Roger's Nokia Lumia 710 to launch on Feb 6th for $255

Lumia 710 Rogers Pricing

Attention all Canadians who are still after a second generation Windows Phone. The Nokia Lumia 710, which is coming to Rogers, is set to launch on February 6th (or there about) - just two weeks away. So what's the pricing like for the contract and SIM-free options?

  • $49.99: 3-Year contract
  • $99.99: 2-Year contract
  • $149.99: 1-Year contract
  • $254:99: SIM-free

Not bad for a second generation handset with the listed specifications. Be sure to read up on our review as well.

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Reader comments

Roger's Nokia Lumia 710 to launch on Feb 6th for $255


That's pretty cool. Too bad I still have almost two years left on my contract after getting my Samsung Focus. :/

Same here. It's probably best to wait for the next shipment of Windows Phones.
P.S Rogers usually lets you upgrade your phone after 2 years (in a 3 year contract) and lets you sign up for a new (3 year) contract.

Wow, that is some funny pricing. $254.99 just for the handset which is very good, but it isn't free on a 3 year contract. What a rip-off.

Looking forward to picking this up for my wife, she likes color in her phone:)  I'm still using the focus, happy with it...but next wp I pick up will need the front facing camera:)

You do know sim free means off contract and the are also giving u a free sim card. You still need a sim card

Unless the 800 or the 900 comes to Rogers I'll stick with my focus until I hit the 2 year marker. I was not expecting to still love my phone a year into my contract...but I do :) im also spreading the love :D