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T-Mobile HTC Radar getting the 8107 update

If you own a T-Mobile HTC Radar 4G, check your phone for updates. We are getting reports that T-Mobile has begun distribution of the Windows Phone 8107 update today.

The 8107 update will improve the proximity sensor and Gmail contact sync as well as correct problems with visual voicemail, Microsoft security and the Arizona time zone.

You should receive a pop-up message alerting you of the update or you can connect to your Zune desktop client and check for the update under the phone's settings. The update will bump your software version to v7.10.8107.79. Let us know in the comments if you've gotten the update and any additional tweaks it may hold.

Dare we hope that AT&T's update will be next?

source: tmonews (opens in new tab)

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  • My flash and its annoying bugs sure hope so!
  • HTC handsets from both TELSTRA and VODAFONE getting 8107 today in Australia.  HTC in NZ also getting 8107.
    We have had reports of;
    * 7740+8107+standalone HTC f/ware update (bugfix eg MAC address issue).
    Question for MS - updates are cumulative. So why are AUS Mozart customers getting 7740 AND 8107.  SHouldn't 8107 have 7740 included?
  • The impression I was under was that major updates are cumulative but the small minor ones are not or it could be that carriers have the choice to skip a minor update but have to take all the minor updates when a major update comes.
  • Now that I doubt any current devices will be getting Tango, I'm beginning to doubt if my screen will stop disappearing until version 8.0. And, the worst part is that we haven't gotten any hard confirmation that first Gen. devices will accept the Apollo update. Not looking good, but I hope I'm wrong because I can't upgrade until 2013!
  • I have a Focus on ATT running 7.10.8107.79 I unlocked and changed provider to Rogers to get updates the switched back to ATT works perfectly!
  • I have an LG Quantum on AT&T and did something similar a couple weeks ago to get the 7740 and 8107 updates.
  • Can you get me the details regarding the registry keys? Thanks!
  • I got 7740 then an update error.  Then when I reupdated, I successfully got 8107.  Differences spotted thus far?  NONE.
  • Any news about the T-Mobile HTC HD7??
  • Well hopefully AT&T gets there act together and starts rolling out this update.
  • Its not AT&T, its HTC that is the problem.
  • No it's the carriers.  HTC has had this update availible for months.
  • Trust me. I spoke with both AT&T and HTC. HTC admitted that it was them. They are in process of updating specific phone updates for specific carriers. Process = MS->HTC->AT&T. So we we have a while to go before we can bitch at AT&T. The info in the forums about AT&T releasing the update in mid February is bogus.
  • S P R I N T !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • This is why i only buy unlcoked phones. 8107 was waiting for me as soon as i activated my Omnia W (Focus Flash)
  • okay TMobile - get with the program and update my HD7 which I purchased directly from you!
  • I know that's right.
  • If AT&T doesn't allow the updates the I have only one thing to say, "**** you AT&T!" Seriously, if they weren't pretty much the only game in town for WP I would love to drop them.
  • Got 3 sequential updates tiday one of which was a HTC update . The keyboard just disappeared twice while typing this. Could be the wpcentral app :p I hope that WiFi bug is fixed.
  • I ran the update and my OS version is 7.10.7740.16
    Am I missing something here?
    NEVERMIND - I was just alerted to a new update.
  • I also got all three updates at once, took a while, but nothing else seems different, I would've at least expected some new theme colors. But maybe the "Apollo" update will appear soon.
  • I got a Lumia 800 update today, it sais it was a Nokia update and no more details, I have no idea what was for...
  • Dear Carriers, Get the F*** over yourselves! You don't need to do any extensive testing on bug fix updates. Just let Microsoft push out the update and your customers won't blame you for bad service, they'll blame Microsoft if stuff breaks. You let Apple do this for some reason, so just get with the program. I can understand doing extensive testing for major updates, but stuff that only changes a couple lines of code should be allowed without question.  You think if a movie editor looked at a movie reel and noticed that there was somebody in the shot that should'nt have been, that they are going to send the film back to the director to retake it? Then after that, send it back to watch over and over to see if something magically happens for no reason? NO! They'll just fix the issue by editing it and pass it on. All you are to us is a pipe! A thing we use to get our service. We don't care about your various "TV" options, your additional "GPS Navigation" charges, your "Music" apps, your "Family Locator" apps which cost a fortune. None of this is what we view you as. All you are to us is something that makes our phones make calls and recieve data. You are NOT a software company, you will never be. Let the software be a problem of the software companies, it is not your issue. Besides, if a software update does cause a problem with either customers and their satisfaction or network performance, all you're gonna do is have your salesmen master reset the phone or replace it which is WHAT YOU DO ANYWAYS. At this point in time, it's easier dealing with a MVNO than with legitimate carriers. You won't have to deal with any stupid contracts, you'll get the same service as the MVNO is piggybacking on, and you can use whatever device you want, and the plans are generally pretty cheap. The only thing you can complain about is if the service itself is broken or doesn't work or is poor. Get your act together, because this day in age, things are moving fast, especially with the constant growth of software. You don't see Dell or HP or Gateway stopping Microsoft from pushing out Windows Update, and niether should you with your phones!
  • Slightly abrasive but well said.
  • True that! Well said.
  • WiFi bug looks to be fixed. The keyboard hasn't disappeared yet. Firmware, radio, and bootloader got updated. Happy.
  • which wifi bug??
  • The keyboard bug stinks
  • Some Radar users have issues with super crazy slow speeds with wifi and cellular data turned on at the same time.  Turning off the cellular data the only way to make wifi work properly.    
  • This makes no sense. Why would tmo release this for the radar and not the hd7??? Or the Lumina. The hd7 & radar are both HTC phones.
  • Sure, but the Radar is a "4G" phone and they want you to switch...I can't say much for the Lumia except that I love it. The update can wait. =/
  • Tmos 4g is just a faster 3g. Its good but it's speeds don't compare to Verizon and at&t lte. My brothers razr on Verizon regularly gets 30-40 megs down. With tmobile you may get 6-7 with a good connection.
  • Because cellphones in US are generally subsidized by carriers, US carriers believes they "own" at least part of your phone and you cannot do whatever you want on "your" phone.
    Okay, fine. We should appreciate that they sell phones to us for less by paying part of the cost to OEMs (e.g., they sell each iPhone for $200 but pay Apple for $600). The deal is that we pay off the phone cost in two years by means of monthly fee. Theoretically after the contract term we should be relieved from any obligation of the carriers and obtain the full ownership of the phones, right? Right.
    But why don't the carriers automatically unlock the phones and stop impeding update progress from OEMs when the contract expires?
  • Mine updated three times. And have had no problems since.
  • After using my phone a couple of days I've noticed two things -
    1. My battery only lasts about half as long as it used to. I could normally go all day on extremely heavy usage & charge at night. Now I have to charge by 4 in the afternoon -.-
    2. The WiFi bug is still present. Thought it was fixed, but started up again last night. Don't know about the keyboard bug because I always turn off all background tasks.
  • Didn't have the WiFi bug before, now I do. Update is a total piece of garbage... -.-