Specs for the Surface Pro 3 show nine hours of battery life and more

Surface Pro 3 Panos Panay

The Surface Pro 3 is finally official. Microsoft announced the new tablet earlier this morning at a private press event in New York City. During the announcement, Microsoft shared a handful of specs for the Surface Pro 3, like the killer resolution. But now we have the full spec list for what you get in this crazy machine.


  • Screen: 12-inch ClearType Full HD display
  • Resolution: 2160 x 1440
  • Aspect Ratio: 3:2
  • Touch: Multitouch input


  • Up to nine hours of web-browsing battery life


  • Wireless: Wi-Fi 802.11ac/802.11 a/b/g/n
  • Bluetooth 4.0 low energy technology

Pen input

  • Pen input and pen (included with purchase)
  • Pen features 256 levels of pressure sensitivity

Cameras and A/V

  • 5MP and 1080p HD front- and rear-facing cameras
  • Built-in front- and rear-facing microphones
  • Stereo speakers with Dolby® Audio-enhanced sound


  • Full-size USB 3.0
  • microSD card reader
  • Headset jack
  • Mini DisplayPort
  • Cover port
  • Charging port


  • Ambient light sensor
  • Accelerometer
  • Gyroscope
  • Magnetometer

Operating system

  • Windows 8.1 Pro


  • Dimensions: 7.93 in x 11.5 in x 0.36 in
  • Weight: 1.76 lbs  / 800 grams
  • Casing: Magnesium
  • Color: Silver
  • Physical buttons: Volume, Power, Home


Those are all the base specs that everyone Surface Pro 3 will ship with. The Surface Pro 3 will vary in price based on the processor, memory and storage. The following are the configurations that you’ll be able to grab:

  • Intel Core i3 / 64 GB / 4GB of RAM / $799
  • Intel Core i5 / 128 GB / 4GB of RAM / $999
  • Intel Core i5 / 256 GB / 8GB of RAM / $1299
  • Intel Core i7 / 256 GB / 8GB of RAM / $1549
  • Intel Core i7 / 512 GB / 8GB of RAM / $1949

What do you think of the Surface Pro 3? Which configuration are you planning on picking up? 


Reader comments

Specs for the Surface Pro 3 show nine hours of battery life and more



The fact that there is no 4G connectivity is just crushing.  You can't call something a "no compromises" device and not have 4G.  It's that simple.

To everyone: This is an epic machine. And you're all worried about 4g? Granted, 4g is amazing and helpful in ways many can't even begin to imagine.. But... Is everyone not going to give it a chance because it doesn't have 4g built into it?!

Do you have no WiFi wherever you go? I mean... I don't buy internet at home. Yet. I never lack WiFi because it exists everywhere. Heck.. All I have to do is buy boba to get good WiFi access...

-- Bam --

the problem is that it is expected for such an expensive device. It is like buying a BMW...that doesn't have sat nav. ok so you can use your phone and stick it to the windshield, ok we get it. OK, you spend 3X more on that car. well, this is a very expensive device. Clearly the cheaper S2 has it, why not SP3?

This is not that expensive given all of the other specifications form factor.  Equivalent laptops or tablets don't exist for this. And, frankly, as a PERSONAL PREFERENCE I wouldn't want the 4G unless it was an optional spec.  I don't want to pay for the antenna and potential exclusivity agreements and plan additions.  I'll just tether to my dang phone or ride WiFi.  I don't understand why people expect this to be cheap for the sake of being cheap regardless of what they are actually buying.  The BMW analogy is a false one.  There are base trims and you see A LOT OF PEOPLE driving them.  And BMWs are expensive even at base trim.  At 800$ up to 2K, these are pretty impressive offerings.  You would recognize that if you used anything else and also owned any of the original Surface models.

you can rationalize it that way but consumer see cheaper devices with LTE so all your rationalization goes out the window. You're selling to humans, not robots.

