Second video with Bittersweet shimmer reveals notifications on Glance screen

A second video from the poster x2sk has been posted in the Windows Phone Central Forums demonstrating the Nokia Bittersweet shimmer firmware and Windows Phone 8 GDR3.

Warning: we advise turning down your volume this time, unless you like annoying pop music.

In this short video, the only real noteworthy demonstration is that of notifications on the Glance screen, something we alluded to yesterday as being in the works from Nokia. The idea is that instead of just a clock and vibrate alert, users can also see things like text or email messages as well (it’s not clear what other notifications will be present). Sources tell Windows Phone Central that this feature was meant to be included in Amber, but due to time it was not completed.

The video also goes on to demonstrate the camera and the ability to once again close apps in the multitasking window.

Source: Windows Phone Central Forums


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Second video with Bittersweet shimmer reveals notifications on Glance screen



I think it's just one of those things which once noticed, you can't get them out of your head. But once again, I imagined it might be cause the LCD has to turn on first and then show just the clock, whereas in AMOLED, it only has to light up those specific areas. Good Wishes, Salams...

The above was a reply to a post deleted, scroll below to see what I meant. Good Wishes, Salams...

Not to disappoint, but that single is in Japanese with some English phrases thrown in. I don't even like this kind of music and I know more about it than you. (I did my research)

if you did your research, you'd discover that psy is south korean. the genre of the music he writes is kpop. it doesn't matter if it's sung in swahili, it's still kpop.

idgaf what the ethnicity of a group is, if the song is in a different language, then the genre of that song is whatever language they're singing. GG is Korean, but this song is in Japanese. So it's J-Pop.

jpop doesn't just mean japanese popular music. it's a separate genre of music from kpop, as much as i hate either of them. they don't switch back and forth just by changing the language. by your reasoning, if i translated a lady gaga song to japanese, that would automatically qualify it as a jpop song?

I noticed both vids are att phones. If GDR3 is launching end of September on the 1520, maybe att is skipping gdr2.

If ATT were a GOOD MSFT Partner, They wouldn't be LAST to Release NOK/WP8 UPDATES! My Lumia 820 is crying for Amber/GDR2 update!

Whenever I lock the screen on my 920, just before the Glance clock shows up, there's a slight white flicker over the entire screen. It gets annoying after a while. Does it happen with anyone else? I thought this might be cause of LCD display on the 920, instead of AMOLED. Would like to know if someone on 925, 1020 has the same issue. Good Wishes, Salams...

I saw people commenting with +925, or +920 and likewise. I'm new here, what does it mean? Good Wishes, Salams...

LOL.. When people like a comment they reply by commenting +1, means agreed/liked.. Now since ppl liked the comment strongly.. They'd comment +920 (strongly agree..at the same time they tell the model they own)

Salams is a short form of the Arabic greeting 'Asalamu Alaikum', which means May Peace Be Upon You. A greeting common to Muslims all over the world. Good Wishes, Salams...

Which also has and AMOLED. Another proof that this is consistent with the Lumias that have an LCD. Good Wishes, Salams...

I think it's due to the ips lcd screen of the 920, mine is having the same problem, if i can call this a problem lol

It's not really a problem, more of a nuisance. But yes, that's what my theory is too, that all Lumia devices with LCD displays should have this due to the fact that the entire LCD has to turn on just to show the clock. Which I think would drain the battery more than usual, especially if you have Glance on Always On. Good Wishes, Salams...

I have it always on, and i have selected the night mode from 0am until 11.59am so it is always a red glance screen, i think this would drain a litle but less battery as the color white consumpts more, but the battery life is the same on my 920.

Oh, alright. That makes sense. And I was wondering why the colour changes from Red to White. I couldn't spot a pattern. It doesn't change with the Accent. It's either Red or White. So White would be the somewhat inactive phase of the Glance, with Red being the active? I think so. Good Wishes, Salams...

