • Probably not buying. But still excited to see and try it out.
  • Yeah I have no choice all my friends will be getting it. But still not feeling the name.
    PSONE, HTC one, Air Force one~lol Now Xbox One along with other company's using "One" Not to mention the coming clusterf*** when ppl will be referring it instead of the original.
    Also 360 has been used for several things. MS please find a new marketing company.
  • Everyone will just call it "xbox" anyway
  • "One system to rule them all" I'm sure that is what the marketing/pr departments had in mind. It's supposed to be a blueray player, cable box, game console, infotainment device all in one. It's better then the 720 but I think I liked infinity better.
  • Everyone has a choice
  • I hope disabled people have a choice with the connect, the original connect would not recogmize people in a sitting position, only if you were standing. The only thing a person with a disability was able to use was the camera for online chatting. I would hope MS will fix this issue, especially with how many veterans and disabled there are, 15% of Americans have legitamate disablities. Some of my buddies who got hit by IED's are big gamers, and we all are xbox junkies, I hope MS doesn't discriminate this time
  • its very hard to do that. otherwise, players couldnt use kinect if there are people sitting in the room, it would get confused and add a bunch of players who arent playing. there are many things disabled people cant do. Why is it "discrimination" just because it wasnt working for them? thats why special proframs are made. 
  • Im buying one.. Maybe two for both my tv's
  • Two???? There's no Two here! Only One
  • I probably will buy one.
  • I AM!!!!!!!
  • I'll be getting this and a Playstation 4
  • I'm buying one.
  • not buying since they are still sticking with only inferior conroller setup, and again refusing to add keyboard/mouse imput as an option for gamers that prefer that, until that changes I will be sticking with my gaming PC
  • Controllers are superior for a variety of genres, just not FPS and real-time strategy games. And no console has ever supported mouse and keyboard across all games.
  • How are controllers superior to keyboard and mouse in fps?
  • Yeah I know no console has ever supported it, but the first one that does will potentially be able to gain a lot of PC gamers who just simply refure to use controlers for any games.
    Microsoft is in the best position to do something like this. Also imagine if Microsoft made a Windows 8 Pro mode in the Xbox One, meaning you would be able to use it as a TV, Console, and a PC, that would completely destroy any other console and ensure Xbox One supremacy.
    Only downside might be that it might piss of some stupid PC OEM, but it would be epic to be able to use a console as a PC as well.
  • I was most excited that this thing has HDMI , my laptop can be connected to it and thus snapping will be great (also i preordered a Leap Motion usb unit.) so this would be amazing.
  • Keyboard and mouse just doesn't work with a console. Most people play on the sofa with a big screen. Its just too cumbersome with kb/mouse.
  • That is why it would be an option, if you want to sit on the sofa and use a controler you still could.
  • I personally never want to see the keyboard and mouse option only because keyboard & mouse giving an unfair advantage especially for first person shooters. Shadow Run is a perfect example of why not to do it. Personally there's no skill in a Keyboard and mouse option it's just to easy to click a mouse to shoot.
  • There's still a lot of skill - everyone on PC has the aiming tools, so it's not like the results of matches are just random or something. But yeah, allowing their use in a competitive console game would of course unbalance the game.
  • I will.
  • I probably will, but not happy about no backward compatibility. I still play a bunch of my XBLA titles and it would have been nice not to need 2 Xboxes for this scenario.
  • I pre-ordered my pre-order. Can't wait to actually pre-order.
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  • While others have commented in its appearance, why that's an issue I have no idea, I like the way it looks. And I think its got great potential. I just had a bad day with MS products today so I'm grumpy. Not a real gamer anyway, but if it can deliver, I look forward to owning one someday.
  • "Red" Ring not Read Ring
  • WANT! No...NEED!
  • You're the best, XboxCentral! Wait... What?
    No Normal video Output ?? WTF ??  
  • You still playing on your 1992 Magnavox? LOL
    I'm sure there will be an adapter, particularly for VGA... maybe.
