Sports Tracker for Windows Phone updated with Live Tile support and more

Sports Tracker

The award-winning Windows Phone app Sports Tracker has received a fairly large update. Version introduces Live Tile support, a bunch of bug fixing and improvements, as well as a lockscreen data feed and much more.

If you're not familiar with the app, it tracks and analyzes your performance while engaging in a sports activity such as running, jogging, or cycling. You can monitor your distance, duration, speed, pace, and energy spent. The training diary syncs with the sports-tracker.com service for further analysis.

Sports Tracker

Here are some highlighted features in the latest version:

  • New WP8 GPS interface, which means improved accuracy
  • Facebook & Twitter sharing bug fixed
  • Live tiles
  • Lock screen data feed, even during workouts (has to be activated in phone’s settings)
  • Settings from previous workout are used as default values when new workout is started
  • Lots of other fixes

Check the official Sports Tracker blog for the full change log. You can download Sports Tracker from the Windows Phone store. Source: Sports Tracker Blog; thanks, Ewert, for the tip!

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Reader comments

Sports Tracker for Windows Phone updated with Live Tile support and more


well it could sync with MyFitnessPal for instance. It's why I've joined the Endomondo Beta the other day.. Plus I kinda like their UI more..

Last time I used this app it said I did 600 miles in 30 mins. I guess I ran so fast I never knew I left. I remember this app as a Nokia app on the E71

Too little, too late..


I loved the app on my Noka XM5800, even used it onAndroid and later on my iPhone.. But the WP version was awful when I got it and, eventually, I switched to Runtastc.


Sorry, SportsTracker, but this should've came a year ago or so.. This ship has sailed..

This is awesome, I got the update yesterday, it was a definite improvement! I have over 100 workouts and runs logged on it from my last nokia, and I was so happy that there was a Sportstracker app for my lumia 810 when I got it, but it was so buggy! I honestly was ready to switch to another app, as my last few workouts were pretty out of sync, and missed parts of my route. I hope this update fixes all of that, as I really don't want to switch.

Yes. I use it on my Lumia 920 all the time, and you can listen music while running, an the app keeps logging.

You can also turn the phone off (the screen, not completely) and the logging continues.

I have managed to loose the GPS signal by surfing the net on iExplorer while running, though. So there was a straight line for that part of the run. The app did find the GPS again.


This new version has nothing to do with the old and buggy WP app. So far it´s been rock stable on my 920 and HRM2 works perfectly (so far). I tested running it in the background while playing music and receiving sms (had my girlfriend send me some while jogging, sms was a problem in earlier versions so thats why I tested it). So far couldn´t detect any errors in the tracking. Live tile shows total summary of training time, burnt kcal and tracked kms.

Also one reason why I like it is that the ST portal is add free (except for one of their own adds).



Why is this app listed twice in the store?  Is there a difference between them?  They both say FREE, are the same Revision, and 5M download size.

Is Microsoft duplicating apps to get the numbers up?

Yeah its a historic thing, I think one was WP7 and then they did a separate WP8 one, or something.  You want the one with less reviews (around 97-100 at present), which I think the above link points to.


I had the WP7 one installed on my Lumia 920 when i upgraded, I wondered why it was so buggy and not syncing.

If my memory servers it was originally published by Nokia, then Sports Tracking Technologies Ltd published it themselves and both remained. The one in the link above is the one from STT themselves.

Talking about this trackers, I'm in doubt which one I shoud use. What's your opinion on the best and why (it would be nice to mention the pros and cons):

1) Sports Tracker;

2) Endomondo;

3) AdidasmiCoach;

4) Runtastic;

5) Bing Health and Fitness;

other one?



Use them all simultaneously and see which one gives you the results you want.  Then write something up and let us know how things went.

4) - Huge Runtastic fan since I've been using it. I love to track runs on a map and I love that it gives me voice feedback according to my preferred intervals and settings (5 minutes, 0.5 miles, 59 kilocalories burned, etc). Runs in the background if you need to hit the home button and check something else. Allows you to play music either within the app (which pauses music for you) or outside of the app (which plays the voice feedback right over the music). Integrates with MyFitnessPal as well.

I tested all + Caledos Runner (the only one integrated with RunKeeper) and I choosed it as my favourite app

Just wish Sport Tracker could export the saved route to <shiver> Google Earth format. (Yeah, I know, please don't hate me for that.)

The original Sport tracker on Symbian could do that.