EA Sports delivering four Xbox One exclusives

An Xbox console wouldn't be complete without games and EA Sports is bringing four exclusive games to the new Xbox One console.

At today's Xbox Reveal EA Sports announced FIFA 14, Madden NFL, NBA Live 14 and UFC gaming titles developed to maximize the capabilities of the new gaming console.

The games utilize EA's new Ignite Engine that speeds up the gaming reactions ten times, giving games a more intense, realistic feel.

The presentation was just a sneak peak with more to be revealed later. What was shared was impressive and will definitely add to the Xbox One gaming experience.  We're sure to hear more later this summer at E3.

George Ponder

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  • Wait, are these really going to be exclusive to the Xbox One?!
  • It the Ignite engine part in the games that going be be exclusive to Xbox One but the game will also be on PS3 and 4 without ignite engine...if I'm correct
  • Ps3 and 360 without ignite engine yes but PS4 with ignite engine, EA said xbox one version will have one exclusive mode , we don't know what mode is that, maybe an penalty shootout with kinect
  • The "Ultimate Team" feature of Fifa 14 was said to be exclusive to the NextBox. Not sure what else.
  • Yeah, was thinking the same? :o
  • I don't think the games are exclusive but they do have exclusive features such as ultimate team in FIFA.
  • Yeah they said Xbox one version will have an exclusive mode and more of that later this year.. maybe an mode like penalty shootout where taking penalty shoots with kinect
  • Sounded like FIFA 14 will be Xbox one exclusive
  • Oh plz, None of those games are exclusive for Xbox one, EA said Xbox one version of fifa14 Will have an exclusive mode, thats All
  • Well thanks for including NHL14 in this list, EA.
    and people wonder why everyone hates you
  • Who plays NHL?
  • I play NHL. Jerk... Lol
  • They already said it was coming, but not as a launch title.
  • Oh plz, None of those games are exclusive for Xbox one, EA said Xbox one version of fifa14 Will have an exclusive mode, thats All.
  • Testing a first timer. No comment on the article yet, but I have a lot to talk about. I followed WP Central for 2 years. I'm excited to finally be here. I've had 3 upgrades starting with the Focus through the 900 and now 920! They all are exciting experiences as i kept my eyes on the future through the present journey of Wps. WP Central rocks, the fans and commenters rocks all over the #1 OS out there "Windows 8" I am proud to be a fan of all mentioned. Keep up the excellent work you guys, because no matter what the competition says we know better. We are the future!
    Have Fun.
  • Interesting place and time to post slightly off topic about your new willingness to comment, but never the less, welcome to the next level... So I'll play your silly little game, yes MSFT stuff is the best and they are on a roll.
  • Thank you!!... There is no other ecosystem like ours. This is the future!! WP, Xbox/Kinect, W8, and Surface.. Not forgetting about all of the high quality MS services that tie everything together.. Does Apple have this? Does Google come even close?.. A big fat No, and No!.. You're right about the competition.. It doesn't matter what they say.. We know better..
    Ya know, I want to add Nokia to the ecosystem.. Screw it! Go Nokia!!!!
  • EA is all over the XBOX, so why can't they do a little more for Windows phone, hmmmm?
  • Hey if your wanting to hear more about windows phone, I suggest you go to a website that reports on such things... Oh wait... This isn't XBCentral? My bad bro your in the right place... Seriously though I think there will be losts of features integrated with WP and well find out more as time goes on.
  • They've been the only big-time publisher to support the platform since its early days. They've launched several board games, and they're also the owners of PopCap (Plants vs. Zombies, Bejeweled), and Chillingo, I think.
  • That's my question too.. Will WPC please give us a article on how WP will be affected by this great news??
  • I been waiting for live. For ps4 though.
  • Huh?
  • I think after today the Playstation is done!! Your wait is over,, get a Xbox uno!! Oh wait, its not out yet looks like you're going to have to wait dude!!
  • Best of luck to RGIII this year. Can't wait for football season again.
  • Nome of those games are exclusive to X1. Not even "Ultimate Team" on FIFA14 is going to be an exclusive. What they said in the keynote is that SOME FEATURES inside "Ultimate Team" are going to be X1 exclusives.
  • +2013
  • Bait click crap
  • Is MS going to push EA to bring these titles to WP?