Music ID service Shazam brings ads to the free version, squashes bugs and improves performance

Sort of like Yelp, Shazam is often seen as a redundant service to Microsoft’s built in Bing offerings. And like Yelp, Shazam does a lot more than too.

For instance, starting with version 3.5 you can tag (ID) songs even when you don’t have an active internet connection—that’s kind of a big deal if you’re like us and are always trying to figure out what that song is. You also get things like LyricPlay, the ability to buy music from the Xbox or Nokia Music stores, one-click tag with the Tile, watch YouTube videos, see local tags and more. Heck, it even has lockscreen support. That’s way more than the Bing Music ID service.

Version 3.6 just went live in the Store for both the free version and the paid Encore edition. Previously, there was no difference between the two apps, making Encore not exactly a bargain. However now, the free version sports ads while Encore remains ad-free. Does that make it worth the extra $5.99? We’re struggling to find a reason to justify that extra six dollars, unless you’re like us and bought it ages ago (we were probably drunk).

Version 3.6 also tacks on the usual “bug fixes and improved performance” label. While we haven’t seen too many bugs ourselves and the app has felt fast since its Windows Phone 8 upgrade, we’ll take whatever we can.

If you’re an active tagger, you may want to give Shazam a try. One benefit of the tagging system is that it is timed (10 second sample recordings) versus the more open ended Bing music ID, which will trail on for a long time on certain occasions. Because of that, we find Shazam more often faster than Bing, but your mileage may vary.

Pick up or update Shazam (free) here or if you’re mister moneybags, you can grab Shazam Encore ($5.99) here in the Store.

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Music ID service Shazam brings ads to the free version, squashes bugs and improves performance


The Free version also has a limit on how many tags you can make per month... No such restriction applies to the paid version...

Actually not for us, who have activated Shazam free since the beginning of time.
We don't have tag limitation and for us it dosn't worth buying the encore version...

It's nice to see some updates from Shazam. I use it as my backup if Bing Music can't find the song/s I'm looking for.

I use a mix of Shazam and Soundhound as backups as often one of three is bound to find a song!

Same here, mine it's free and unlimited tagging. However I use the WP8 native search when I listen to a song

My favorite feature is actually the Live Tile that gives you one-touch access to the ID engine. It's one click faster than Bing and at least from my experience, more accurate (though others disagree there--guess it depends on how obscure the music is).

That's my favorite feature as well. I'm tagging before my girlfriend's iPhone 5 even opens the app :)

I used to love musixmatch because of the voice launch feature of just saying "musixmatch identify" but for whatever reason mine hasn't been working on my 920 lately :(

MusixMatch is a more comprehensive app than Shazam. Also has a tile that lets you ID from the start screen. Superb music hub integration, and has scrolling lyrics for almost every song

It will bug you when you see the '2' on the store tile, if you have an old YouTube. lol.
Tell me if that old YouTube can't do the same like the new one.

Soundhound has had offline tagging for as long as I remember. It fails to match due to lack of internet but it saves the tag and you can match it when a connection exists. Shazam for $5.99? Forget it, just use Soundhound or Bing for that price.