Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 finally arrives for 512 MB Windows Phones

Remember when Temple Run 2 came out in December with Xbox Live? It launched without support for low-memory devices like the Lumia 520. That changes today with the latest update for Temple Run 2. Head into the Windows Phone Store and you’ll be able to pick up Temple Run 2 for your 512 MB Windows Phone.

Temple Run has been updated to version We’re not seeing any feature changes to the game, but that doesn’t really matter since millions of Windows Phone owners finally get access to the game. Do let us know if you notice anything else new with the update, but so far this looks just to be about giving access to those with low-memory devices.

How many folks with a phone like the Lumia 520 are picking up Temple Run 2 today? Don’t forget to check out our Temple Run 2 review. Don't forget this is a FREE game!

Download Temple Run 2 from the Windows Phone Store.

Thanks for the tip, Ashwin P., and everyone else!

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Reader comments

Temple Run 2 finally arrives for 512 MB Windows Phones



Yeah.. Lags after a few games, and crashes when i change the graphic settings. Anyway, nice to see it here, it was long overdue.
Edit: it worked worse on my bro's android 512mb ram tab. it didn't even give a decent frame rate on that so atleast we get a nice fps.

Anyway, after an hour, i can certainly say it wasn't optimized. The subway surfer 'fake optimized versions', they also had this problem, that the game runs smooth the first 4-5 runs, but then the fps drops to unplayable and you have to restart the game. Maybe an in built deaddiction method in my 520 ? :-P try and best that android and iOS ! Lol !

Have you tried changing the graphic settings to Good instead of Better? I did that and it's working fine without issues on my 625 now.

Actually, it works great even on better, but only for the first 4-5 games. After that i have to restart the game. You see, modern tech to ensure i dont waste much time..

In my 720 too, it lags badly after 3-4 runs (I guess it happens when the game cache reached its limit). It doesn't crash in my case but its lagging is horrible. Have to restart game for smoother gameplay. Graphics settings doesn't make any difference for me...
PS: Even minion rush works better than this.

Nah it isn't worth it. FIFA 13 was much better control wise. I wont lie the overall aesthetics of FIFA 14 are better but when it comes down to it controls and efficiency are top priority...for me at least -920

Im glad its temple run and not subway since i want xbox achievements to play with my friends =P

And plays excellent so the ram thing its an excuse in many cases  =P

I think the only one its modern combat that you can say hey that really needs 1gb but u see a lot of patched xaps around so who knows...


Yes i need daddy was a theif lol !
Candy crush, yes it would be nice as many people say "wp doesn't even have candy crush ?" (girls mostly :P)

The main reason why WP sucks so much is because most of his userbase is cool with "keeping his mouth shut" and "not complaining" 

Oh my god !! This is really a big update and WP users with 512MB ram phones are going to be jumping all around. :D

Has the recent update solved the graphics issue in L1320 and L520?

Yup :) Quite funny that yesterday only some guy was claiming there are "NO" games for 512mb devices. His list of 1gb req. games just came down by one very popular game :)

+520^520^520... And hoping that it becomes stable on all 8.1 phones, and that it fixes the scrolling crash.. Its the worst damn thing not to be able to even view your chats.

You know what ? I dont even use it yet ! :)) but i know it annoys many people, and I'm going to install it too next week so I'm going to be annoyed soon too :)) i guess they've fixed it in the private beta (no way to sign up sorry) so we should be expecting a huge update anytime soon.

Lol ..!! Y don't ppl nw upgrade to a level above 7.X series cause things are way above better than before

Very ambiguous. Lol. The value of punctuation : Learn something stupid, Subway Surfers. AND Learn something, stupid Subway Surfers. Anyway. Great to see 512 MB support.

Nope, Chuck Norris just called me, he is only sending his goons squad for now, he says he is too old for this shite...

Yeah. It went $80 total because I live in Sweden but it is still almost half price than what the retailers here have. I don't really need it because I have own a 925 but it will make a great gift.

That's still a fine deal!
520 costs like $130-$150 in India. I'd also order it but sadly it cant be delivered here... Glad you got it ;)

No bro that's a big game and then u have to compromise with the graphics. Better play it on pc,Xbox or surface

Good stuffs are coming........... 1st the update for battery improvement for wp8.1. and now this app to low end phones! Windows Phones ROCK! Now the only thing I want is KIK messenger with full features to wp!

I am having a wired problem with this. I have installed temple run 2 but it wont show up in my app list or games hub. When I check in store it says installed. When I click on view it brings me to start screen. It wont even show up in storage sense. What should I do? How do I manage to uninstall it n reinstated unless I find it? Soft rest did not help. I am having Lumia 720 with 8.1 dp

I tried tht out but the app that you have mentioned wont work on my window 8.1 it just wont open.
And my phone is developers preview, wil it still work on it?

One more to the my xbox list of games....when i gave up hope...NOW keep calm and unlock achievements or keep running....

My problem its not the 512 MB because i have the lumia 920.

My problem is, that the game dosent have progress and until now there is no updates for it . 

So Yay, on one part , and boooh on the other hand.

The Game Has Been Updated.

It has moved up from the Christmas to Easter Now.

Has 2 New Artifacts 1. Easter 2. Critter.

Still missing the wheel but the game is updated.




It's not even that great a game imo. Graphically it's kind of weak and it gets boring so fast! Like I said...imo!

Woohoo Today seems to be my lucky day.I already installed Subway Surfers on my lumia 520 with app deployment and now this came out of the sky :)

I can see bugs in my L920. The Santa's cap has now been replaced by a nice hat. But if you press the hat Santa 's cap suits on the heads. Secondly there are no new scenes or the beautiful coins that I saw in the Android version. Also the short cut on Android shows a shall touch of pink on the numeric 2 which it doesn't on our update. Please look into it developers at Imangi Studious.

one inference that can be drawn is we indians are quite fond of endless runners...(i was just trying to swipe on my laptop keys..my mistake!!! :)well the wait is over...but excitement too..downloaded it just to unlock achievements...gamertag- damnkameena

I was waiting for this game to release for 512 MB ram Lumia will go to store and check this fantastic game on my Lumia 620

game crashes like shit..... also whenever i chnage visual settings...game closes......i think we can expect this from Imangi Studios that they will never be able to optimize game for windows phone....

Finally the Wait is over!! Game runs smoothly in my L520. Never crashed, nice Graphics, faster response. Nothing to complain about. I have played for 1 hour, and found no problems. I think it is the Latest Version as the Android, I could glide on the river! Overall, this is pretty decent game for L520.