Swisscom expecting to launch Lumia 920 Windows Phone late November

Lumia 920

Swisscom, a major telecommunications provider in Switzerland, has announced via Twitter the carrier will be looking to launch the Lumia 920 late-November, which has been pushed back from earlier reported dates. According to WParea.de, the Nokia Windows Phone was originally slated for mid-November availability with December being the month when the smartphone hits the Swisscom stores.

Unfortunately the tweet that was published earlier today doesn't contain any further information on ordering or pricing.

Swisscom Lumia 920

It's starting to feel like a rather long wait already for availability and pricing for Nokia's latest Windows Phones across Europe and beyond, though Phone House in France is reportedly looking at an early November release. US residents will also be rejoicing early November with the 4th being planted as AT&T's launch date. November appears to be the month for the Lumia 920. It just depends on whereabouts within the thirty days.

Windows Phone 8's launch is later this month and we expect more details be made available around the time of Microsoft's mobile platform being unveiled.

Source: @Swisscom_Care (Twitter), via: WParea.de; thanks, iopa, for the tip!


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Swisscom expecting to launch Lumia 920 Windows Phone late November


What do you think the reason behind this postponing? Lack of production or strong pre orders from others?

I dont think there's really all that much of actual postponing rather than carriers taking fairly educated guesses at availability. But yes, most places getting the phone some time during november probably comes down to availability.
Now that the factory in Finland was closed, there is AFAIK only like one value factory (The other factories are "volume" factories that build high volumes of lower end phons) left that is capable/"trusted" of building high end devices like the Lumia 920.

i think the purple screen is a big problem for Nokia, my lumia 900 replaced the screen in this online store two times for its fragile surface, but still appear purple phenomenon.

Digitec is usually very optimistic, they will change it. (They were early with the Lumia 800 delivered a German one, was great except for MMS until Nokia released the tool ;-) I think this time the situation is different, no early release for Germany.)

Digitec haven't got a clue about the delivery date. I did preorder a 920 there, currently it says "no delivery date" (known). Still hoping for 4th/early november... Cheerio

Sunrise, another swiss provider just told me that they will deliver Lumia 920 in January 2013. Sounds like an exclusivity deal with Swisscom to me.