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Duckie Deck is a Polish game developer focused on creative development in toddlers and preschoolers and their educational games have been played by over eight million kids.

The company’s new game, Sandwich Chef, enables kids to transform their sandwiches into works of art, using healthy ingredients stacked on top of slices of bread. The final effect is a wholesome, balanced meal that delights the eye and builds an appetite.

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It may sound clich'e but kids are vital to our future and thus we need to utilize modern technology to ensure they're ready for education. This is where Windows Phone can come into play with multiple learning apps and games available on the store for download. It's not always just about learning new skills and preparing for school, kids also need forms of entertainment.

We've compiled a short list of apps we believe are worth checking out should you have children and the best part about this collection is no single choice is the best. Try to choose a number of apps and games to help provide variety and see which one(s) your toddler takes to.

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Admittedly, I'm not a big fan of Windows Phone toddler apps. However, for the longest I made the the mistake of overlooking some fine apps in this category. Several of my friends who are parents, keep pointing me to some great apps in this category that help keep the children occupied but also helping them learn a little along the way.

In this post, we have chosen three learning apps for Windows Phone to spotlight that were developed by Sumit Dutta, a prolific Windows developer from India. When I met him few months back, he mentioned that his young daughter was the inspiration for him to create so many popular learning apps for toddlers for Windows Phone and Windows 8 devices.

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Providing kids the means to get a head start in life is the desire of any parent. To lend a helping hand when it comes to reading, Ladybird has released I'm Ready for Phonics on Windows 8. The app contains 12 levels to progress through, supporting the child's synthetic phonics learning at school. Not only is the app enjoyable, but children will also benefit from the content in the long run.

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Yellow Bridge Software, an established Windows Phone developer, has released two new apps to the platform store. Kids Artwork and Gameplay Clips join the thousands of apps and games available for Windows Phones. The former enables you to capture and store your children's artwork, while Game Clips itself is rather self-explanatory. Slip past the break for details and store links.

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Based on the PBS KIDS series, Wild Kratts, the Wild Kratts Creature Power app intends to make science interesting, relevant, and fun for children.

In this app, kids can step into the role of the animals and insects around them and learn through games. The kids dive into the world of animals with the Kratt brothers in three adventures - pollinate flowers as a bee, bathe elephants, and feed a family of raccoons - while focusing on a specific science concept. As they play along, the budding scientists can earn stickers and take selfies in a Creature Power Suit.

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Amar Chitra Katha has played an important part in the childhoods of millions of readers in India. A legendary household name in India, Amar Chitra Katha is India’s leading storyteller and largest comics publisher, and synonymous with Indian fables from the great epics, mythology, history, literature, and oral folktales.

Now you can enjoy Amar Chitra Katha comic titles on Windows 8 devices with the launch of their official app – ACK Comics. Developed by Ninestars' App9 Digital Studio, consumers can now instantly browse, buy, download, and read hundreds of old favorites as well as the latest titles from Amar Chitra Katha.

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LEGO video games have provided countless hours of light-hearted gameplay, yet we're seeing more releases come to light with different themes and genres. Now Lego Hero Factory - Brain Attack is available on both Windows 8 and Windows Phone (as well as other competitor platforms). The Windows Phone version has been on the store for a while, but it's good to see the desktop also being supported.

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It's already known that both Nokia and Microsoft need to get the word out about Windows Phone. Not only to adults and the teens, but also attracting an even younger audience. We've already seen the power of Kid's Corner in Windows Phone 8 and how it offers useful functionality for parents to create a sandbox for kids to enjoy the smartphone experience safely, but what about those who own their own mobile phone?

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I Learn to Tie Shoes is a Windows Phone app designed to help parents tackle one of their most challenging tasks - teaching their kids to tie shoes. I Learn to Tie Shoes is a simple, no nonsense app that gives you an animated, overhead view for tying shoes.

The main menu has two lesson plans, one for little kids and one for big kids. The app also has a collection of shoe tying rhymes to give the lesson a little spice.

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Oh, looking very abstract indeed.

No, it's not an upcoming movie. A new article has been published on the Windows Experience Blog, which details something special that Microsoft has planned for New York. With the imminent release of both Windows 8 and Window Phone 8, as well as Xbox, Office and other product goodness, the company is going social. Literally.

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Kid's Corner for Windows Phone 8

New details have come forward about the new parental control system for Windows Phone 8 previously known as KidsZone—which will give adults more control over what their child sees on their phone.

The new information from the Verge (88% accuracy on Tracour) includes how the system will work, its new name (Kid's Corner) and the above screenshots showing how it will look...

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Ever since that leak of the Windows Phone 8 SDK a couple days ago, we’ve been slowly finding out more and more about the new OS.

We’ll file this next one under ‘not sure’ but it certainly looks like Windows Phone 8 will have some sort of family-child filter built in either for the Marketplace of in the OS itself.

The evidence comes from the site Windows Phone Hacker who found a simple registry entry with settings for ‘KidZone’ (nested under ‘Family'). Though it may be too early to say exactly what this feature will entail it is certainly interesting. (The evidence is found under Software --> Family --> KidZone in the registry for the OS.)

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Anyone who has small kids knows that they are fascinated by both phones and videogames. Handing off a phone to your child while in the car or at a restaurant can be a great way to keep the little one occupied. Indie developer Ganlok Studios has produced three fine kids’ games for Windows Phones: Mazoocard, Toy Xylophone, and Simon Cow. Each title offers clean, attractive graphics, simple gameplay, and a great user interface.

Head past the break for our full three-game review.

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