Rudy Huyn working on unofficial Vine client for Windows Phone

If you’re familiar with Rudy Huyn, all-star developer behind such great apps as TVShow and Wikipedia, then you should be as excited as we are for his next project: an unofficial Vine client (www.vine.co). Vine is like what Twitter is to blogging, in that in allows you to post video clips but that are limited to just six seconds in length, forcing some unique creativity.

With unofficial Instagram and now Snapchat apps either available or soon-to-be, Vine appears to be likely the next big thing for developers to tackle. Since there is no evidence (or rumors) that Vine has anything in the works for Windows Phone, it’s up to our indie devs to fill the gap.

Luckily Huyn is one of the more capable developers on Windows Phone and this ‘alpha’ demo of the app, called ‘6Sec’ and built in a matter of hours, has his trademark elegance and style. We’ll of course keep you posted as this app nears release, but for now, you can just get teased by the above video.

Source: Twitter; Thanks, MagneticVizion and Len2K620, for the tips!


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Rudy Huyn working on unofficial Vine client for Windows Phone


yes - people use their service and provide information(profit) on a plattform they dont even need to write the programs for. this will teach them a lesson!

it does.
 Go into youtube.com and enjoy your ads while Metrotube does not force yuotube ads unto us.
Great job at being sarcastic there

I guess it will support uploads, cause in the image we can see a "camera" button. To me, that's "recording" and then uploading. :D

I don't think so. I don't think there is an API for video capturing. Unless you capture shots very fast and make motion out of it... but then the audio?... not sure...

Although like everyone I'd love for official releases mainly for the new people to the platform that might not trust anything outside of official. But I love all the dev getting creative and bringing apps that help push the platform forward. Absolutely fantastic.

Am I the only one impressed with Rudy replying to this comment?  Nice work all around and thanks for supporing the WP community.

I have always been a big fan of Rudy Huyn! Windows Phone got some awesome developers behind the platform! 
Can't wait for this next big thing! 

If porns what your into then that's YOUR deal. There are a lot of very creative vines out there. Andy Milinokis,DirtNasty(simon rex)and Riff Raff have mastered the app without porn

Yeah, whatever. Look around. Everywhere from here to WMPoweruser to Reddit and back again is all (supposed) WP users whining and spreading more FUD about Microsoft and WP than any detractor ever could.
Don't get upset because I'm being honest.

Do you even know what FUD is? Why would a WP user spread FUD about the platform they support?

You say you're not a "troll"? Call it what you want, it's still true. You're a troll, though a very bad one.

Why would they? Man, I don't know. But it has been happening. Again, if you don't believe it that's on you. I'm really not concerned. It's to the point where I've stopped going to pages like r/windowsphone because it's mostly crying, complaing, and calling doom on MS and WP.  But if you want to doubt me personally;
A). You're fooling yourself.
B). Look through the comments and see my input. I'm either uplifting the platform, or admittedly bad-mouthing those that have nothing positive to say.
If you want to see certain things happen or some to WP I'm all for it. But saying the platform is dead/dying because of one or two things is insane. So again, if I'm a troll look up what I have to say. If not... well then shut up.

hah yeah thats what I was trying to get at. but I dont think its whining as much as demanding apps that most others have. gotta make your voice heard

I agree with this 100%. But when you see people go into the whole "WP is dead because it doesn't have 'x' app" is what I'm talking about.

There's already a guy working on a vine app for windows phone called GrapeVine,he's blogging his progress,Bing it

Thanks guys !
This video has been taken yesterday, I added a lot a feature and animation last night.
For the upload, yes I work on it, I will release the app without first and include it asap it will be stable.
For the name, I take your idea. For the moment it's 6Sec, but if you have better idea, I take it !

Wine! It has more letters in common with vine so people searching for it will not be as confused when they search for vine.

Either his internet connection is blazing fast, or he did what vine devs can't do, and that is he made the app really really fast. It's almost instant the way those videos load. My vine on iPad mini is so slow.

Great news, hopefully if it supports uploading it will support at least basic video editing since there is no video editing app for windows phone 8, and 6 second videos need a lot of jump cuts in them.

This might explain why further development of TVShow has apparently stalled, or at least taken a backseat...

The only "teasing" i like, is from attractive women, and from your awesome team Daniel... ;) no homo.

This is awesome! And I really do like the app name, too. Don't change it. :)

Where's the beta testers' signup?

I've long maintained that no company has a right to complain if a third-party developer creates an app when THEY REFUSE to create one.  They have no claim to "lost revenue", since they never intended to cater to a particular group of customers in the first place.

i envy you rudy! i know youll gonna make it as awesome as the wiki app. go! i hope itll be availbl to both 7.x and 8

I don't believe people comparing Vine to Cinemagraph have actually ever recorded a vine.
I've done both and use cinemagraph often,I wish it was like Vine,its not.

I love how enterprising and clever WP devs are, it's like there's been an explosion of great apps and support to fill the "app gap." As far as I know there were no Android apps that let you post to Vine, only handful of 3rd party viewers.

It looks beautiful. I've been kinda envious of those iOS user but hopefully we can get Vine on WP thanks to Rudy.

I love Rudy Huyn and his work. I am someone who lives in the UK and stil uses TV Show cos it is so good at helping me keep track of my tv shows. I love wikipedia and fuse and cant wait for what he throws at us for vine
I dream of the day daniel gary and rudy huyn team up on something mad!!

Not to be a dick, but Rudy seems like he has a tendency to make an app then forget about it. No burno.