UC Browser updated, adds more sharing options and enhanced music playback

UC Browser

UC Browser is a web browser alternative to Internet Explorer for our Windows Phone. The app was recently updated to version 3.1 which brings a few new features and performance tweaks into the mix.

This latest update comes with multiple enhancements including greater sharing options that allow you to share to Facebook and Twitter, the ability to play downloaded music in the background after you exit the app, and optimized searching by allowing searches through both the address bar and search bar.

UC Browser

Last but not least, the version 3.1 update increases the ability to watch video series offline on more video websites. The update builds upon an already healthy feature set that includes the speed dial interface, tab management, and custom themes.

The nice thing about it all is that UC Browser is a free app for your Windows Phone 8 and 7.x device. You can pick up your copy of UC Browser here in the Windows Phone Store. It is available for both Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices.

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Reader comments

UC Browser updated, adds more sharing options and enhanced music playback


that's not their fault, since WP doesn't allow them more than 300MB RAM at any time, it's gonna crash if it needs more.
Microsofts fault, really

I never got the crashes you speak of and I've loaded it on wallbase which has tons of photos are large size. Then again tho I mainly use IE for everything tho.

the file name get trancated and it is very difficult when downloading file with same name except the number at the last changes , the older versions was working fine.

The best feature for me is the night mode. It's very helpful as my Ativ S brightness level, even at low, is still too bright in no light condition.

The biggest missing feature to me is the ability to change user agent to something besides WP8 and Desktop. Adding useragents like iPhone, iPad and Windows RT tablets would make this truly terrific.

We tried, very risky. I even asked on BUILD2013.
There's a trick to change UA, but can only change the default request for html, not css, not resources.

So it can cause serious login problem.

Something this app is supposed to allow on WP is for videos to be downloaded and then saved to the phone, but everytime I try it, I get the sound but not the video. Anyone know why that would be. Is it because I have pics and vids saving to the SD card, or is this app not functioning as it claims?

Works fine over here, Lumia 820, tried uninstalling and installing again? Or maybe the video format downloaded was not recognized by the OS itself. I think I once had a problem like that when I downloaded a 3gp video.

Remember when WP8 release everyone cheers about SD Card management and then think it sucks?
That's because only Music folder are open for writting, all others are " read-only"
So we cannot actually port video to Video folder, but can only rename it as mp3 and port to Music.
You can rename it back and move it to correct folder.
Very inconvenient, I am sorry. Hope we can find a bettr way

Its a decent web browser and worth a download for a backup browser. Though I have to say, I was never a big Internet Explorer or IE fan before, but with IE10 on Windows 8 on phones I must say I absolutely love IE the best. It works flawlessly and quick on my Lumia 810. UC browser is something I use sometimes but is also very nice.

I haven't actually used this. What is the biggest features that you guys like the most? Is it worth downloading?

It is super fast, the UI is much more impressive with foward and backward swiping is fast and easy.  The right buttons are correctly placed out and you can watch porn on it.