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Not much to say here outside of "awesome" but according to Engadget, both the Titan and Radar will have some sweet dock accessories to complete the package.

Put us down for two, please.

Also, they had this hands on video with the Titan. We were worried that at 4.7", this thing would be huge and while the screen in ample, it actually looks like a manageable device. We're actually torn between both phones so we think we'll just buy both at some point--Radar for Monday, Wed, Friday, the Titan for the other days. Sounds like a plan!

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As if there was any doubt, HTC has "officially" announced the new Windows Phones the Titan and Radar. We just got the press release a few minutes ago.

Jay and Rich are still enjoying the Public Event over in London and we'll have a re-cap once the dust settles. While we wait, here's what HTC includes in their press release on these two new Windows Phones. Quoting from the release,

"The new HTC TITAN and HTC Radar smartphones raise the bar with new advanced photography, multimedia and social capabilities that enable you to take full advantage of the latest Windows Phone innovations."

Both the Titan and Radar will include a camera with a fast, f2.2 aperture and wider 28mm lens. The sensor will be back-illuminated to provide better low-light performance. Each will have a panoramic feature to let you stitch photos together to create dynamic pictures of landscapes and skylines. Both cameras will have HD video capture capabilities.  Maybe, just maybe, we will see an improved camera from HTC.

The Titan will sport a 4.7" Super LCD screen, 8 megapixal rear camera, and a 1.3 megapixel front camera. The body will be constructed of brushed aluminum and only measure .38" thick.

The Radar will sport a 3.8" LCD screen and will have an aluminum unibody. While the press release doesn't mention cameras, it does state that the Radar will be capable of speaking "face to face" with the new video calling. We've gotta believe that it will also have the 8 megapixel rear and 1.3 megapixel front cameras.

The HTC Titan and Radar will be broadly available from October 2011 globally, beginning in Europe and Asia. There is not telling how this translates to the U.S. Market.  December maybe?

You can catch the full press release from HTC after the break.

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HTC London Event

As suspected the HTC Public Event, held at various locations across Europe, is a Windows Phone Mango event. Our Rich Edmonds and Jay Bennett are at the London event and report that HTC is about mid-way through their keynote presentation.

Here's what we have learned so far.

The Radar (aka Omega) has a unibody design, 28mm camera lens with a f2.2 aperture, and is DLNA compatible. The Titan (aka Eternity) has a 4.7" screen and ultra-slim 9.9mm (.38 inches) body. Both are expected to be available in October.

We hope to get more pics and information on these two new Windows Phones shortly. Stay tuned.

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For Sale: HTC Omega/Radar

We are all expecting to see the new HTC Windows Phones, the Omega (aka Radar) and the Eternity (aka Titan) on September 1, 2011 during a public reception that will be held in various locations in Europe. Surprisingly, the Omega/Radar has been spotted on an Algerian Auction site with a price tag of 370 Euros (about $538 U.S. dollars).

Along with the description of the phone (mobile phone, white) and price tag, there were also the customary product photos. Not really much to see here beyond what the product shots that were leaked last week revealed.

One of our readers last week toss out the idea the Omega was a bottom slider. While the oddly designed bottom of the phone could be a slide out keyboard, one would suspect the auction listing would highlight that feature. The listing does note that the Omega has 8GB of storage and one picture does give some credence to a front facing camera.

The phone looks alright but I'm not sure if the white/silver color pattern is a good thing or not.

source: ouedkniss via: monwindowsphone thanks goes out to everyone who tipped us on this!

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One thing that is always difficult to keep up on is HTC's various model names for what are often very similar phones. The reasons are obvious though: GSM, CDMA, LTE, WiMax and carrier requests all resort in slightly varying devices.

Now, some new UAProfs (user agent profiles) have appeared that lend credence to alternate names for the Omega and Eternity, two upcoming Windows Phone Mango devices expected to be announced on September 1st (yeah, we'll be there).

Frist up is the HTC Omega aka the white Windows Phone which was leaded yesterday. That device's name may actually be the HTC Radar C110e (it's always tough to know which is the code name and which is the brand name, but Radar may be the brand name, oddly enough).

Like wise, the Eternity is probably going to be the Titan X310e--which interestingly was the name of a quite famous Windows Mobile phone. Other than that, there's not too much that's new outside of we're getting real close to getting all the details.

Source: Blog of Mobile!; via NanaPho

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Rad Now! gets updated

Rad Now! is a carry over from the Windows Mobile days and the Windows Phone version just got a nice update. For those not familiar with Rad Now!, it is a weather radar app. Nothing more, nothing less.

The update brings a cleaner looking version of Bing Maps into the mix as well as what seems to be better integration with your Windows Phone location services. When you launch Rad Now!, it centers the map closer to your current location.  While I used to see all of the Southeastern States, the update's view is more centered on Alabama.

A little red beacon is now in place that  will flash on the map to indicate where you are in the big scheme of things.  While Rad Now! has always used your phone's location services, the update gives you the ability to turn that feature off.

You still have options to animate the radar, set the opacity level, switch between hybrid and street maps and choose between 5 and 15 frame rates.  Radar animations also seem to load a little quicker with the update.  Oh, the update also brings a cleaner looking tile to the mix.  If you need a simple, clean looking weather radar app, Rad Now! is a must have app for your Windows Phone.

Rad NOW! is a free, ad-free app for your Windows Phone and you can download the updated version here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.

Thanks goes out to Shipwreck for the tip!

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