Insisting on 4G is more of a rationalization than not needing it is.. Sure it might be handy, but far, far from necessary. I'm a heavy tablet user, and I literally never miss not having LTE. Phone has it, and that's enough for me.

hence the need for an option, as other companies including MSFT have figured out, LTE models serve a market. The real reason there is no LTE on SP2 likely has nothing to do with presumptions that the lack of this feature is bad. It may simply be intel's fault as ARM chips have embraced conectivity and mobility for years while intel still not quite there in SOC design where cellular connectivity become standard.

But IIRC the next family of chips from intel is supposed to bring this to the table, thus settling the matter: LTE will be seen in the same light as wi-fi. No longer as an addon but as a standard feature all chipsets have. as it should be.

Yet, most tablet sold are not LTE devices. Many people don't want to pay monthly fees for their tablet. They could give the option, but they would have to build Verizon, ATT, Tmobile, etc variants and many of those devices will end up taking space in a warehouse which also costs them money. Microsoft has already stated why they didn't make an LTE version. Research shows most tablets sold don't have 4g. At this moment, they need to try to get traction with the average consumer. Then they can worry about offering 4g connectivity.

Not only are most tablets not cellular data ready, of those that are very few people actually subscribe to a data service. Microsoft made this point with the release of the first Surface devices, explaining why they didn't offer a cell version.

again, you need to think future not past. yes most tablets have not had LTE. yet in an increasingly connected world, they will and the SP will be at a huge dissadvantage. MSFT admiddted this with surface 2. I don't know why you even debate it. The fact they made one means they know they have to provide an SKU, and that's all we're asking an SKU for LTE so that you can if you need to.

No... Not in Australia... It would be much better to include 4G. Mind you by the time it lands here it will be twice the price..

As an Australian I would disagree. Why would I want to pay for another SIM and another contract with data pack just to get Internet on the move when I could just share my phone's connection? I do this on the bus all the time and it works very well and costs me nothing.

As I understand it, in Soviet USA, phone company controls you! As a result, it costs almost the same to get an extra data-only plan as it does to enable internet sharing on your phone.

I will buy as soon as it will be released in UK, but I would like to pay more for version with 4G or at least 3G.
WiFi exists in many places, but usually is more expensive than 4G/3G.
I don't see the point of having i7, 8GB and 512GB in a tablet. Modem and HDMI is more useful.
Microsoft is unable to find W8 users so they should explore every option to satisfy them.

if youre in the US, carriers tax you on LTE-sharing from your phone. so whatever cost of this tablet for an LTE option I'd pay it. I think ATT wanted like 20-30 bucks per month which adds up to over 300 bucks which would pay for itself in less than a year of the LTE sku was 100-200 buck smore.

Not wanting to be a downer but in many countries there is not that much free WiFi. Mainly becouse 3G/4G is dirt cheap and much more secure than chansing on someones "free" and "open" WiFi. The whole idea with going tablet and mobile is to be mobile, you are not mobile if you have to look for hotspots all the time. Sorry to say but I believe this is a killer outside US an maybe in a few other WiFi dense places. Look at the iPad sales and you will find that a big percentage is forking out for that connectivity and they are ready to pay alot (apple prices being what they are) for it.

Ofcourse you could tether but then it is no longer a no compromise machine and it loose it rights to charge a no compromise price. I have little use of a Core i7 processor if I can't connect.

This^^^ I thought everyone (that would buy something like this) had a phone with internet sharing... it's what I do... a pretty simple concept. Why would I need another data plan on another LTE equipped device?

Jetpack, Mi-fi... whatever you want to call it.. you purchase one and it provides internet for many devices.  Yes I know one more piece of hardware, but the availability to use on more devices well worth it.

4G is overrated. If I need internet on the go, i'll just do internet sharing on my WP. Anyway, i'm sure there's a 4g version coming at some point.

If you have a Lumia 920 you can flash a dev rom and do the Spanish keyboard trick to enable it

There's multiple forum posts on the forums here and also on xda.