Orange text is night mode (because the color orange doesn't screw up your night vision, which is why BMW etc use it in their cars).
You can enable/disable night mode, and set the start and stop times, but not change the colors.

Yes, just checked. The Night Mode keeps the Glance coloured Red, otherwise it remains White. Thanks for the tip. Good Wishes, Salams...

PS: When you say use it in their cars, do you mean in the Dashboard and Control Panel Display?

Yes, the Dashboard and Control Panel Display. Audi and some Volkswagons uses red as well. It looks great at night, like being in a spaceship!

BMW have orange because its cheaper. That's the only reason they do anything. Plus SAAB still hold the patent on night display which turns off all but the important displays, even though theyre bankrupt bmw would still have to pay scania to use it, and as I mentioned, BMWs are built to a budget. (proof of that being their pittiful crash test results)

Both my Seat and Alfa Romeo displays light up red on a night, I can confirm that it is like being in a spaceship, however I have yet to take off!

Sounds cool. I think I've seen the same displays in some Chevrolet models and even some Hyundai ones, here in the Middle East. Good Wishes, Salams...

I have found it on my L925 but I have to turn on the "High Contrast Mode." I've just enabled it and hit the pwr button and here was the white flicker to the top right side of my screen.

Edit: I've never seen this before. Now it won't go away... Damn. Happens even with glance off.

The flicker on 920 is on the entire screen, as if the LCD is waking up again after being shut down by the Power Button. It's not specified to any corner and this happens inspite of the High Contrast being On or Off. You would have to be in completely or partially dark place to notice this. Good Wishes, Salams...

Edit: Sorry. And I just checked, it doesn't happen with Glance feature Off.

I don't have this issue on my 920 and my glance is always on, I power off and shortly after the clock shows up.

Check for the white flicker in a dark space, the brief moment between Powering Off your device till the Glance clock appears. If your device doesn't have it, then you're the first one here with a 920 who doesn't have this issue so far. Good Wishes, Salams...

I just checked my own Lumia 920, and two others, none of them flickers between turning off the display, and the glance screen. The problem is definitely not on all Lumia 920's

Alright. Thanks for the feedback. I wish I had another camera to make a small video of what I'm trying to point out. I just wish it didn't flicker. Let's see what can be done. Good Wishes, Salams...

Quite a few people reported the same if you scroll above. So it can't be just my device. Good Wishes, Salams...

I have a Lumia 920 and it does not happen in the normal course of how I use the device. I have my glance settings to always be on. When the phone either goes to standby on its own or by me pushing the lock button there is no flicker. The only time I can get the white flash you are referring to is when holding my hand over the proximity sensor when the phone is already in standby mode with the glance screen on, I wait for it to shit off and then remove my hand. Upon reactivating the glance screen the flicker occurs.

My phone flickers white before the Glance screen appears every time the phone is locked, either on its own or by pressing the Power button. Otherwise, it never flickers elsewhere. Good Wishes, Salams...

Does anyone know if gdr3 sorts out the 20 background apps issues, were apps don't run if number 21 in list

Sweet! But man I hope they include a notification center in GDR3. And I wish u could just swipe up or down to close apps in the multitasking view. But still sweet. Was that a 920 or 1020?

Just a dumb question: my phone already has this feature, but no notifications are shown in the glance screen. Why? Is it only a "get ready for what's in store in the near future"?

I dont even hace GDR2 on my L920 yet!! So i guess we will get GDR3 by summer 2014 if we are lucky


Exactly what I'm thinking.  By that time, I'll be ready to retire this 920 even though it continues to perform flawlessly.  And deep down, I don't see AT&T allowing GDR3 on the Lumia 920. Especially if we see the 920 on BOGO before GDR3 drops.  They will haggle, pass the buck and make excuses as to why we don't get it.
Well, there is always the back channels for the truly committed. 

Annoying to me as I am not even on AT&T But........
I purchased an unlocked sim-free cyan 920 on ebay, so where as before I was on an International erleased 7.x device, I am now on an AT&T schedule for updates. Worth it for the color, but waiting stinks! LOL Suggestions on how to pass the time?

