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Report: T-Mobile testing GDR2 update for not-yet-forgotten Nokia Lumia 810

While everyone focuses in on the Lumia 1020, 925 and 928 these days, T-Mobile once had an interesting Windows Phone 8 device dubbed the Lumia 810. Exclusive to the T-Mobile, the phone was an off-shoot of the Lumia 820 but it was more blocky and it only came in black. The phone never received much support, evidently not selling well, and it was recently discontinued, leaving many current owners wondering about future updates.

Indeed, the Lumia 810 is missing things like Wi-Fi calling and with it being EOL (end of life), there was no word if it would see the combo GDR2 and Amber update.

What we can tell you is that the T-Mobile is testing GDR2 right now on the Lumia 810 (see image below). What we can’t say is if this update is definitely coming. That’s because there’s a difference between testing a software update for a phone and actually signing off on it for distribution.

T-Mobile Lumia 810 with GDR2Having said that, it should be evident that if T-Mobile is testing this in the field, then it is looking likely that T-Mobile (and Nokia) are looking to release it to the public.

For those of you curious, GDR2 aka build 10327, is a “now shipping” OS update from Microsoft for Windows Phone—their second this year—that enables a lot of behind the scenes plumbing, including FM Radio, Data Sense, ability to set default camera app and improved Xbox Music.

Likewise, Nokia has their “Amber” firmware update, which is thought to be included here, which allows things like the Glance screen (always on clock) and more:

  • Double tap to wake
  • Glance setting – Lockscreen clock feature
  • Flip to silence
  • New wallpapers (grab them here on SkyDrive)
  • Smart Camera app
  • Ability to set color profile for your screen

From our personal experience, the Lumia 810 could use that color profile option, as we’ve found the 810’s AMOLED display too saturated at times.

We’ll of course keep you posted if we hear more about this update. No word on the HTC 8X, though we have heard one murmur that it is real close to release, though we have not verified that information.


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Report: T-Mobile testing GDR2 update for not-yet-forgotten Nokia Lumia 810


Hope those who do have the 810 still get it. I understand carriers want to test for possible signal interference and all, but I still don't like how carriers can almost have control of phone updates. I don't want another NoDo and Tango fiasco on our hands. But so far the update process for the L920 on AT&T has been good to me. Wonder what everyone else's definition of "good to me" is?

nice to speculate but I'm not holding my breath. 810 was the red-headed stepchild that tmobile didn't even beat, just neglected :P
will keep watching tho, my wife uses (and loves!) this phone, and could use those updates!

I also saw the text "What we can’t say is if this update is definitely coming" and with T-Mobiles current track record on Windows Phone, I'll believe it when I see it!

"ability to set profile colour of screen" = custom colour pallet? Similar shown during windows 8.1

I got the 925 last night, and while I'm glad I did, I would have been cool holding onto my L810 a bit longer. But the whole EOL thing, and the "other storage" pretty much forced my hand on this one.
If they (Tmo or Nokia... who's at fault here??) would have just made the storage check app available on the 810 I would have stuck with it.

Good point. Relying on Shrink storage has its limits and the other storage is increasing by the day. I hope GDR2 addresses this because its annoying or I'm left on resetting phone as a last resort.

That would be great if you had more control over storage on SD instead of just music, pictures, video. If only you could install apps on the SD card. That would resolve the storage issue for me.

Exactly. I have tons of room on the SD, but can't play certain games because the internal storage is too full. Its halfway into 2013, why is storage even a thing anymore?

" Its halfway into 2013, why is storage even a thing anymore?"
Thank you!     For that matter given the discussions on the 810 on this very site about the storage issue for any of the older 8gb phones, I am not particularly impressed that the storage issue was not brought up in this article.
If there is anything that 810 owners want resolved it is the ever expanding other storage issue.   Having to hardware reset one's phone every few months is pathetic.


That's actually something I like to hear. I hope the update does come to all the 810 users because there are some cool features in GDR2 I would like to use.

Interesting news... Here's hoping this actually comes to fruition with releasing the update and that they don't just test it and leave it at that.

Lol, damn idk how I missed that. Maybe cause I tried to skim thru it. But yesss!! I'm glad there is still a grain of hope to hold on to for now for us 8X owners.