I've only seen posts for if you are leaving AT&T and going to T-Mobile then you can sometimes get free tethering.

I have a L920 (not using) and L1020 (currently using) on AT&T - if there is a way to enable tethering without switching to a tethering plan while staying on AT&T with unlimited data that would be awesome... I would actually be getting what I should in the first place...

+1, I don't see the point of LTE on a tablet, just use tethering; the only people who complain seem to be the ones who's carrier blocks or charges extra for tethering.


so don't buy the one with LTE. simple. I'm glad surface 2's team doesn't agree with you and offer it. just wish pro did.

Grow up. If you can't handle an opinion, get off the internet. Insulting people for bi reason is just ridiculous.

Unlike most, I have a phone I can tether my data connection through. I don't see the point of building 4G it into a device other than a phone.

But I'm just a lowly citizen that comments on the latest news on a tech blog.  However I can't think of any scenario I'll have my tablet, be far away from wifi or my phone and absolutely NEED to get online.

many people can't think of why you'd need a core i5 on a tablet. why can't you think somebody wants LTE when many tablets offer it as an option?

Less than 1% of the world's consumers have access to 4G. It wouldn't make business sense to include it in the base model. Don't forget to stick to your day job.

so the surface 2 LTE version and the ipad LTE version and android tablets with LTE don't make business sense? stick to YOUR day job buddy. you're behind the times.

I have a windows phone, with lots of data, and internet sharing (most people who would buy this device are probably the same?) - I dont want two data accounts, I dont want two monthly bills. It was the same back in the old days with iphone and ipad. For me this is a non-issue, particularly when you consider how awesome these specs are. I am very happy with my SP2, but I sure wouldnt mind one of these :o)

I'll make it easy for you: buy the 4G version. For those of us ahead of the curve in the connected world who don't wish to drain our phones to provide basic connectivity options, there should be an option. After all you can get it on the ipad, you can get it on surface 2. but you can't get it on pro? who was the high priest that decided pro users don't need LTE on tablets. it is stupid. it is nonsense and it is the reason LTE SKU's exist in other platforms. just ont on the pro.

stop hating chocie.

Every Surface Pro has LTE support, just plug in a USB LTE stick and you are off; most people don't need constant LTE on a tablet and even less people want to spent $1K+ on a carrier locked tablet, so don't expect LTE build-in ever on the Surface Pro.



You are probably based in the USA, right?
At least here in Europe we are able to buy these devices without carrier lock oppressive contracts; heck, there are even a few carriers selling unlocked pones with contract! For example, since almost 10 years I buy my phones carrier indepedant and never had any problems with any carrier here in Europe.

I dislike this mentality seemingly orginating from USA that a SIM enabled device has to be carrier locked by default.

If Microsoft would offer the option to add SIM capabillities with LTE speeds in the SP3 I would have no problems with spending some extra cash (an extra SIM for my contract would only cost me 10€). I just do not like the idea always having to use tethering or share my phones internet connection through WiFi hotspot and collapsing the batterylife in an instant); just unlock the device and start  browsing youtube, playing muliplayer games, sharing a design I did with friends, saving notes or doodles instantly to the cloud etc. without the need of connecting another device first or search for WiFi anywhere I am.

Just my point of view.

We're stuck with crappy plans and pricing due to the amount of money AT&T and Verizon spend lobbying against creating a competitive market.

And what improvements should Broadwell bring?


I know that Surface 3 is basically Surface 2 with at max 300 Mhz more, performance wise. I bet it even has the same Intel HD4400 iGPU.

Broadwell will bring longer battery life, generate less heat, higher performance per clock, maybe even connected standby which in case you forgot, this variant of hasswell lacks. Plus the intel GPU on SP2 is really really sad having issues like display tearing when cloning and lack of support for MST hubs.

