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SongArc gets over 73,000 plays in first week, cements place as best music game on Windows Phone


SongArc is a brand new game that’s unique to Windows Phone. It went into beta earlier this summer and just hit the Windows Phone Store a week ago. Quite a bit has happened in just that first week of being on the Store. So we’re going to dive in on the current progress of SongArc and its future on Windows Phone.

In the first week on the Windows Phone Store, SongArc saw 14,000 users playing 1,600 different sheets. They played over 73,000 games. Speaking of games, SongArc is currently ranked as the #1 music game across a variety of categories in the Windows Phone Store.

Going forward there’s an update coming out soon to the Windows Phone Store that will address a variety of bugs in the app. Here’s what it targets:

  • Small fixes to the editor
  • Accelerated song - sheet matchmaking
  • Matches are now displayed down until 20% instead of the old 50%. This should help with songs that only have extremely misspelled sheets
  • The built in songs are now displayed at the end of the lists
  • The app should no longer crash if the phone has extreme amount of songs (over 1000 albums, etc)
  • Fixes to app not starting (we couldn’t identify all issues yet, we need more data)
  • Better error / crash reporting

That update is currently being beta tested and should hit the Windows Phone Store fairly soon. But what’s coming to SongArc after that update? The next update will focus on new features that have been requested by both beta testers and the general community. We can’t share more than that, but it should make a great game even better.

We’re really excited to SongArc continue to rapidly improve. It’s a game that is unique to Windows Phone and probably couldn’t exist on other platforms. We have the benefit of having a fairly tight knit community of users and developers giving each other feedback and improving the platform as a whole. Fun fact: Our very own Daniel Rubino is addicted to the game. See the screenshot of the tweet below? You’ll see a handful of those on his timeline. We might need to stage an intervention if the game gets any more addicting.

Daniel Rubino SongArc Addict
Daniel Rubino, SongArc Addict

Haven’t tried SongArc out yet? It’s a simple game, but packs a ton of fun. It’s available on both Windows Phone 7.x and 8, but won’t with 256MB devices on Windows Phone 7.x). Grab it in the Windows Phone Store for free or use the QR code below. 

QR: SongArc


Reader comments

SongArc gets over 73,000 plays in first week, cements place as best music game on Windows Phone


Would it be possible to move back and forth in the song editor, without having to restart the song and let it play? I mean, if I want to edit a part from 0:50 to 1:20, right now I have to restart the song and wait for it to play until it reaches that point, then edit it, restart the song and check if everything's fine.
A simple slider like the one in MetroTube/myTube to seek inside a video would be great :D

You can rewind or forward the song by pressing the volume key and holding the back or forward buttons as shown in the Sheet Creator tutorial:
We are fully aware that this is not an optimal solution. Unfortunately, Windows Phone doesn't allow a third party app to control the music playback and change the position of the song being played, if the song is from the Music Library on the phone. We are working on a workaround for this, but it will take a while before that version will be ready.

Yeah I was thinking about a ffw/frw feature, I didn't know it was an API issue :/
Keep up the good work then, thank you for your answer :)

If you have tons of songs, this is a known bug. As the post states above, we already have a fix for this in the beta. Send an email with your Microsoft ID to feedback (at) if you want in on the beta and help us make sure the issue is fixed.

We have a looooong to do list, and skinning is on it :) So, the opportunity is still there.

On a more serious note, we wanted the design to be as genre-agnostic as possible. The current design works for every type of music - Rock, Electric, Blues, Heavy Metal or even classical.

SongArc is not available on some markets where there are strict content restrictions, but we will gradually amend this. What country are you in?

I also can't download this... I'm in Indonesia (well, for workaround for now I can Change region... But updating will be a problem)

I don't know how to get song sheets available there, every time I tap the song sheet name, it redirects me to the Windows Store to find the app instead of the song sheet... :/

If the song isn't on your phone it directs you to the store so you can purchase it or download it. If you have an xBox music pass it's free!

If the app doesn't match Sheets for your songs, it is probably because you have a different version of the song. For example, you may have a concert version while the Sheet author has created their sheet for an album version. In this case the sheet would not match, and we take you to the music store to get the right song.
If you think this is not the case, please let us know the following:
- The artist and title of the song you have on your phone, exactly as it is in the Music Hub.
- The length of the song you have on your phone (start it in the music hub to see this)
- The artist and the title of the Sheet you are trying to play with.
The Sheets are automatically saved on your phone when you play with them. You can verify this by opening a song, and looking at "sheets on your phone" and the "sheets online" sections.

