Sprint confirms Windows Phone 8.1 update for HTC 8XT and Samsung ATIV S Neo this summer


Sprint just dropped us a line to let us know that the Windows Phone 8.1 update that was announced at Build 2014 will be coming to a few of their handsets this summer. The HTC 8XT and Samsung ATIV S Neo are mentioned explicitly, though specific dates and details will be mentioned later on.

Windows Phone 8.1 is going to have a bunch of cool stuff, like background images for Live Tiles, lock screen themes, and the Cortana virtual assistant. This is good news overall for Sprint subscribers, but there are a lot of phones that we're waiting to hear about when it comes to 8.1 updates. Any ATIV S Neo or 8XT owners in the house?


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Sprint confirms Windows Phone 8.1 update for HTC 8XT and Samsung ATIV S Neo this summer


I am also surprised to hear this news but I'm guessing the update wont be released untill the end of the summer. I have the Ativ S Neo, but I want a Nokia Lumia Windows phone on the Sprint's network.

I own the Ativ s neo but my girlfriend the 8xt...I really really like it. Besides the infernal memory, which will be fixed in 8.1, it is a very nice Phone. Good feel, pretty durable, and Beats sound nice. Good camera too.

Thanks for the reply, it is going to be my ffirst smartphone and it was only 200$ here so thought that it would be better than the lumia 6** phones

It is miles better than the 620 or even 630, which is ridiculous with a 4.7" screen at 480x854. The 8X has a very high PPI with 4.3" at 1280x720. I just wish it was AMOLED, that would have been great, but it is still a nice screen. Sunlight visibility not too good. The beats audio is kind of a gimmick, but the sound quality is good (beats is only turned on when you use earphone). The speakers are also decent.

Thanks tony, appreciate you feedback.Just one Query How has the audio been does it distort at loud volumes?

I keep about 200 songs with me,not a big collection but i want good music quality on my phone. The music quality on my 2012 nexus 7 (got it for 120$) is pathetic.. and how is the evernote app? IF you have it?

Probably not even relevant anymore, but the phone has great audio. Enabling Beats audio removes about a decibel from max volume, but sounds like a real speaker with some depth (no rattle, no tinniness). without it, still decent for say, listening to a podcast while you paint in room (my last sunday for you).
Can't vouch for evernote, but OneNote is flawless on this thing.

If you mean the 8xT, I can also agree, the 8XT is awesome! It doesn't have high-end spec this-and-that (screen resolution, memory, camera, etc. etc...), but it is a great phone.

They are the same phones,just the t is a sprit variant in the us&a... 720p is enough for me and the camera seems to be better than the motog,what have you noticed? WOuld appreciate your feedback.

They are most definitely NOT the same phone... 8XT has an MicroSD card slot and Boomsound, and only works on Sprint (CDMA), and only 8GB Storage...8X has 16GB Storage, No MicroSD slot and No BoomSound...they're cousins...but not the same.

I chose the 8XT over the Ativ Neo S because I wanted BoomSound and like the HTC Camera app (not available on 8X from what I remember)...and felt HTC would support the 8XT better than Samsung would the Ativ S Neo...so far they're about equal...though the 8XT did receive GDR3 where the Ativ S Neo didn't...which is now mute.

I've been really happy with my decision...I'm sure Ativ S Neo owners love their's...they're both good.

No way, Sprint actually supports their Windows Phones????

Well, we will see if the update ever actually gets released. That's why I joined the developer preview program.

Why the eff does Sprint not have a Lumia? I was really hoping things would change and they would get the 930

questions that need answers... I wish a journalist would conduct an interview with Nokia as well as Sprint to get to the bottom of this.

other carriers will actually have new phones shipped with 8.1 already on it. I'm willing to bet that Sprint wants these updates to hold us over for another 8-12 months or so. SMH

I upgraded to a 925 recently, being the prices for it have dropped. I suggest you do the same. I LOVE my 925 and I'm a hug Windows Phone fan as well, but 810 got a RAW deal. It SUCKS, but I'd recommend you just move on like I did. 810 R.I.P :-(

This is great news! Not so surprising, in the sense that they previously did good with GDR3 when it came to the 8XT sooner than later. Who knows though, there is no concrete date given (for any carrier for that matter), so I'll still have to see it to believe it, but there is hope for sooner than later. Great news indeed, but greater news would have been the breakthrough of a Nokia device onto Sprint.

Better info from Sprint would have been not just WP8.1 coming this summer, but NEW WP8.1 DEVICES coming this summer.

please, please stop making sense. Sprint is basically feeding us scraps while other carriers are getting 4 course meals.

I love my HTC 8XT! Sprint was the first to get official GDR3 too! I'm going to Developer Preview it next week, because early Summer is too far away for me though.

I'm an 8XT owner, and I'm hoping that somewhere deep in the bowels of Samsung, that they skipped the GDR3 update for Neo owners so they could focus on 8.1 for you guys!  Maybe the Neo gets it first this time...

While I appreciate the thought, allow me to laugh disdainfully at the thought that Sprint and Samsung will do anything to support the Neo in a timely manner.


Ok, now to go back to thank the Microsoft gods for the Developer Preview Program.

Well, I was trying to be positive! But, yes the Developer Program is a big part of me staying on WP.

I'm an 8XT owner, I've been surprised how much I like this phone. The GDR 3 came down on my phone before I heard about it on these blogs and such, so I'm looking forward to getting 8.1. Sprint has recently upgraded their network where I am, I just hope they bring new handsets to us soon, even if I'm happy with mine, it's nice to have options.

I've been really happy with the 8XT as well...but am hoping for an HTC One WP variant.  (Though, honestly, I like the (M7) form factor over the (M8) One for size...)  Here's hoping for some new hardware soon!!!

I'm glad Sprint will actually be supporting the update. Although I wish they'd announce a new device. All these newer devices coming out on multiple carriers, but Sprint is still just sitting back with mid-to-low tier phones.

Well Sprint is starting to do things better. And not having to wait a year is wonderful. Now if they us developers some tools for their services and I will be happy and even higher than cloud 9.

Man, I hate it how carriers decide whether or not a phone gets an update. I'll probably be able to upgrade my device by the time Verizon hands out 8.1 for my 8x

Why to wait another 3-4 months when the system is ready ? :-/
Btw aren't iOS updates available as soon as Apple announces them ?

while other carriers are getting new devices, Sprint is merely updating the OS (something that should be done regardless) lol what a cheap and terrible approach. The day cannot come soon enough for me to switch carriers.

Is almost the end of Summer and still no word from Sprint about this update. Sprint you are the best on staying behind everyone concerning Windows phones.

Exactly!! Summer ended the other day.  Let's go Sprint, update already or at least give us some info as to what is going on (or not going on).  We are tired of being left in the dark.