Temple Run Brave for Windows Phone 8

Video: Temple Run: Brave for Windows Phone 8 now available

If you’re a fan of Temple Run, then you’ll want to grab the all new Temple Run: Brave game for Windows Phone 8. The game follows on the heels of the Windows 8 version released a few weeks ago and much like its predecessor, goes for $0.99 without a free trial.

We’re not sure why the devs at Disney and behind Temple Run are so against trials, but we bought the game and tossed together a quick video presented below. Off the cuff, we have no complaints about the game (well, it could use a double wide tile, we suppose). Graphics have been updated, it runs smooth and the touch response seems good to us at these early stages.

In case you’re curious, the game is a mashup between the Temple Run franchise and the Disney movie Brave. The backgrounds have been updated with lush forest greens, the main player is now a female lead (who seems to have lost her voice from the Windows 8 version) and you can shoot arrows from your trusty bow at some targets.

Temple Run: Brave for Windows Phone 8

Overall, it’s quite fun and a great time waster. Like all Temple Run games, it features in-app purchasing via gold coins you collect or you can opt to “cheat” and buy packs of coins to enhance your character.

Other features include:

  • Introducing ARCHERY – tap targets to shoot a bullseye and earn extra coins

  • New, amazing visuals. It looks better than ever!

  • All new environments inspired by Disney/Pixar Brave and the wilds of Scotland

  • Play as Merida from Disney/Pixar Brave
  • Outrun Mordu, the demon bear, to earn running glory

You can pick up Temple Run: Brave for Windows Phone 8 here in the Store. Note: Devices with 512MB of RAM are not eligible to play this game! Let the developer know you want 512 MB support by tweeting to @kshepherd and @imangi.

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Reader comments

Video: Temple Run: Brave for Windows Phone 8 now available


Until you run out of storage space. No expandable microSD card slot is a huge obstacle if u like downloading quality games, apps, music, and photos.

Its pretty sad for low end devices as more and more games are not availableto to play.  Its really dissappointing and i feel Nokia and Microsoft has to do something about this.

Done before. I owned both nexus s and xperia u before I switch to WP. With occasional lags I wouldn't say it run fine.

i don't know what you've done with your phone,but temple run 2 run fine on xperia u. if you're saying that occasional glitch,i believe that happen to WP as well,with 1GB ram. It's about graphic,not ram(temple run only eat around 50mb of ram). Lets admit it,casual game like this should be no problem for andreno 305,i'm sick of  hearing lame excuse such as 512mb ram limitation. 

my lumia 820 is beautiful, specially with the red wireless charging shell and the red wireless charging pillow from fatboy :P

Yeah! No game for cheap (512mb RAM) devices, these apps are only for premium device users. We don't give a sh*t to affordable budget device users. So get lost you 512MB RAM device users.

That's how I see when a simple app is only made available for 1GB device users.

Games like Asphalt 7 and upcoming Halo are available for 512MB RAM devices too .. iMangi is being just lazy but u can't blame too as they are a very small team of devs .. I am sure they will optimize the game down the line

you should not hate it so much. its only a handfull of games. for wp 7.x devices its curtains for them .

Mother of God .. Nice
Bought it for L920
But why doesn't imangi optimize it's games for 512MB devices , my friends who couldn't afford a L920 can't play this sad :(

Lumia 820 is very affordable for the first day up front with subsidy. And it has 1gb of RAM!

In markets like India, people buy upfront no subsidies, etc
Lumia 820 has issues like poor battery life & cam not up to the mark

It's Disney. No trial because they're in it for the profits only. That's an easy answer :P

Normal Temple run - free.
Add Disney - paid.
I would buy this if it was an Xbox Live game. Since it isn't, I'll pass and keep the normal Temple Run.

If this goes free I'll get it, obviously. But I doubt it. Even those other games may have been a store glitch. At least I'm not accustomed to get anything for free coming from Disney LOL

$1 man .. Support imangi
This game has no glitches like slide not registering as in Temple Run 1
If they get support they will improve games on the platform

I don't buy exactly because of the Temple Run 1 glitches. Who guarantee that the devs will listen to users in this version and fix the possible bugs. A lot of people complain about bugs on the first version and they keep ignoring them.

You're not supporting imangi by buying this. You're supporting Disney.

Besides, I'm not buying a non-Xbox Live game that then has in-app purchases as if it was a freemium.

does this game run smoother then the original temple run. on that game the swiping is not the same.

1:48: The moment where I screw up a move because I'm playing a game while shooting a video. Great example, seriously <golf clap>. Even more applause since I'm not complaining about the game response, yet you feel it's fine to put words in my mouth...

