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Vague Snapchat tweet gets Windows Phone hopes up, but try not to get too excited

Make this chapter 684 in the Snapchat vs Windows Phone saga. A saga which we've covered in-depth over such a period of time that we'd assume all hope is lost at this point. And then there's a tweet. A vague tweet. One which Windows Phone/Snapchat fans would immediately jump in the air at reading...

Hands-on with 6discover for Windows Phone

Windows Phone users do not have an official Snapchat application, but 6discover, the latest app from Rudy Huyn, offers one of the major features. You won't be able to create, view, or share snaps with friends. You also won't be able to use 6discover to chat or create stories. You use 6discover...
Snapchat's lawyers send threatening letter to Huyn over new 6discover app

Snapchat's lawyers send threatening letter to Huyn over new 6discover app

Well, that did not take long. Snapchat's legal team has sent developer Rudy Huyn a letter accusing him of "violation of federal and state law" for reproducing the Snapchat "Discover" content. The missive comes just 24-hours after the release of 6discover, a new, free app that pulls the Snapchat...
6discover Snapcaht Discover for Windows Phone

6discover is an app for Snapchat Discover and Huyn's latest creation for Windows Phone

Rudy Huyn has done it again with 6discover. The release continues his trend to make apps that do not have an official or third-party versions available on Windows Phone. After some teasing on Twitter, popular Windows Phone dev Rudy Huyn has released his sixth app today. The new addition to the...

How you can't get Snapchat on Windows Phone: The whole sorry saga

One of the most high profile gaps in the Windows Phone Store remains Snapchat. And despite community outcry, that isn't likely to change any time soon. If you're new to the platform in particular, you might be wondering why you can't have it. After all, iPhone and Android owners have it, right...

Unsurprisingly 6Snap won't be coming back to the Windows Phone Store

File this under no surprise, but developer of popular third-party Snapchat app, Rudy Huyn, has confirmed that there is no hope of a future return to the Windows Phone Store. Snapchat still isn't playing ball, but Huyn has teased something for the future. "Some news, 6snap won't come back,...
Snapchat silences critics, removes 'Support My Incompatible Device' feedback form

Snapchat silences critics, removes 'Support My Incompatible Device' feedback form

In the ongoing race to win over support for Windows Phone, Snapchat is the top of the pack when it comes to companies snubbing the Microsoft platform. Joining the likes of Pebble, Snapchat is evidently getting tired of pesky Windows Phone users requesting an app. As if it were not enough to get...

6snap removed from store, along with all third-party Snapchat Windows Phone apps

Looking through the Windows Phone Store today will alert you to the fact that there doesn't appear to be unofficial Snapchat apps available for consumers to download. 6snap, arguably one of the most popular third-party apps for Windows Phone, has also disappeared. The developer, Rudy Huyn, took...
Snapchat is clamping down on 6snap and third-party apps, threatens to lock accounts

Snapchat is clamping down on 6snap and third-party apps, threatens to lock accounts

Snapchat has a had a rough few weeks in terms of security. People's photos were allegedly stolen and posted online recently through the use of a third-party apps. Those apps used reversed-engineered APIs to access the service, which creates a significant vulnerability in account security. Now,...

6snap gets updated with conversation pruning to keep everything neat and tidy

Unofficial Snapchat app 6snap for Windows Phone has been updated. The developer, Rudy Huyn, has added some cool new pruning options for users in version 3.2. This new functionality enables users to better manage conversations on their Windows Phone. Previously, we looked at Huyn implementing...
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook's Snapchat competitor 'Slingshot' might launch as early as this month

After a spurned attempt to acquire Snapchat for $3 billion last year, Facebook is gearing up to launch its own ephemeral messaging app, internally codenamed "Slingshot". The app, which is said to have a "simple and speedy user interface" (not unlike Snapchat) is designed to take on Snapchat with...

Download the beta for 6snap to try out the new Snapchat conversations

Last week Snapchat updated their official apps on Android and iOS with the text chat and video calling. We don’t have an official Snapchat app yet for Windows Phone, but we do have 6snap. It’s a stellar third-party Snapchat client for Windows Phone. The developer, Rudy Huyn, has just released a...