  • Looking forward.. Besides, if you don't have modern A/V equipment then you can't really take full advantage of even a Xbox 360.. If you can afford an Xbox one then you should be able to afford a modern TV, and surround system.. Right?
  • There are people around that still connect their x-box up to a tube tv.  Until last week, I didn't have surround sound in my bedroom.  And it was only a month ago that I got my x-box set up with internet.  It's not because I don't have the equipment or services in my house.  It's not always possible for me to game in our family room, and I only have wireless upstairs.  My x-box elite did not come with wireless built in, and I ended up getting a wireless to lan bridge a month or so ago which suits my needs better in my bedroom.  This is the heart of the controversy over the always connected rummor that was going around for some time.  There is still a very large population that has nothing better then dialup because they are so rural.  Does that make then any less of a gamer?  No.  Nor does everyone want massive player game environments. 
  • Lol! I'm sorry dude I'm being inconsiderate.. But, you got to understand why I'm laughing.. Lol, your comment sounds funny.. I'm sorry. Lol!!. But, for real. I didn't think about all that. I'm just glad everyone is able to enjoy Xbox one way or another..... But, lol! I just keep picturing you in this tiny room with your Xbox in the bed with you, and you yelling at a old 13 inch TV.. No offense, but it's just a funny image.. Anyways, you're right it doesn't make anybody any less of a gamer.. Hey, so you can finally play online now right? I bet you're pretty good. To tell the truth I suck.. I used to have a PS3, but it went YLOD. I'm not a very big gamer, but I plan on getting the XBUno. Are you going to get one?
  • Oh, found forgot to say that I'm totally in for Xbox one! I just signed up for pre-order notification and got a 10$ credit at the MS store.
  • Xbox! Not X-box.
  • Correct, I stand corrected.
  • :D
  • Time to get with the times bro. If you're still using component, or, God forbid, composite, it's time to upgrade. "Normal" video output is HDMI in 2013.
  • One more thing...the xbox controller does not have Start and Select, but Start and Back buttons. The Select button is on Playstation controllers.
  • Shows ya how tired I am today. Fixed!
  • Skype has a new design ))) Wait for the update on W8 ;)
    BTW what about WP XBLA ??? - do we still have one new stupid game per week for unbelivible price ????
  • *Quantum Break
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  • I know its Xbox day, but I'm disappointed that nothing about WP was discussed. Nevertheless, it was cool to see that red L920 used to demo Xbox features.. Hopefully at E3 there will be some Xbox/WP news. I want huge WP news people! Lol!
  • I'm REAALLLLY hoping to see some cool WP integration with the Xbox One announced then, or SOON.
  • Now we wait until we see it in practice.
  • Must have on day one.
  • I'm buying. Day one.
  • So pre ordering this One tomorrow morning!
  • I will probably buy one, maybe not immediately, however. I agree that the name is kind of underwhelming though.
  • I told my wife today that she's the Xbox one for me.
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  • Hahahah disgusting.. ....... I'm using that lol. It'll get a cheap "AW" and a bj hopefully hahah.
  • Depends on how the used games situation plays out.  I'm not a used game person, but I do take my games over to my brother's place on occasion.  If it becomes a huge pain to do this because the game is locked or whatever, sorry but I'm going to get a PS4.  I'm not happy about it, but I got to do what I got to do.
  • I am hoping it will be similar to the current system where you cannot use some of the online features without purchasing a code. I know EA is doing that with all of their sports franchises, and I am willing to put up with that. But I hope they clarify the matter soon.
  • I wonder how it works if you have 2 in the same house. I don't use the kids Xbox today, but we share a Forza disk.
  • This is one of three planned purchases I would like to make by the end of this year:
    Nokia EOS, Xbox One and a Haswell based W8 Hybrid. 
    It seems that Microsoft will have an explosive 4th quarter this year.