Has there been any word on Wi-Fi Calling for the 810?  Considering that they're taking the time to test and potentially rollout GDR2 to the 810 it isn't much of a stretch for them to be testing Wi-Fi Calling at the same time.  Although the same could be said about an update to enable LTE too but that's pretty much as alive as their sales of the 810...

This is some of the best news I've heard in a while!! Something about the 810 makes me REALLLLLY love it. I dunno if its the squarish industrial feel and look, the fact that it is very lightweight compared to the 920 and 820, or what, but something about it makes me ready to give up my 920, 820, or 620 before I'd want to give up the 810.

Great news for 810 owners! I'm really hoping that if/when they release GDR2 for the 8x they include the HTC firmware that enables wi-fi calling!

Well, since MS promised at least 24 mos support for ALL wp8 phone, I expect the 810 should receive the GDR2 update, even if it doesn't get tweaked by T-Mo or Nokia...

Carriers do more testing than scientists, and then tmo staff are either sworn to secrecy or just plain oblivious about updates. I had one tell me they never heard of the mango update and another tell me that wp8 was coming out at the end of 2011 so whatever updates were unimportant.

As a 810 owner if it happens great. If it doesn't oh well. When I purchase a phone I buy it for the capabilities it has not what I think it will receive in the future. I'll just move to whatever is the next best phone when it's time for me to upgrade.

I wonder how much I'll have to delete in order to make room for the OS download.  My phone's reporting a mere 190MB left (down from 250MB from the last time I deleted all but three games and a handful of apps).

Make sure to delete any offline YouTube media content should you be using any version of YouTube app with offline capability...also clear your browser cache/history manually. Storage Shrink does not affect the latter for some reason...btw, I always thought my YT videos are stored on SD @.@...then I woke up :D

I did a factory reset on mine and recovered the space it was cheating me on. I went from less than 200 to over 2 gigs. .

Wha wha whaaat? I'm glad to see that it hasn't been totally forgotten by T-Mobile, as much as I try to forget. No WiFi calling, they backtracked on lte, and no fix to control other storage. Bout time.

So all my bitching on twitter and facebook about lack of NL 810 support with Tmobile and Nokia finally helped ;)

The 720 uses and LCD screen. The glance feature would use considerably more power on the 720. Even if it was made available, you probably wouldn't want to use it.

Well, some rumors just can't materialize fast enough...810 on update standby here in Flagstaff, AZ ;)

I'm glad to hear this and I hope it proves to be true. I've been a loyal supporter of Windows Phone ever since I gave up my iPod for the second gen Zune. I feel like I know what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong. They originally won me over based on their hardware update policy. But it seems like I've been throwing away money with MS. I gave that iPod to my sister and it still works last we checked. None of my Zunes do. All my friends who know me to be a Windows guy, were shocked when I said I could be getting an iPhone this year. And not just an iPhone. My PC is a 3 year old emachine. I'm due for an upgrade yesterday. Microsoft has until the time I am eligible to make my first JUMP, to show me that their support is worth more of my money or it could be more than just a Windows Phone customer they lose...

Well I guess there were enough people that sent John Legere an email for them to do this. I sure did send him an email about EOLing 810, and how they are treating Windows Phone. :)

Ha! My fat, blk baby is back! Call her industrial, I call her sexy and very limited worldwide! :D

The more T•Mo is in the news, the more I wish they were in my area. And call me a tad crazy, but a cheap 810 would be fun to own. I kinda like it.....

It has its ups and downs that this update should hopefully iron out, but I tell ya, throw a 64 gig stick in it and your good to go especially if you take plenty of pictures and have tons of songs :)

The sales rep that sold me my 925 said they EOL the 810 because of 925. I asked him if tmobile will still support it, and he said yes.

Prayers heard... but will believe it when i see it.  In the meantime, hang on to your panties... though I would really love to see the BEAST out of this device.

I'll believe it when I see it on my 810 :(
Don't get me wrong, I absolutly LOVE my 810. It has the features that I need, microSD card, wireless charging, removable battery, decent camera. Looking at all the WP8 devices out there, I keep looking at my 810 lovingly. I just want it to be updated, and kept current.

Thank the lordddddddd (if this fixes Other storage). I run out of space every single day, have deleted every app you can except Nokia Drive, sometimes it won't let me send a text even because of the space issue...

No, but have you done a reset on 810? And if so, did all your texts and IE faves restore? Want to make sure before I reset that I won't lose anything besides the app I have.