LOVE the gameplay.  It's awesome.  Soooo fun!
But what we really need is an online leader board!  And not only that, but your own personal high scores for each sheet should be stored too!  So you can know if you have improved over the last time you played.  Otherwise, it's just playing at random and not knowing whether you are having the best round of your life or just average.  It REALLY needs a scoring database for both personal and community scores!!!  That would make it SO much more interesting!  
And there should be a "garbage" rating for sheets.  I've played some sheets that are SUCH GARBAGE that even one star is too generous.  For example, try
"I Kissed a Girl" by Katy Perry with a sheet made by Player502fae81.  
Oh man it's such garbage that it's unplayable.  There's gotta be a way to flag a sheet as trash.  Maybe after 5 trash ratings the sheet should get deleted from the database.

Shouldn't have to go to twitter just to see if I beat my best score.  And the whole world doesn't need or want to know my scores for every round of SongArc that I play.  

Just saw your reply. Glad you like it! That one took me about a week. I played it over and over! Haha! Had to get it just right. Have you checked out Madonna Jump? Better IMO. ;). That one was so fun to make. Now trying to decide which song I'll do next! Thanks for this great game!

Thank you! The gameplay was one of the key focuses for the first release. Unfortunately, we didn't have the time (and fundings) for leaderboards and some other advanced social features - but we are working on those.
As for a garbage rating, the Sheets work like apps in the Store. You know not to download one which has a rating of one, instead try another. We are very early, I am sure that most popular songs will have decent sheets in a month or so. We are also working on creating high quality Sheets with experienced creators from other music games, such as Frets on Fire (we have a FoF Sheet converter!).

Thanks Andras! The only problem with horribly bad sheets is that you gotta get through the sheet and finish the song to give it a rating. I had to try twice just to give it a one star rating, because it was so bad and impossible to do well that I failed the first try. I had to work very hard and endure painful game play just to do my part and give it a one star rating. I don't think most people will be as patient as me, and will just abort the song and not bother rating it. Hence the garbage flag, which can be set without finishing the sheet. 5 unique players flagging it as garbage would reduce the chances of improper flagging rating sabotage.

Actually, you don't have to go all the way through. You can hit the back button at any time to pause, and then hit "Quit". You will be offered to rate the sheet right there.

I know the certification process is lengthy, but is there any chance of getting the game Xbox certified? We need more indie Xbox games like this on Windows Phone and Windows RT. Earning Xbox Achievements on this game would be so awesome.

We would definitely love if SongArc could be an XBox game. What we need to even begin those discussions is a strong and supporting player community and solid numbers. Based on the results of the first week, SongArc is becoming a real hit on WP, so...

Why does Daniel say it couldn't exist on other platforms? Android and iOS dont necessarily have as tight-knit communities but there are so many of them. Android users work together to make things like Cyanogen mod so I'm pretty sure there's a large group of them that would help SongArc to become even bigger.

Babysteps... just let the devs improve their game and its experience first, then talk about crossplatform. Apart from that developing for 3 platforms at the same time with such a small team is painful!

Quite a similar concept to Tap Tap which started on iOS and I believe is now on Android. It started out like this, where you could use music from your own phone, and then when it got big enough to sort out deals with the studios it didn't need you to have local copies.

Tap Tap is very commercial now and has been for quite a while. Song Arc is nice and fresh, and has its own uniqueness in game play due to the fact that you play landscape rather than portrait.

You hit the nail on the head, Nik. We believe that by switching to landscape, we can go far beyond 3 "notes", and actually convey the melody in addition to the rhythm.

Pretty fun game, been playing for a while and it doesn't use that much battery. Calibrating is a savior, some songs are way off.

Sorry you feel that way. Unfortunately even the iPhone didn't exist until 2007, and desktop computers at that time had less power than your Windows Phone today, so I think it would have been more than OK back then :)

Some markets have very strict content restrictions (such as the UAE), and thus we had to skip them for the first release. We are trying to broaden the coverage very soon, please stand by.

Can I ask? I've changed my Region into USA... But still can't download it.., mine is L920 GDR2... What's wrong?

Also, the exclusivity is a bonus... Not many are willing to support this platform but I appreciate those that do.

I think that something else that should be considered in future (as well as local high scores and global leader boards) is the option to view all sheets created by a specific user. Each sheet creator has their own style, some of which I really like, it would be nice to be able to browse through all of the sheets they have created. :)
I love this game by the way, epic!

How are these devs getting paid? I'd gladly pay at least $1 for this game. Devs who create exclusive WP games/apps deserve it.

Thanks... but only $1? :) The app is sponsored by AppCampus, and this allowed us to get this first version out, but not further development.  We wanted to get the game out for free for the first month to gain momentum, but we are working on monetization which will come in the next few versions.

Ahh yes. I forgot it was free for the month. :) Great idea to build the userbase(sheet-base? :) )first. Based on the current features, I would be willing to pay $4. I don't usually buy many apps but if it had a lot more fun and useful features, I'd easily pay more. Keep it up!! :)

I agree. If I can pay once I'd consider between $1-$4, preferably in between. I would not be interested in any subscription based model at all. So build that user base and try to hit the sweet spot on pricing!