  • My body is ready... my wallet not so much
  • I like the unit.  If it has a built in DVR for TV I'm totally in on it.  What I'm not thrilled about is the required Kinnect and the redesigned controller.  The Kinnect will not work in my very small bedroom.  To be honest, it's best to use a controller and or remote in the space I will use it in the most.  I don't even really have a spot to put the thing, and the depth of my room is no more then 10 or 12 feet.  It's just enough to fit a double bed in.  I'm also concerned about the controller.  There is nothing more annoying then gaming for hours and then have the battery die.  Right now, I have a twin charger and about 4 battery packs, so it's no big deal to just pop the dead one out and put a freshly charged one in.  But from what I can tell, it's not removable (Was anyone at the event today that can confirm this?).  They said this controller was designed by gammers....I find it hard to beleive that I'm the only guy around that has experienced a dead battery.  But other then that, the graphics are astounding and I'd be thrilled if I could swap out my DVR that I rent with a seperate unit that plays games.
    I was prepared for the lack of backwards compatibilty.  So I guess I'll be keeping my 360 so I can keep playing some of my favorites like Skyrim and Fallout.
    And to all those irritated about this story on a WP site, there is an ap in the store for x-box glass.  I have no problem hearing all things Microsoft related here.  In fact, I like this site because of it.  All the platforms are merging and this is a good thing.
  • The voice control will work, that is what we use ours with the most right now, since our living room isn't ideally set up yo use it for games right now.
  • Check out the Wired story, which has a lot of details and close-up pics. The new Kinect has a much wider field of view, so it's supposed to work in smaller areas, even if you're only three feet away. Plus all the voice control stuff is great anyway. As for the controller battery, the pics on Wired make it look like it's removable. I agree it would suck if it weren't, but that doesn't appear to be the case.
  • Yes, it does look like the back is removable. It's just not a quick push down a button and pull like the current controller is.
  • I agree on the DVR. I was really hoping that it would support Ceton external tuners with external usb3 storage. Still could, I suppose.
  • No blue ray????
  • No, Blu Ray is confirmed for the Xbox One. Don't fret on that account.
  • Read the article before commenting, mmkay?
  • I think I'll want to use the HDMI input for my 360, so I can save a HDMI slot in my receiver. I hope the XB1 will allow a similar 'playthrough' feature to what my receiver is packing, or preferably a way of recognizing the XB360 and updating its output to whatever UI is present in the XB1, essentially treating the 360 as a peripheral.
  • Pshhh PC is way better lol. I have seen these visuals for a while now. Oh and my PC has 3tb storage 4.0ghz octo core CPU 32 GB of ram and 3 radeon 7790s.. And I bet this console will cost more than I paid XD
  • That's very unlikely, and you shouldn't troll.
  • I am a programmer for Microsoft, I already know the price will be $400-500 on launch. Just saying its a waste of money for what you can get with a PC, just fact not a troll.
  • Being a programmer for Microsoft, you should know the difference between software and hardware. What you are talking about is just hardware. Does your PC need an OS? Does that factor into your cost. I know you get it for free if you work for Microsoft, but that is not true for everybody else. How much would you pay for the software that runs on the XBox One?
    You seem to forget about the Kinect controller. How much would that cost you? LOL, you don't even have that option on your PC. Frankly, doing this kind of hardware comparison is pointless because the XBox One hardware is purpose built. You won't be able to duplicate it on your PC. So you can game on your PC to your heart's content, but your PC can't do shit about the other stuffs XBox can do. Lots of other people buy the XBox for things other than gaming and it is not a waste. Again, did you say your are a programmer for Microsoft?
    EDIT: This wasn't Paul's post. System glitched.
  • The original Kinect is available for PC, though the Xbox One version is of course far superior. But you raise great points that Andrew seems to have willfully overlooked.
  • Right..programmer...
  • God you really don't know what your talking about. The software and hardware is junk, you don't know this yet but you will see. PC has leap motion, can you use that with your Xbox one? And I bought all my stuff prior to working for Microsoft so nothing was for free. Do your homework and try not to look like a fool. I think my IQ just lowered reading some of these comments.
  • And the ones software was developed on a PC LOL. You can install it and use it with the new Kinect sensor if you want...