Lots and lots of porn. lol. jk.  Just don't watch the clock and put it out of your mind. If it happens rejoice, but if it doesn't it was NEVER in the cards in the first place.

Yeah, because these are just incremental updates to WP8.. WP8.1 will be the big update with more features....

Or so we WISH.
Remember 7.8. It was supposed to bring to WP7 the stuff from WP8 that was compatible with it and in the end all the phones got was resizeable tiles.
Better keep expectations down and be pleasantly surprised than to build up a fantasy update that doesn't materialize.

Maybe they thought they would actually come to 7.8, as statements from JB seem to indicate both teams didnt know everything the other team was doing.

In all fairness, 8.0 brought much more than just resizable tiles... Wallet support, Kids Corner, multi select in a bunch of areas it was needed, multi core support, HD screen support, lenses feature, more theme colors, apps that can change the lock screen image, selectable lock screen alerts, lock screen messages, the backup feature, company apps integration, IE10, Rooms, XBM, a revised store, a revised XB hub, a revised Office Suite, Notes was moved to its own application, SkyDrive integration, a new OS kernel, which was the biggest change, new ways of coding for WP, Crop and rotate was added, and who knows what else was added.. I'm sure I missed a lot more.. So, I named 22, of possibly more features, that came with 8.0.. I'm not going to sit here and argue about how well the features were executed, or not, because that is besides the point.. The fact is that with it being a total rewrite of the OS MS was still able to give us what we had before,, and more.. So, do I expect for 8.1 to please❔ 7.5 had an adequate amount of features for a single update, and so did 8.0.. Why should I not have faith that 8.1 will bring more useful features to my device❔... In actuality you can count all of the features of GDR1,2, and 3 into 8.0... I don't compare what WP has to Android, or IOS, because it is great in it's own right... I'm a Nokia fan for sure, but for me WP came first.. WP is the brains, and no matter how advanced, powerful, innovative, or beautiful a device is,, its nothing without a good OS that just keeps getting better, and better... And, anyone who disagrees with this it's OK if you aren't a true WP fan because there are 3 other alternatives out there.. But, for the last time this is WPCENTRAL❗
And, don't even try to argue with me about how hardware is more important because I don't have time for that.. I believe that both are important, and if this acquisition gives us more synergy between the hardware/Software then I'm all for it❗

Dude...you're a WPfanatic. Fine. I'm ok with that.
But you should have read my comment with more attention before you waste your time enrolling the features of WP8...
Go read it again. It's in perfectly articulated English.
You'll see, in your fanboyish fever, you just wasted time and made a fool of yourself ;)

Actually, My original comment was about WP8.0-8.1.. You decided to bring up 7.8, which didn't have anything to do with anything❗.. As a matter of fact the whole post is about GDR3 which has nothing to do with 7.8.. So, your point is since you feel cheated with 7.8 you think we shouldn't expect much out of 8.1❔ That's foolish❗... My comment was valid in the fact that you are trying to convince me that 8.1 might not be that exciting, and I am trying to show you why I think otherwise... To even bring up 7.8 is to make a fool of yourself,, especially when ain't nobody talking about that... Quit living in the past❗

Fanatic❔ Fanboy❔ I'll take that,, because that's true, and I'm proud of it❗ I think that's the reason I joined WINDOWSPHONE central... Calling me names doesn't mean shit,, except for the fact that you can't say anything to prove me wrong.. WINDOWSPHONE CENTRAL❗❗... What don't you understand❓

Jesus Christ, you ARE dumb. I'm not going to waste time explaining why I mentioned 7.8 because, clearly, you're mentally challenged. Everyone understood the point but you.

I would advise you to go back to school. You clearly need to develop your intellect further if you can't understand the simplest of comments. Either that or an asylum...