Plus notice how there is still a lot of room dedicated to cooling. broadwell shoudl allow for a thinner lighter device.

nope it does not. I know because I tried. MSFT doesn't support MST hubs whatsoever. I've tried two. The only configuration I was able to get working was using a dell monitor with a DP output. But hubs from club 3D, accell, and evga did not work.

MSFT told me it was a "known" issue and to contact the OEM of the hub. but they said it was MSFT DP 1.2 support on SP2 that was the problem as ultrabooks have no issue with the hubs only surface.

I don't think that you will get more performance per clock on a Broadwell. It is a "Tock" feature shrink to 14nm only so no architectural changes from Haswell. You may be thinking of the generation after Broadwell which will be another "Tick" release.

not quite so. if this device had been released when the SP2 shipped then it would have given you a whole year before broadwell shipped. If you buy it now, it will ship by late june meaning you're passing on nearly a year of state of the art tech.

while there is always something else, it is a falacy that you shouldn't time things right. in particular if MSFT releases a broadwell variant this year with better specs for the same price, the amount of usage you'll get of the current one will be minimal before there is a better version.

Any info on the Docking Station for this?  The previous dock seems like a pain compared to the Dell tablet docks.

It's the same design, just larger to accommodate the larger device. Exact same mechanics and design though.

significant? we'll see. SP2 which is an i5 gets 8-9. the core i7 variant will get less but will it matter when you consider it is a core i7?

It's going to use the Intel IGP, HD4400 I remember hearing.  The Surface Pro 2 has the 4200 iirc.

Yeah, I'd love to know if the i7 packs the pro apu - if the retina mbp can rock one I'm certain this could... Need more info!!!! :)

It would've be so awesome if it had Iris Pro, but yeah, it probably is the same HD4400 as in the Surface 2.

Maybe until MS releases a Surface that can also do laundry, make dinner and take the kids to school before the complaints will end (and I suspect even that would not be enough for some folks!) I sometimes feel MS is about the most underappreciated company, so many things they do are always taken for granted.

Be glad they added the disclaimer "Levitation not included" in the presentation otherwise people would complain it doesn't let them fly.

Its kind of amazing when you think about it. Microsoft releases a surface rt and the pundits say "it can't run laptop programs". Then they release a pro and the critics say "it's heavier than an iPad!". I'm curious to see which device they decide to pit the surface pro 3 exclusively against while ignoring that it spans multiple classes of devices.

But of course! The SP3 can't make phone calls, can it?

And the iPhone is significantly lighter and thinner, so it wins there too

Nobody gives jack-shit that an iPhone/iPad can't run full x86 programs, doesn't have USB3 or Mini Display, can't stand up without a separate cover/case, has terrible pen support and the fact that the iPad Air shattered when dropped on soft dirt-


-among some other things I'm probably forgetting

The prices will decrease by 1/3 within six months.  Excellent feature set for high end device.  I would personally opt for two Asus Transformer t100 class tablets, or a T100 class device + a $600 laptop before I paid this kind of money.  Maybe I am over reacting to the limited motion kickstand they don't seem to want to change.

Limited motion kickstand they don't seem to want to change? Did you not pay attention? They changed the kickstand to be able to do virtually any angle now.

Yes, I missed that.  Now that I am aware it doesn't change my opinion about the value proposition.  I did not miss the backwards compatibility with accessories for previous versions.  I think that is a plus.  The high end processors are overkill for all but a few, but that's no different than the same processors in laptop form factors.  Look, the first thing I said is the feature set is excellent for a high end device.  I just think it's a bit of a rolls royce of tablets, just because I can afford it doesn't mean I will buy it.

It's a premium laptop that can be used *as* a tablet when needed. If you are buying a tablet, buy a tablet.

I think you should just state that it doesn't appeal to you. Period. Without attaching unnecessary caveats.


I can't afford one. I don't need one. And even if I were given the cash, I might not necessarily get one. But it is appealing. And aspirational.


In fact, it does appeal to me. Nonetheless, I will not buy it. I outlined the reasoning behind my decision to not buy.