  • I have to agree with Andrew on this, although you all have good points. Keep up the good work Paul!
  • Thanks man. But I'm sure that Andrew is just a PC fanboy who is trolling. Someone who is what he claims would never make those comments.
  • I am not excited. I mean, I love Halo and I want another Alan Wake, but all this murkiness around Always On and the idea that you can't lend/borrow games is a real turnoff. I won't be buying at launch, at least. I'll probably decide which console to get when Destiny comes out.
  • no bluetooth? epic failsauce. so we will still need corded headsets, complete and total failboat.
  • It has WiFi direct instead. No need for Bluetooth.
  • It's cool, actually, for as cramped as my room is I managed to fit in a 42" Lcd. Before, if I needed to do a game update, I'd have to either take it to the family room and hook in to my the lan, or run a cat five from my laptop to my Xbox and share my wireless connection. My point was, it's easy to imagine some one rocking a 19" Magnavox crt with an Xbox. No, I really suck a those types of games. I'm totally stuck on the final bioshock Infinty battle right now. My all time favorite game is Skyrim I somehow lost 8 months of my life because of that game
  • I'm buying one for sure!
  • You forgot the fact the the new controller has vibration in the triggers now.
  • Buying one One
  • Can't wait to pre-order.
  • The TV tunner function really surprised me, so I'm thinking, how did they input cable TV signal to Xbox One? Was it through the cable set-up box, or throught internet, and login with a specified cable TV subscription account? Although I see a HDMI-in port available in Xbox One, yet I still cannot confirm it.........
  • I suspect that the solution is IP tv.  Microsoft will have to have an agreement with each MSO to work with, currently they work with Comcast, Verizon, and maybe one or two others.  The current gen allows for on-demand with comcast and it doesn't count against the user monthly cap.  IP tv is a much better solution then cable cards are.  And it is the future as far as I know....I an pretty sure that Comcast wants to head in this direction and is perhaps the only way switched video will work.
  • I believe you are correct since Microsoft used to own Mediaroom. They sold it to Ericcson just a few months, so that MS can focus on Xbox. AT&T Uverse is IPTV and uses Mediaroom, so add one to the list.
  • Never mind all the work the eHome team at Microsoft did on Windows Media Center. If you never used it as a dedicated system, it was clunky with a keyboard and mouse because it was designed for a remote.
    I have one setup with 12 tuners(with cablecard support), full DVR, 100" of movies, many gbs of Music, with tons of internet based apps so you can view from Youtube to Revision3 with a remote control. And you used a xbox 360 to exend everything to another room.
    It was quite a awsome product with tons of features. Blew away the feature set on Mediaroom based DVRs.
  • I thought it was something cool like Ceton tuners, but it's probably just controlling the cable box with the ir blaster and using the hdmi in port. Boo
  • I'll be buying day one. Already did pre-order notification signup. Was hoping for backward compatability, guess I'll have to keep the 360.
  • But are you still going to have to pay an Xbox Live subscription to access things you have already paid for (for example, Netflix)?
    Also, the lack of backwards compatibility across the next generation consoles is pretty awful. There's not really any excuse for this, regardless of what they say about the 'architecture' changing. It's merely a ploy (and a rather successful one since the industry allowed Microsoft and Sony to get away with it with the PS3/360) to force us to pay more money to keep playing our games.
    It should also be noted, for those who are interested that Rockstar have stated that GTA5 will not be available on the new platforms, at least on initial release in September.
