SkyDrive set to get Recycle Bin feature in future update?

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The familiar Recycle Bin, coming to SkyDrive soon?

With the new SkyDrive having been rolled out last week with the new modern UI, it looks like Microsoft still has some plans for the service for adding new features.

One of those features being planned is evidently a Recycle Bin, which has been found via the coding within the site itself and was earlier tipped to LiveSide.net back in the spring.

No details have been given as to the exact functionality of such a feature but it’s easy to assume that it will allow you un-delete items for a period of 30 days or so as a sort of safety-net for your content. Any delay in rolling out this feature most likely has to do with getting the service up and running via their mobile apps, since they will also need to be updated for this tool.

No word on exact release dates but at the rate which Microsoft is moving these days, it probably won’t be too long.

Source: LiveSide.net


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SkyDrive set to get Recycle Bin feature in future update?


With the update they made it much easier to delete things which was great but a little added safety would be even better. =)

Better yet, hear me out! WP8 brings an OS wide Recycle Bin and the functionality to us it is already built into the app. I can't tell you how many times I deleted something I thought was something else and wanted it back.

That is an even better idea. Any document you delete from your phone, computer, or xbox is in a cloud "deleted items" folder... I think I just pissed on myself from excitment... Too bad it might not happen LOL!

I really like the idea. However, with all the security concerns revolving around Cloud storage; how will this be protected from "hackers" being able to access your deleted files from anywhere. Maybe just makes me question security loopholes a little bit more.

This is what I assumed it will be like. Just as if you delete an email in a web based email client such as Outlook or Gmail, you can access that deleted email from any computer once signed into the email account.

Microsoft is working their ass off, i really respect the loads of work they do lately. With so much products to be released and existing software updates, it's really amazing how they do that. Bow down!

Yes. I agree with you. I’m quite surprised how they are able to do all that in such a short time. It took them 10 or 15 years before 2005 to do the same job they do in one year now.

What I’m really missing is a feature that would show all the Shares I made to others. Currently I can only see what is shared to me. But I share a lot of my contents to others. Like. I send a link to a folder of photos to a client to approve or download them. Now I never know which folders or photos are actually shared to others. I have to check folder by folder and stop sharing them.