So you'd rather have two devices that do the exact same thing as one device for the same price as one device minus the pen input? 

Well no, I mispoke.  I would in fact rather have one device or the other and keep the money I save for other purposes.  Like most everyone on here I think, I already have a tablet and laptops that meet my needs so I would upgrade one or the other.  I don't personally see myself upgrading laptops any time soon because they are starting to be the modern day version of car phones and high functioning tablets (e.g. not iPad) are the modern equivalent of portable cell phones.  Who in the world would consider buying a phone that can't easily be moved?  It's not quite as drastic difference yet, but I see it going that way.  I figure I can get something that works for me and keep the premium it would cost me to have the latest Surface - only my opinion.

I hope you are right. I don't see any reason why a device this size shouldn't take advantage of full SD size. The only reason I feel I might be able to live with the 64GB $800 model is that I plan to plop a decently fast 64-128GB SD card in it.

Full SD is dead except for cameras. This is Micro SD.

Regarding "I see no reason..." spoken like a true non-engineer ;) Watch the video, they freaking squeezed the air out of this device, literally. You can't even fit a business card in between the components it's so tightly packed. They have 100 custom parts built for it, yet you think they have room for a giant SD card slot? No way...just no way.

Can someone explain the advantage of full SD vs. micro SD.  I am of the opinion that full SD is obsolete.  Educate me, because I don't understand why this would be an issue.  I do understand why someone would complain about the tablet being too big, too thick, or too heavy - some of the compromises you would have to make to support full size SD cards.

But I love it! And it does everything I need especially with the Docking Station and a 27 inch monitor.  I just wish that the Docking station won't just go to waste with time... which from what I can see.... it is headed that way.

You should tag this article, and other surface pro 3 articles, as US only, Sam. It's non existent for the rest of the world.

August brings international release, do some research:


"By the end of August, it will launch in 26 additional markets including Australia, Austria, Belgium, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Luxembourg, Malaysia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand and the United Kingdom."

Doesn't say any of that on the WPC articles. And prices in $ = USA. It's typical Microsoft.

Yeah! Stupid American companies releasing in a limited geographic area and phasing out an approach to expand within a couple of months! Jerks!

Especially when they are not doing that good in US markets. They should really take care of the rest of the world as they are keeping it going financial wise

Would you like me to display the currency information for ever single country in a post or just use the one that's used by Microsoft in the press release?

Every single country.  There're only around 200 of them. But if you want to slack off, just list the 26 countries where it will be launched.

No short-hand either. In fact, write out the numbers, using only the tablet you got from the press meeting.


One-thousand three-hundred forty-nine dollars and nintety-nine cents in Canadian currency.

Now if only they add a small word-flow keyboard for Windows 8.1Pro. :)

US and Canada still excludes most of the world. The SP3 is non existent til it becomes available in a lot more countries.

"...The SP3 is non-existent FOR ME, until it becomes available in my country."

There. I fixed that for you.

Well, it's the truth, isn't it?

That said, I'm hoping for increased availability in other countries to come sooner rather than later. I do agree, that Microsoft needs to expand its presence into more territories, and that the US is not the world.

So, no, I don't consider myself being pompous, at all.

Man I really want that 3rd config option but dam that price. Time to persuade work that I need this beast. Wish me luck ;)

Can't they allow us to spec up our own devices when buying direct from Microsoft?

I don't need nor want more than a 128GB SSD in a device yet still need 8GB RAM. Considering the SSD is the main cause of cost increase it's very unfair that if I need an 8GB RAM device I've also got to plump for the 256GB SSD too.

Still, really, in 2014 a device with Pro in it's name and an i5 or i7 inside should just come with 8GB RAM as standard. 4GB and an i3 is perfectly acceptable.

I'd have liked them to go 8GB of RAM as the base spec and offer 16GB options.  If they're truly marketing this to professionals it's needed.

What kind of GPS does it have?!?!?!! Kind of important/standard for mobile devices nowadays, just saying. Could I atleast have a GPS/LTE model as an option. WTF man.