God you are simple.. Who doesn't know why you mentioned 7.8❔.. I'm way past that... Besides, 7.8 wasn't supposed to be much more than a change to the live tiles, lock screen support, and a few other minor features that I can't even remember because everyone is past that... Regardless of what 7.8 didn't include, 8.0 did❗.. That's why your reply to mine was pathetic,, but I tried to continue to prove my point... Damn,, If I knew what I was dealing with I would've just gave your poor ass the benefit of the doubt... What a waist of time you are... My suggestion for you❔ANDROID CENTRAL❗

Oh God, I'll try to make this clear for your simple undeveloped brain:

- It's better to have low expectations regarding the amount of features on WP8.1 than to then be disappointed by it not bringing as many features as we were hopping and/or expecting (like what happened to WP7 users with WP7.8).

Got that now, kid? Or do you want me to draw it for you?

Now go be a fanatic to your room. You lack an objective mind and people who lack said feature tend to just be pathetic parrots who repeat their dogmas over and over again.  And I'm sorry...but you won't get that feature in any update. Unfortunately your brain hardware is not compatible ;)

(p.s. - Thank you for the suggestion. I would take it...except I am a member of AC and iMore already. Unlike you, I like to know what's going on in other platforms and I'm able to objectively compare them. You're there, yet...they write, words are read, but Mr.Brain has already vacated the building.)

You know, the most pathetic thing about you, and what shows how much of a dumb ass you are, is that you think that your simple little points are so profound that they are hard to perceive by others. But, I'm sure you still think I didn't get what you were saying from the beginning, and you will go on all night about that stupid shit... But, the reality is that you don't understand a damn thing anyone else is saying, and you're to stupid to see when they have moved on from your old, dumb ass, points that you keep explaining over and over.... Nobody is ever going to think you're smart dude.. You Flunked bad... But, I'm sure you're dumb ass has something else to say, so go ahead.. Lets see how much more you want to prove your stupidity tonight. Go ahead.....

just ignore Djcbs, he is an asshole who trolls here and doesn't contribute anything to the discussion.
 whereas you are the bright light in this commuity who brings fun as well as facts :)

Lol you're so pathetic you wrote an entire comment with tons of insults yet zero useful points. By now you're just frustrated at your own stupidity. Get a life, get a girlfriend and get a paying job so that you can start being less of a frustrated little dork.

Because his name is a portmenteau of "Mike Rowe" and "Microsoft"? You just spew vitriol everywhere. People are aware of Windows Phone's many shortcomings; you're just being an asshole.

Basically it's you that look like imbecile. Get a decent android phone and move to different forum. All of us here are fanboys and we are proud of it!

I've never seen Rodney write so much. Who knew he had such passion and insight or more than a five word vocabulary.

Lol❕❕ Sorry NIST but this guy is a retard.. If he doesn't like WP Then why does he waste our time, and his❓❓

You just had the 3 main WPcentral posters on your wall, you win a trip to Finland for a hot stone (3310) massage and a movie made about your comment starring Matt Damon, Jennifer Aniston and Laurence Fishburn, how do you feel?

I called, he said he's just finished ruining batman, but he'll look into it after he films a remake of Akira which he plans to "yank" up and put Jonah Hill as the blob for comedic value

This. I wished Microsoft would allow the swipe down as in Windows 8/8.1 and à la iOS 7 and it even lets you swip down three app at a time (wait for someone to complain that I complained).

The "X" to close a window is classic Windows, though. I know its not the Windows 8/RT way now but I can definitely think "Windows" when I see that X in the top right corner.

I agree with one of the commenters on the scroogletube: "I hope the x to close is just for testing and they implement a swipe down feature akin to Win8."

Premier Partner gives ATT opportunities to drag down NOK/MSFT in preference to Scroogle/Apple, where they make a higher margin!

Agreed. But I think with what we now know, his suggestion is probably the way to go if you want all the upgrades in a timely manner.

If ATT has the best service in my area, how is buying outright saving money. ATT doesn't reduce monthly fees for BYOD.