Sorry to hear that. If you have tons of songs, this is a known bug. As the post states above, we already have a fix for this in the beta. Send an email with your Microsoft ID to feedback (at) if you want in on the beta and help us make sure the issue is fixed.

It is an awesome game! If you like rhythm games try osu! WP. Its a clone of Elite Beat Agents on Nintendo DS.

Things i would like with Songarc.... 720p fullscreen support, ability to share sheets that have gone off the 99 new list, search sheets, full access to all sheets created and not just the last 99, better matching than 20% which still cannot find tracks on my phone with same name. My sheet which is rather good if i do say so myself has disappeared from the 99 list so how can anyone play it? Great job though!

Thanks for the great feedback!

I have never heard of EBA before, so just checked out a video. I'd say we are not a clone...

If your Sheet went off the new sheet's list, people can still find it. If they have the song on their phone, your sheet will be matched and playable - this is the primary means of finding sheets. There is also the "surprise me" list which is a random list. If your sheet is good, it will also be available in the Awesome and Greatest Hits lists.

If the app doesn't match Sheets for your songs, it is probably because you have a different version of the song. For example, you may have a concert version while the Sheet author has created their sheet for an album version. In this case the sheet would not match, and we take you to the music store to get the right song.

If you think this is not the case, please let us know the following:
- The artist and title of the song you have on your phone, exactly as it is in the Music Hub.
- The length of the song you have on your phone (start it in the music hub to see this)
- The artist and the title of the Sheet you are trying to play with.


Thanks Andras! You misread my post. I said the game osu! WP is a clone of Elite Beat Agents, not Songarc :-)

That one... I have and like that.,, but I can't download new songs... (been like this since I first download) just stuck at downloading... That's why I like this 'use your own music' concept. I love anime songs though... That's why I download OsU on the first place. Hope this app's also good for Anime Song

Thanks for posting this. I loved Elite Beat Agents, I'm definitely going to have to check this out...once I am done with SongArc that is... 

I might be alone in this but I didn't initially like it. I played a few times and I was not impressed. I guess ve been waiting for tap tap revenge to make it to WP for years and this came along so I was thinking oh great something just for us and possibly better. It made me want tap tap revenge even more and I had already chalked it

Tap tap is totally different game from this. Correct me if I'm wrong but tap tap doesn't let you play your own music yes?

Tim it depends if you are playing a good sheet. A poor sheet may put you off. Stick with it you will love it.

I never understand why WP devs don't incorporate Facebook and Twitter in their games to compete with friends and post scores.

I beta tested this one and I have to say, of all the beta's I've had the chance to work with, this game is stellar. The developer is on top of it as well. This is a must have.  I'm thinking Windows RT devs. Its perfect for my RT tablet.

I really like this game. It's well done, the graphics are certainly not gorgeous (it might be the fonts fault, actually!) but they do their job well and are well clean.
Here's a few things that I am missing:
1. Leaderboards. I myself am content with "local" leaderboards, but I can see how other people could want online leaderboards as well.
2. The ability to *manually* search for sheets. Xbox Music screws up all my tags, a few of my songs show up as "Unknown Artist" and "Unknown Album" in my library despite them having proper ID3 tags. It's currently impossible to find sheets for a few of my songs. Allowing me to manually "override" that search would be cool
3. More detailed feedback for the sheet creator: It would be cool if one could message a sheet creator with specific, constructive criticism about his sheet (maybe some sort of comment system). The star rating is a good indicator, but sometimes a sheet is pretty good *except for a small detail*. Letting the author know what that is, or what's wrong with the sheet could be very helpfull for the author.

Thanks for the great feedback.
1. Leaderboards are definitely on our list.
2. This is also an often requested feature. For a next step, we will ease the matching, and we will see about searching based on the lessons learned from that.
3. This is a more complicated thaj it sounds, since as soon as we allow you to enter any text that is shown to others, we have to imply a lot of content filters (cursewords, etc) in tons of languages.

Great concept! This game begs for crazy visuals though.
I'd love to see something to the level of Beat Hazard or Geometry Wars happen visually with Song Arc.
Also, it kind of sucks that unless you have your music ID'd exactly correctly you pretty much have no music to play with (sadly, I listen to a lot of electronic music which relies on mixes for most of the music presentation, and the music I do have in individual songs tend to not be the exact ID since a lot of the music just releases in many different compilations). Not saying that as a fault of the game, just sucks as a major listener of EDM music I inherhently don't have much of a song library to work with for the game :P Thats where games like Beat Hazard are great, since they procedurally generate everything so I don't have to worry about only having popular or traditional album-style music. But really thats a problem more with how I listen to music and less with your game :)