  • You have a point ! That's why I won't buy the ONE until the next GTA (6?) is announced for it , even though I'm really tempted to get one One
  • So many Onegarsm today xD
  • No, the summary was this: Xbox One Reveal 2013 Highlights - YouTube
  • Heavy WP user here and trying to get my head around getting an Xbox. Stayed away from it because a lot of services are USA only.  After this reveal, I might just have to look away. An All-in-one entertainment system? No thanks. I've got existing systems that I don't need to throw away just yet. Will E3 make a difference with more games? Maybe.  Hardware - This thing is ugly. I'm pretty sure the Xbox team fired all their designers and hired a team from Burger King. "It's not about the looks". Really? I'm goin to have this in my living room 24-7 and I want it to be an accent, not a scar. And can you imagine all that dust it is going to collect into half of the console? If those grills are for ventilation, it's probably punched through into the guts. So yea the dust are going to settle in. Only fandroids use "it's not about the looks". I thought MS would be more considerate in style. The controller looks nice though...why the contrast.... Here's the entire Xbox reveal in 1.5 minutes. TV TV TV TV TV TV TV SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS TV TV TV #)&)*#Q)^
  • I heard you cant loan out games because you will have to use internet will installing you will have to pay a fee noy sure if it is true though any??
  • That's probably correct. We're waiting for Microsoft to go into more detail at E3 though.
  •  Still a rumor at this point tho. Nothing confirmed....YET. This is kind of a big thing, when someone visits your house with a game to check out, or renting a game, how will this work ?
  • That will mean then i wont be able to go and buy preplayed games wish is why then not go for the ps4?
  • You actually can buy used games, but it sounds like you will have to purchase a license to use the game after that. We really don't know how it all works yet, so it's best to wait until after E3 to make a purchasing decision.
  • I will wait for the slim model as I have a slim xbox 360 :D
  • Oky thats not too bad then thanks hope your right
  • Anyone else not noticed how this machine has HDMI INPUT. Thats probaply way that TV is gonna be connected also why else would it have IR out. New digital TV boxes will support some format of CEC that allows remote control devices thru HDMI. Old devices will use IR. So I highly doubt there ever will be DVR functionality on this. Guide will translate the channel name to channel number allowing Xbox One to control you digital set-top box.
    Again otherway would be having several different digital TV add-on for each market since digital TV is mess featuring several different standards in different countries.
  • Does anyone know if the ugly power brick will still be external. or is the power supply built in now?
  • Probably still external. The system would be even bigger (and run hotter) with a built-in power supply.
  • From what I remember the PS3  power supply was internal and there was never any reported problem.
    Really hate the big fat one Microsoft supplied with Xbox 360 hope they can slim it down a lot
  • Oh wow a pro Microsoft site gliding over all the biggest issues the Xbox One has? Naw.... Go to every gaming website out there and everyone is hating on the Xbox One. The reasons may not be so obvious to the casual gamer, but they will experience the headaches soon enough if they decide to buy this console. 1. Internet connection REQUIRED. It pings the server every 24 hours (says MS exec) to see if you are connected. DRM at its best! Screw all you people with downed internet or no internet or want to play CoD while the Taliban are shooting at you on the Pakistan border where there is no internet. 2. Restricted used games. This is literally GameStop's bread and butter, and a big part of casual gamers who frequently trade in and buy used games. The game will be tied to your gamertag and you can't let anyone borrow the game. Transferring ownership is a complicated and ambiguous mess and might even require a fee to yours truly, Microsoft. 3. Kinect is REQUIRED. It comes shipped with the console, and must be connected. Considering The Xbox One isn't that far off from the PS4 in specs, there's gonna be a price premium to pay over the PS4 for a peripheral that many people don't want. And worse of all, there is NO WAY TO TURN IT OFF. It will be staring at your birthday suit and listening to your squeals and private conversations. Microsoft has not been forthcoming about the privacy concerns of the device, only that it cannot be completely turned off, whatever that means! Anyone who values their privacy shouldn't even think of getting one. 4. GAMES. They claim this is an "appetizer" and that more games will be shown at E3, but it doesn't excuse the abysmmal lack of game footage at the event. The PS4 came out guns blazing with the game announcements and studio partnerships and indie dev cred and pro-development push. The PS4 will also be showing off a bunch of games at E3 as well. What is Microsoft's excuse? And 90% of the presentation was nothing but TV TV TV TV TV TV SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS. Sony has already made it clear that they are completely focused on making games and the gamer experience. Microsoft is spreading themselves thin trying to make the Xbox One into the ONE entertainment center and diverting resources from making and pushing good games.
