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EA is offering heavy discounts on several Xbox One games including the likes of Titanfall, which is now available for $10, with the deluxe edition of the game valued at $12.50. The season pass is also getting a price cut, and is now at just $6.25. Other games on offer include Battlefield 4, which is available for $13.20, Dragon Age: Inquisition at $35.99 and more.

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Remember when it was teased that The Sims Medieval will be available on Windows Phone for Nokia hardware? It appears the time has come as the app is now presently listed on the store. So what's The Sims Medieval all about? If you're not familiar with the video game series, players are tasked with entering a virtual world and controlling "sims" as they go about their daily lives. It's an incredibly popular brand on mutiple platforms.

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EA Games sees a strong partner in Microsoft

Electronic Arts (or EA - the devil of gaming, as its better known within the gaming industry) is currently in talks with Microsoft to bring mobile games to the next version of Windows (on all platforms). EA sees Windows as central to its handset strategy (so we'll be including Windows Phone too) and have previously worked with both Microsoft and Nokia in getting titles released on the mobile platform.

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