Do those prices include the keyboard? Seems this should be sold as a laptop with a keyboard instead of as a tablet without. If it doesn't include the keyboard it losers price parity with the MacBook Air they had been comparing it to.

Going to be a nice decision between yoga 2 and surface pro 3 for my next computer.

+10000, quit chasing Apple, I HATE silver in electronics and this will put the brakes on my purchase until I get over it or they add black. I really hope they add a black option before I get over it :)

Pen features 256 levels of pressure sensitivity

What the hell? The pressure sensitive in Pro1 and Pro2 pens are both 1024 levels!
I'll still stick with my Surface Pro 2 and waiting for the new driver that fix the corner issue from Wacom! :(

Is that right??? Doesn't this have the Wacom digitizer and pen thingy? That's a step back... Though perhaps it's because of the screen?


That because MS replaced Wacom's pen with N-trig's pen :( It's a cheaper pen, using battery, and support 4k display.

Wacon are not support any resolution that bigger than full HD yet. :(

That is a nicely judged product IMO. I was initially disappointed that I saw no mention of the surface mini or a surface 3. But honestly, after seeing this thing, I don't know why you'd bother with the RT running surface. Ok likely to be double the price of the RT machine when it does eventually surface (a-ha!) but honestly, I think you're getting more than twice the machine here. Full Win 8.1 experience, awesome digitizer, battery life on par to what the surface 2 could manage on its less powerful ARM CPUs, even better screen etc etc... it's worth saving a few more pay cheques for.

I have read that the i7 is better for enthusiasts and high-end users. I want to be able to play some graphical games (not super graphical, but if it can play Diablo 3, I'm cool with that) and I want it to be smooth and fast. I multitask a lot. Is i5 or i7 better for me, an up-and-coming college student?

Surface Pro 3 here i come....where will put my Pro 2 though? I honestly feel its too old now after watching this.

I was all in until I found out they dropped Wacom for the stylus. Looks like SP2 or a Wacom Companion. Very bummed.

THIS---------------------------------->"256 levels of pressure sensitivity"  is crap, ask any digital creative artist...

true but this isn't aimed at that market. it just supports it in better ways that has been in the past. if you really do a lot of stylus work you already own a proper wacom accessory for that.

I understand your point, but a Wacom tablet is very different than drawing directly on the screen. That's why Wacom has series like the Cyntiq and so many artists desire them (they are hell of expansive). The Surface Pro was a dream coming true for artists by giving portability and on-screen drawing for a much cheaper price than Wacom was offering. The only downsides was the battery life, no touch-support on Photoshop (other softwares had that, like Manga Studio) and the small screen size. The Pro 3 was solving all these problems (including the drawing kickstand position), but with 256 levels? It'll just be a doodle/sketch machine =(!

not a relevent argument as PRO2 had wacom digitizer built-in. Its a significant step down in that departement especially when MCFT market alot the stylus

While the device is great, I think the people at Microsoft are smoking some really awful weed. If I'm to choose a Surface Pro 3 over a MBA or any Ultrabook for that matter; why isn't a keyboard bundled with the device as well. Do I not get a keyboard with the MBA/Ultrabook for my $900 (MBA) as well?

While the MBA isn't touch enabled, I do get 128GB storage and keyboard and an i5 processor for my $900. That dough gives me 64GB, no keyboard and an i3. Yes I know it's no touch and there's a pen, blah blah but they've positioned it as an Mac Book Pro/Ultrabook replacement, even on their website. It is too frigging big to be used exclusively as a tablet and yet they don't include a keyboard.

As a MS fan I've got to concluded they'll certainly been counting inventory once again.

Here's to not getting one since it probably won't be available anywhere outside the us for quite a while. Might as well haul my hind quarters back to the states if I want one...

This should be called Surface Folio and use RT version of windows. It is a tablet focused on note-taking, and it is not a "Professional" one. 