  • The PS4 had literally twice as much airtime during its reveal event and that event was way farther from E3. But the purpose of this article isn't to tell readers that the Xbox One is good or bad. We're optimistic about the system and hope E3 will help turn gamers' minds around, but that doesn't mean we won't be critical. As for the issues you mentioned, the privacy thing with the Kinect has always seemed like paranoia to me. Microsoft has better things to do than watch you sit around naked in your living room. And we don't know enough about the internet connection/used game situation to make a stand just yet. We'll definitely report on those issues once we're sure where things stand.
  • Well said Paul. I don't like the kinnect only because I don't game like that and I really don't have a place to put it. Microsoft said that the system will work fine if you don't have it connected to the internet unless the developer utilizes those features. I think lack of games is not going to be an issue. They featured EA sports which is probably the most popular publisher of Xbox games. We can bet that halo will be in. And we saw how incredible call of duty will be. This event was an introduction of the unit. It was to show how us new features, and I felt the games looked incredible. E3 is right around the corner, and we should see a much better focus on gaming there.
  • Did Microsoft acutally say that Kinect is REQUIRED ? I am sure the system could run with out the Kinect for just playing games. They did say it will come with it but, if people dont want to connect it and just play games, I am sure the system can be navigated with a controller but, it would just limit options with the system.
    Just like a system always being connected to the internet, most games will have a off line game, so, no internet would be needed for those but, if you want to play with your friends, it would be needed. They made that clear that you can play with out a internet connection but, just limits your options.
  • They have said it's required, though not during the reveal event itself.
  • I agree fully with you.
  • 1. Internet is NOT required to play games. Maybe for the first time to register, but not every time.
    2. Yes, this is going to drive a lot of players away from the new console, including myself.  Almost every game I play is used.  I'm not paying a fee on top of what I already pay for the used game.
    3.  I haven't read one source stating that Kinect is required.  Where is a link?  And if it is, put tape over the lens.
    4. They're not going to reveal a lot when E3 is right around the corner, especially when they still have yet to see what cards the PS4 is holding close to their chest.  They'll have plenty of goodies there.
  • To be fair, Sony hasn't announced if the PS4 eye is required/shipped with PS4 yet. Based on the camera/controller recognization being similar across xbox one and ps4 it probably will be. Also, we dont know yet if there will be a similar fee for used games on the PS4, there may be one (why else would EA stop there online pass unless both primary systems had a similar function in place). Another thing, we aren't clear on based on current information is if the new PSN is going to require an xbox live like service charge (adding it to current plus memberships for a bit more money). With all of the data the PS4 is going to be pushing with sharing gameplay etc, I think they have to do that. 
    Before the conference Microsoft said they weren't going to display many games but show the system, software,and features. Which I believe they accomplished pretty well. And E3 would be where they would showcase the games lineup. I think that makes sense and hopefully with this conference out of the way they wont be bringing much (if any) of the TV / apps stuff to E3 - focusing on primarily games. Which is something I think we are all hoping for. 
    Also I saw this question somewhere else in the thread, but per IGN the power source is inside the XB One so no more giant power brick. Yay!
    For me, I am excited about the technology behind Xbox One(Kinect actually working - Woah!), but I am most excited about not waiting 2 minutes for my console to turn on. Little disappointed that Alan Wake 2 wasn't Remedy's game but still excited for their new IP. Like everyone else, I am looking forward to the clarification regarding trading games in etc. While I buy most of my games new, I sell them when I am done to pay for new games. If I can't do this, its not a deal breaker, I just wont be buying as many games. (and developers better bring their A games, because people arent going to want to spend 60 bucks on a game that has gotten terrible reviews and they wont be able to get rid of). 
  • I will definitely be buying one. Been an Xbox gamer/fanboy/etc since the first Xbox came out, and I have to say that Xbox One is everything I'm looking for in a new console. I have a number of questions re the console that are yet to be answered, but I'm still very impressed by it.
  • Will this be compatible with WP7.8?
