Rogers Samsung Focus recieving the Windows Phone 8107 Update

Rogers Canada pushing 8107 to Samsung Focus

We've received several tips this afternoon reporting that the 8107 Windows Phone update is being pushed out to the Samsung Focus by Rogers Canada.

OS 8107 addresses the disappearing keyboard issue as well as other security fixes and patches. It has slowly trickled out to various carriers and even the unlocked Dell Venue Pro recently received the update.  If you've updated your Roger's Samsung Focus, let us know what you think.

Thanks goes out to everyone else who tipped us on this!


Reader comments

Rogers Samsung Focus recieving the Windows Phone 8107 Update


You think that's bad, try having a physical keyboard (LG Quantum) and constantly having the phone act like its not out and cutting out on you in the middle of typing.

Wait a minute. The disappearing keyboard bug affects phones with physical keyboards as well? Man that's effed up.

This situation has to be fixed. This update process is soo flawed....and the Nokia phones need to be on ALL us carriers....all models....the only way to gain traction vs apple and Android

Thats not up to Nokia  its up to the carriers and the update process flaws given the totality of the evidence in the US  appears primarilyt to be samsung and not ATT  I am beginning to believe that ATT  has to do all the testing because of Samsung's hardware .  That, if true would make me hesitant to get the Samsung Mendel unless its very compelling!

I don't buy it being on Samsung anymore.....maybe for the first update, but not now. Why aren't any of the HTC devices updated on att? This is an ATT and US carrier problem. US carriers have way too much control over handset makers and OS's in general. The software has been tested because it's present already in the Titan 2 and the Nokia 900 shown at CES. This is purely ATT dragging its feet to push new handsets.

Let's be logical about this. What do we know? 1. MS has produced the update 8107. 2. Samsung has released it as it is deployed in Canada on Samsung Focus. 3. It is not deployed in the US for ATT on any hardware.
So we can deduce that the roadblock is NEITHER MS nor Samsung leaving only 1 culprit ... ATT.
Did I miss anything?

My gues is that ATT doesn't want to give us Internet Sharing - too many of us are grandfathered into unlimited data plans - and hasn't figured out how to suppress  it in 7740. And giving us 8107 means giving us all previous updates as well, so nothing for now. I have a Samsung Focusv1.3
Question - are the newest phones being sold by ATT running anything later than 7720?

I have an unlocked and debranded Samsung Focus S on AT&T, and I just got the notification of ther update... phone is installing as I type!

I got the update about a week ago. There's a huge bug in it where the phone deleted all of my emails, contacts and messages. I had to restore my phone to 7740

Yesterday I checked - no update... after reading this, I checked again and there's an update for my HTC Radar unlocked in the Philippines! Thanks guys!
Unfortunately I'm out of town and I'm using somebody else's computer and Zune tells me I'm a guest in the computer so it will not back-up my music, pictures, and videos. If anything goes wrong, will loose all those. I'll just wait for Sunday to update when I get back home.