I got my unbranded 920 one week ago (after my 800 died) and when I first booted it Amber was already available for download! Mine is an RM-821 Italian CV.

If only... I'll receive Amber on my L620 "by the end of September", as NokiaCEE (Central and East Europe) stated, and my device is unlocked, unbranded and has hungarian firmware, even though I bought it in Croatia. I resisted the urge to flash the firmware myself, because I don't want to mess with this phone the way I messed with my Omnia 7. I honestly don't know what's the hold-up, since there are 620s, unbranded and unlocked, out there in the world, receiving the update as we speak. How different a firmware must be for various unbranded devices sold throughout Europe, I wonder, to delay the whole process. Status on both my country and Hungary is "waiting for approval" ever since that site first came up. Yet, 620s on Vodafone got the update. :/ How come carrier specific phones get it before the "clean" versions? This OTA update is a double-edged sword. :) Remember Zune and that little trick with pulling the plug on the internet during the search for an update, causing it to skip ahead and deliver the update ahead of schedule? :)

Hmmm... I agree it should have a swipe up/down to close apps..something I missed? Will it have homescreen rotation?

swiping down(or up, or any other way to close the apps) will make it the same as android or ios.. who wants that? the X is better.. and frankly anything is better than clicking the back button 10 times to get out of apps..:D

These new additions look great. Would also like to see some form of a notifications center in the future updates to the software

I agree. Jumping two screens to finally get to the Start Screen seems pointless then. Unless, you're device is password protected. Glance has its purpose, and glancing at the notifications without actually waking up the device seems more convenient and easy. Good Wishes, Salams...

I agree. We also need a way to jump straight to our new messages/emails/etc straight from the lock screen (we can do that if we get a toast, but once the toast goes away we have to unlock the phone and then find the apps with the notifications).

But unless the lockscreen is 'locked' by a password, there's really not much difference if you go straight to the Start Screen or into the App. Good Wishes, Salams...

I think a Notifications Center would clearly solve that problem. And like you said, being able to jump straight into the App, but by swiping up that particular notification from the lockscreen would be a good option too. Good Wishes, Salams...

Glance screen is on Nokia Lumia 720 but it requires Nokia Amber Update which Nokia promised it will be available for any Nokia Lumia by the end of September

Don't Worry. Glance will come to Lumia 720 (with Amber) all right, only you will still have to use the button in the side to wake your screen up.

Jesus Christ!!!! That X-to-close-app is hideous! OH MY FUCKIN GOD, Windows Phone is no longer the best looking OS any more

OMG! What are those bunch of Microsoft designers doing recently? Have they ate shit????? 'cause seriously these changes in GDR3 look ugly like shit.

Sorry but NOW this is good news?
Once again fail. Horrible GDR3 from MS. Nothing amazing.
And multitasking is awful guys. Really? X ? to close apps?
Shame MS.

Dude...did you just call the Editor-in-Chief of WPCentral and author of the article a "troll"?
LOL Thank you for making me laugh as hard as I just did. You rock.

Wow❗ You really are no fan to WP.. Why do you waist your time❔... Symbian is gone man.. I'm sorry. But, you might want to try iOS, BB, or Android... Sony makes some nice hardware... Nevertheless, you're wasting everyone's time here, and your own.. So, what's it gonna be❔

Luckily I don't "waist" my time. But you could waste your time learning how to spell. How you passed the first grade is a testimony to the way the Education system is going down the drain.

@DJCBS i buy only amazing gadget (gadget is not free for anyone and my opinion is GDR3 nothing special from BIG company Microsoft.
apple and scroogle is far far front of the line.
before you judge me. I have apple and MS products. I hope MS reborn.
Sorry Daniel. :)

Oh I wasn't judging you. I just found funny that you called a troll to Daniel. Specially when he trolls much much less than some idiots around here whose username start with the name of a fishing utensil. :P

I know, its rediculous. I guarantee you if there was no X, all the comments would be "just give me a god damn X so I can close it". It doesn't matter what they do, people will always complain.