The new Alienware Area 51 PC and its triad design belongs in a sci-fi movie

alienware area 51

Dell's Alienware gaming PC division has just announced it is bringing back its high end Area 51 Windows desktop PC but with an all new triad-based design for its case that looks like it's been made for a science fiction movie.

Alienware says that the new case is for more than just making it look different than any other desktop PC built by a major OEM. The design has been created to offer a better cooling system for the inside of the Area 51. Alienware says:

"Internal fans blow fresh ambient air, quietly and directly, onto the graphics cards and the internal cable management enables maximum airflow – satisfying your system's hunger for cooler air and keeping it performing at its peak. The angled design also provides a large space for hot air to escape where a traditional, rectangular chassis only leaves a small space between it and the wall."

Alienware says the inside of the new Area 51 is roomy enough to keep three graphics cards inside, along with up to 32 GB of DDR4 RAM. Naturally, it will be offered with Intel's new Core i7 six- and eight-core Haswell-E processors, along with full support for liquid cooling and overclocking options. Unfortunately, there's no word yet on a starting price or a release date for the new Area 51.

What do you think of Alienware's new PC with its triad design?

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The new Alienware Area 51 PC and its triad design belongs in a sci-fi movie


Say that to everyone here who does it. And I think it's cool. If you don't like it, too bad. I'm going to keep doing it until the new commenting systems comes in with REAL likes and dislikes, and filtering out certain comments.

That was to everyone who does it. But it becomes an order of magnitude stupider when your phone name isn't even a number. Nobody cares whether you approve of his comment, you're just blathering.

Would a workstation use heat in a different way compared to a gaming rig? I really don't see how something can be "best for a workstation"

Apple custom designed it specifically for the Mac Pro, and to make sure all of it's processing for workstation tasks run smoothly and don't use too much heat.

Watch videos with people playing graphic intensive games on the Mac Pro. It becomes SO loud. Not as loud as doing workstation tasks. While this Alienware, I assume and HOPE, will be cooler and quieter for gaming.

Hard to comment without looking at internal design. Only then we'll know if the weird design is done by engineering or by marketing.

I'd say designed by marketing then. It's nothing special, just a traditional internal design, just the whole thing is internally suspended at an angle.

What do you think of Alienware's new PC with its triad design?

I'm thinking why is this in a blog about Windows Phone?

At least this little blurb is free of typos and gramatical errors.

Why is this article on this site?

  1. Because the PC looks alien, and
  2. There are aliens in The Dome (the book for sure, maybe coming in the show), and
  3. Characters in the show use the Surface and Windows Phone devices (Lumia and HTC),
  4. Therefore, the article is relevent to a web site devoted to Windows Phone that has also stated repeatedly that it covers the entire Microsoft consumer ecosystem

Because f*ck you that's why! Just kidding, it could have taken you just one tiny little swipe up to get past this article you weren't expecting to see here, but you had to comment didn't you?

If you have money, you have more things to spend on than fast computers. Life is expensive man. You get money, you just wish you had more than you'd get a fast computer. It never happens.

Its alien, so do we need to be careful of anal probing?

To much south park :D it looks awesome imo but I'm sticking with my powerful LEET pure PC for the living room.

Speculating that purchasing extended support will be necessary due to non-traditional chassis making do-it-yourself (DIY) support problematic.

The interior picture posted makes it look like the internal components are pretty standard, though the MoBo may be custom to optimize cable placement. The graphics cards, RAM, drives and even the PSU seemed to be standard sized.

Give it some spikes and some weird looking symbols (like the gadgets the aliens had in the alien vs. predator franchise) and it will look even more kicka**.
I really like the view. What's up with the uglyyy post? Just because it looks different from what we're used to, doesn't make it look ugly...

Currently own an Alienware 18. Love it. Build quality is great. I have been looking at their desktops lately and this may end up being something I seriously think about soon. Nice to see them getting back into the extreme high end again.

Mercedes Benz or Chrysler (pentastar) should replace all thier desktops with these with their respective logos on the side of each. Sooooo tempted to have posted "Seems Cooler", but I didn't...or did I?

Of course there's no release date or price. You'll end up loosing time (from the alien abduction) and wind up in bed, only to awaken and find one of these PCs on your desk along with an organ missing. That's the price for one of these. You gotta give up a body part to own one. As for the design, I love it!

Well, yeah. That is the case with pretty much every PC. Whether you want to, have the time, have the patience, have the know-how, etc... is a different story.

That and if you like this design you'll have to create the case yourself because I doubt they sell it anywhere

Plus how long to install and configure?

Just got done with my AMD build; I simply replaced it with a new motherboard and CPU. I had to reinstall 8.1 and it took forever to put the games and programs back. I think it ended up taking me a night or two. I haven't even started updates yet either....

Don't understand the point of such a powerful computer if you can run games at the highest quality with specs half as good

Multitask gaming. You know.... Playing Skyrim, between breaks from rounds in Battlefield, while doing a long haul online flight on MS Flight Simulator X.

Unlimited POWER!!!!!!!!!!!! (Palpatine voice)

If you have built a custom PC you would know that's not true! But you're a console fanboy so talking with you is like talking with a brick wall :)

Alienware, no thanks! Build your own computer for a FRACTION of the cost and the same power. Consoles are cool also, but there is alot less content IMO.

I think anyone who is a real PC gamer thinks this looks cool, but knows you could build a fantastic rig for a 1/3 of th price this thing will be. 

I have a ps4.... But I kinda have a crush on this system..... Would love to have it as a workstation n a second gaming arena.... Only thing is the costing