New Friends App on Xbox One caught on tape

Xbox Live Profile on Xbox One

The Xbox One is launching in a little over a month. While we have the overall picture of the console, there’s still a lot minute details to learn about the console itself and the software running on it. In fact, the Xbox team is making tweaks to the operating system as we speak and you’ll already have an update ready for you the day you buy your console.

Xbox Live’s Major Nelson, aka Larry Hryb, just shared a video of how the Friends App will look and function on Xbox Live. Let’s watch it after the break.

Pretty cool right? And holy guacamole, that interface is fast and so clean.

The friends list as you know is more or less still there, but you also now have the ability to have thousands of followers. Something that’s really useful if you’re an amateur or professional gamer with followers on other social networks like YouTube, Twitch, and Twitter.

What’s the difference between a friend and follower? You can follow anyone you want if they allow it via their privacy settings. When you follow someone on Xbox Live you’ll be able to see highlights and video’s they post among other things. But if they follow you back, that creates the friend relationship we’re familiar with on Xbox Live today. When you both follow each other you’ll see deeper information like when they come online, what they’re doing on Xbox One, and when they unlock achievements.

We’re stoked to see the new future of Xbox Live on the Xbox One. This week, the Xbox team will be sharing more information about Xbox Live and we’ll be passing the information on to you all.

It'll be interesting to see how these features trickle down to Windows Phone. Maybe Windows Phone 8.1?

Source: Major Nelson


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New Friends App on Xbox One caught on tape


I wish you addressed the guy who said android has already supported 4k resolution... Firstly, the new snapdragon 800 supports 4k, but just not the OS. Secondly... Who cares when you can hardly buy a TV with 4k support, let alone a BS phone... For god sakes. Could you imagine? 15 tiles across on a phone?!??! Get out of here with that bullshit.

Its a pretty good argument. My only complaint is the minimal use of ❔'s and ❕'s. How will you get your point across without moar❓

I hope they bring back the feature that allowed us to discover gamertags of your friends on Facebook.
Now that Windows 8 supports XBOX gaming, everyone has gamertags. It is so annoying to ask everyone for gamertags and manually adding them to friends list. I really miss that feature. :(

Im nit really excited for it : / I have current Gen systems so im not a troll or anything. But this next Gen is in Sony's favor. I will be getting a PS4 on launch and when the "slim" xbone is released I'll get it then.

So what exactly is it that is in Sony's favor? The specs are more or less a wash. Xbox will have more exclusives and launch titles. PS4 is $100 cheaper. Is that it?

Some people still believe the Kinect will fly around your house at night and take pictures of you sleeping, then send them to Obama for his amusement.

One reason that it is in Sony's favor, is that the Xbox 360 is too good. PS3 has desperately needed an upgrade for a long time, whereas the 360 is still looking good for the next couple years. I still plan on getting an X1 near by the end of the year, but even if I didn't, I still have plenty of 360 left to play.

This looks like a way better way to organize friends, then the current XBOX. Sort of a Twitter for your XBOX. I can dig.

I'm loving it so much so far. The only thing I need to see now is the messaging, and what extra features they include with that. I.e. What extra messaging can you do because of cloud, Kinect, etc.

They really need to implement this in all their products. Their trying to make this One system in the company. Well don't ignore Xbox MS.
And I'm still confused today on why they got rid of the FB and Twitter app.

It appears as though with ONE they expect to redefine the social network across your life. By integrating fb and twitter into the one system there is no need for a redundant app.

I think we can expect to see Facebook and Twitter apps on the store. But what we're talking about here has a more gaming-specific purpose. I suspect they'll have "find people to follow" using Twitter & Facebook as sources at release.