Next time bring back wacom stylus, standard aspect ratio, FHD screen resolution so the cpu-gpu could be able to handle 3D programs without overheating (lets wait for it... that Revit Demo don´t represent nothing for power usage) and of course the Microsoft Black color which was really elegant and professional, I don´t want to have a look-an-iPad microsoft product.

I hope they fix this with Broadwell.

Nope. I´m just saying Microsoft has design this device with taking notes in mind (worse stylus and higher resolution than SP2) and for that porpouse a new family model for example "Folio" cheaper and with Windows RT version would have do the job perfectly.

For the "Pro" family, I would prefer a better stylus for drawing, and a lower screen resolution to not force CPU-GPU.  

That´s all

Pre-order and availability

Starting at an estimated retail price of just $799, Surface Pro 3 will be offered in multiple configurations featuring 4th-generation Intel® Core™ i3, i5 and i7 processors. Specs are available here.

Surface Pro 3, Surface Pro Type Cover and Surface Pen will be available for pre-order starting May 21 at 12:01 a.m. EDT through Microsoftstore.com, Microsoft retail stores and select third-party retailers. Commercial customers should speak to their authorized reseller.

Beginning June 20 in Canada and the United States, customers can visit Microsoftstore.com, Microsoft retail stores, select third-party retailers and commercial resellers to purchase Intel® Core™ i5 Surface Pro 3 and select accessories. Additional configurations will become available during August, and additional accessories will be available in the next few months.

By the end of August, Surface Pro 3 and select new accessories will become available for purchase in 26 additional markets, including Australia, Austria, Belgium, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Luxembourg, Malaysia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand and the United Kingdom.

9 hours battery life for ALL the tablet models? This will be the major factor. The proof will be in the pudding.

One key essential thing I'm missing in the whole presentation is tailored software for the the surface 3 and pen support. Simply these specs will not be enough and, I believe, a tough sell. So far in the presentation there is not one software demo with the stylus and surface I've seen that got me exited, compared to my current surface pro one. Microsoft does seem to sell this as a notetaking device, but what is shown can also be done with my stylus on the surface one. Thus,it leaves only the price and battery life as the remaining selling point.

I would go for an upgrade from my surface pro 1 to a surface pro 3 if:

1. windows 8 gets a serious tailored upgrade and user experience overhaul for proper notetaking support for a stylus. Currently the notetaking apps are still too tailored for a mouse and keyboard input.

2. The battery life actually needs to be 8-10 hours use in real world scenarios. I don't care if this means the surface will get a bit thicker.

3. a power cover is included in the package. I could live with a surface 3 with 8 hours optimal use and a power cover extending its range to 10-14 hours.

That would make me upgrade my surface pro to a surface pro 3.

This thing is big.
Simply to big for tablet :(
Bring something a Little bit smaller than current Pro and I'm in...

you want a pro device that is smaller than 10 inches so you can do what exactly? run photoshop in a 9 inch screen? that will go well.

I disagree. This is very nearly perfect for its target markets. In fact, I passed on the Pro 2 because the screen was just a bit too small. If this had been out in January I probably would have grabbed it instead of my MacBook Air.

An 64gb iPad air is $699. For $100 more, you get a much more capable machine that can play MS store games AND Steam can be installed along with IE11 to access the full sites of popular apps, which can be pinned to seem like an app.

Is that 9 hours the time it takes for it to "connect automatically" to Wi-Fi? Wow! That's infinitely faster than the Surface Pro!

pro but not rt so I guess that's why they didn't show an mini tablet... because soon we will have that freaking fusion between rt and wp and maybe they will come with a cooler name of the os and awesome new products like focusing on the lumia tablets with new buttons and stuff like this and surface should stay PRO to run full windows version

I want to see a macbook pro competitor surfacebook pro from microsoft i.e. 15.6 inch screen, 4k display, windows 9, broadwell intel processor, nvidia/amd new gen graphics, all aluminium body like macbook pro.