Samsung Focus update imminent?

Being a member of the Chevron team, Chris Walshie isn't one to raise false awareness or hope, so Focus owners could be in with some luck shortly, which is fantastic news. According to his tweet, the update will a Bluetooth fix may be specifically targeted, and hopefully bundled with NoDo. We previously covered Dell teasing about NoDo and a post-NoDo firmware update, and it would be great to see Samsung nail it all in one.

We're not currently aware what the safe steps to update are should you have updated your device prematurely. If any information be made available from a source or Focus user who updates, we will of course publish it.

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Samsung Focus update imminent?


Seems unlikely that it would be bundled with NoDo given that AT&T is still in "Testing" and Rogers, I think, has already started rolling out NoDo. If it is "really really soon" it sound more like an individual update.

Might this have something to do with that firmware update that some Focus users are already seeing (at least in Canada)?I'm on Rogers, myself, and I haven't seen a firmware update, but my phone is already at the latest (as indicated by the WPCentral post about it) so perhaps it is bundled with NoDo.I dunno; just guessing, here.

Absolutely. Got a microSD card I can use, but too many app settings, game saves, et cetera to make it worth resetting my phone.

According to Microsoft's "Where's my update" page, the Focus is listed as "Testing**" with **Estimated testing completion date is early April 2011Microsoft's update site lists "Audio improvements. We've improved the experience of using a Bluetooth headset to make calls when you're playing music or videos." for the NoDo update. Considering it is April 5th, this is some prediction by Chris. An amazing grabs of the obvious. Thank god for twitter.

I'm glad I'm not the only one wiht the microphone issue. I was hopping that NoDo would solve that issue, but it has not. Otherwise, NoDo has taken care of my one other big issues which was the Marketplace crash (which also prevented the Zune player for working as well).If the can take care of the mic issue, then I'm pretty good when it comes to the stability of the phone.

I just installed the Walshie nodo update to my Focus an hour ago. I wonder if I'll still get the notification for this.

There just was a firmware update. I somewhat doubt there is another one coming this quickly unless they have found an issue with the last one. Bluetooth functions are a little better for me in some area's but call quality in my vehicle still sucks with this phone.

Us Focus users on AT&T haven't had any sort of updates. So maybe this is the firmware update you are talking about.

there was a post on wppoweruser of a focus owner getting nodo but it didnt say whether he was on ATT or Bell Canada! Hopefully nodo for the focus is really coming soon. I was thinking (and hoping) maybe this weekend or next.

In Canada on newly on Rogers network because of Windows Phone 7. Received my Focus two days ago. First day received Feb update and day two received NoDO update. All looks good. No problems and each update took under 20 minutes to complete.1st update I was prompted on my phone via the network. 2nd update I plugged it into my computer at home and sync'd with Zune. Update showed up.Run Windows 7 on my iMac at home.