  • smartglass -__-
  • Im not a gamer but im buying this one for sure...
  • If you don't play games, there's really no reason to buy one.  For Netflix, Hulu and movie rentals, there are much cheaper (and smaller) options available.
  • Johnny I want the entire experience... WINDOWSPHONE,WINDOWS8,XBOX1
  • I will buy one, day one or a month from release. Waiting on the games, as that is the most important thing. The used games "rumor" possable "fee" bothers me. As I have friends that come over with games so I can check out and play together, or every once and a while I rent. I do like to wait sometimes on a game that I dont have to have but, wait till I can get it a little cheaper.
    By making everyone pay a fee for used games hurts Microsoft more than it helps. Sure they will line their pockets a little but, for someone to try a game their friends have or rent a game that I would look at buying kills this market. There will be less games that I play, just AAA titles because the lower games I wont play due not being able to save a few $$ a month or so after release.
    I guess if it was a $2-3 fee,  I might be ok with it but, I am sure they will charge $10-20, and that makes a used game that I would pay $30, only worth $10-20 to buy.
    Not everyone can spend $60 on every title out there, More money per game, less games people will play.
  • Microsoft confirmed that most of the features they showed yesterday are going to be US exclusives. This X1 is not for me. Microsoft really needs to stop thinking that US=World. That will cost them victory this gen.
  • Yeah, that's always been a Microsoft 'thing', outside of Windows and Office. All their entertainment, gaming and even a good chunk of Windows Phone services, tend to favor the U.S. market. It's why Sony's Playstation always tended to do better internationally than the Xbox, which did better in the U.S.
  • I stand corrected on the always connected. But what is more disturbing is the drm. Check out this article
  • Wait, so since it has HDMI IN, could I THEORETICALLY play my Xbox 360 THROUGH my Xbox One? Make like an, XBOXCEPTION
  •  I will not be purchaceing one I am outraged!!. so much for going to redbox and trying out the new games(FEE) to do so , so much for borrowing a frinds game (FEE) to do so. So much for tradeing games(another(FEE) no backward compadibility. So now we have to input a gameing code to play any NEW OR USED games and if its used I have to pay a (FEE). AND you are FORCED to be online because if you are not all those games that you purchased with your own money you will be not allowed to play because you are not connected!! really people!?! As for those who know some idiots do stupid things and get their account banned or even their console for modding or whatever well when that happens any games that are downloaded to the console to are now microsoft's its in the disclaimer READ IT. but if you get a console ban you are not allowed to connect to the internet with that console correct? currently the console would not be a total loss you can still play your games offline because you have the DISC!!! but being forced to download the game you are basically renting the license rights under the condition you behave or else But hey we got skype!! I can watch TV!!! OMG really!?! I already have a smart TV and I use it for exzactly that. I have it linked with my computer and skype on it these tv features will only do people anygood that don't have smart tv's. If Xbox don't begin damage control with the Core gamers the ones who put Xbox on the map PS4 will annilate them. BTW Sony stocks Jumped 9% after the anouncement folks.. Sony is laughing all the way to the bank. get informed folks!!
  • Dude calm down.
  • i rather play with Controller since i never play Pc Gaming...
    Again im not saying Controller is better because it isnt but it way more confortable :D
  • PS4 sports GDDR5 RAM while the Xbox One has DDR3 RAM. In other words PS4 will be better for gaming, Xbox One will be better at everything else. Im going to get both anyway.
  • Kinect must be plugged in in order to use the console, I think this is a big down side.  For me, I would like to own the console but not really want the Kinect just yet, do not want to spend so much in the initial stage, only when there are good/great Kinect games then probably only buying the Kinect, but Microsoft forces us to buy the Kinect.
    What happen if I accidently break the Kinect? Some kids was playing around the TV and hit the Kinect and it fell on the floor and break, that means I will not be able to use the console unless I get a new Kinect, most probably cost around $100?
  • The game must be installed to the HDD to play, after that no disc is required to play the game.  What do I do with the disc after that? 
  • I guess it sits in the case forever after that. We'll see!