Re: Temple Run 1, a game that didn't come out today and that I'm not talking about in this post. Yes, this is a good discussion topic for a new game like Temple Run: Brave. 

What kind of logic system do you have? Because you should get a refund...

@Hashim - Have u even played the game ?? There are no swiping bugs like they were present in TR1 .
Daniel just messed up in the video , that's it
The only problem is fps drops in later game , otherwise it is very good

You decided to buy a low-end device not MS or Disney or any other game developers. You can get a L810 or L820 WP8 for under 400$ unlocked if you can't afford the L920. Even the Samsung Ativ S is under 300$ on Expansys. All these phones have 1GB RAM, and either 8 or 16GB of storage space + MicroSD support.

I hesitated between the cheap L620 and the not so expensive L820 and I decided to go with the L820 after I saw the L620 specs for WP8 games. After I saw that the L620 cannot play Asphalt 7 (well not the version released for 1GB RAM phones, I am glad that I made a good choice with the L820.

MS still need to fix the other storage problem then I will be really happy about that too. Until then, I am still happy with my phone.

You do know those prices dont match everyware. Here in Chile, the lumia 920 costs US$840, the 720 US$400 the 620 US $300, and there is no 820

if you buy them outside of the country from the net it will match. If you buy them from Chile, of course it will cost more. The L620 is between 200$ and 300$ like in Chile. The L820 went down btw in price, it was 550-600$ US, now you can get one unlocked from 384$ at Expansys. Same goes with the L920, it's under 500-600 now. In Canada, there is no 820 either, that's why i bought it from outside. The only carrier who sell Lumia WP8 here is Rogers with the L920 (on contract only)

Imangi studio is a joke. They released GOD AWFUL temple run on WP, which doesn't even run on 512mp of ram having devices, because they're to lazy to optimise the game. and now they release temple run brave, which is just as bad as the temple run 1. On Lumia 920 this game is sooo bad. rating this game 1 star is over rating... fps drops, not registering majority of the swipes. terrible. 

I agree, but the guys in this forum don't like anyone criticize anything related to windows phone, they just think its ideal without a single bug! so take care

Stop trolling if u haven't played the game. I abused TR1 too but this game is much much better ..
I haven't encountered any swiping bug ..

This is not a bug. You weren't playing the game, *I* was. Stop acting like you know how my game went while I was shooting a video and trying to play a game...

We accept rational criticism like what Polo said, Hashim. We just don't want actual trolling which you've come very close to doing before. Someon who only has negative things to say all the time is not a useful member of any community.

I am not trolling at all and I don't like that kind of behavior and because I had some negative comments due to crtizing some games and apps that does not mean I am totally negative. I like windows phone as you do and I don't like the developers that does not care about this system as much as they care about ios and andoriod. Till now this company did not even updated the Temple run 1... and I am not the only one complaining about that.  I think this company worth to be ignored untill they relized that wp8 users dont like bad obtimized games. 

Paul,could you be a lamb and find out if this game will be optimised for 512 mb ram (considering 520,620 and 720 users) need it too,thanks 

Please do not blame the devs. They call themselves a studio, yet they are a very small team of around 4 or 5. If you want the game optimised, just contact them. They are not resource rich like EA or Gameloft.

how about a few hundread people leaving negative feedback for temple run 1 saying that the game is not optimised, fps drops and unresponsiveness. not to mention sites like this. its a team of 4 to 5 people ? well props to them for getting recognised and entertaining me on my iPhone. But on WP8 everything is way different. i waited so long for temple run to hit WP8. and when it did, it turned out to be a dissaster.  an official statement on why the game turned out to be so bad would be nice. and it doesn't take a big studio to do that either. one well spoken person is enough

Temple Run 2 on Android got 2 updates last month and they added new features in tr2. I wonder if it's really hard or just they don't want to clear bugs and optimize tr1 for 512mb ram phones ?? This is frustrating.

The reason is temple run on android has an audience of over 500 million users, on the other hand windows phone 8 has a a meagre 10-20 million,so TR people focus of android/ios

1st it's nit 10-20 it's 20+.2nd by releasing such buggy and not available for all game, they're ruining their image. They should atleast fix the bugs tr1 has till now after realeasing, but looks like they've just ported game under pressure of MS, just for the name sake.

Ohhhh FFS! Asphalt 7 was optimized...the upcoming Halo: Spartan Assault was optimized...HOW the hell they can't optimize this piece of crap for 512Mb?
well, in fact i rather not have a piece of crap in my phone lol lumia 620 still rocks!

WHY i have been hoping for so long fpr ot to arrive! But it does not work on htc 8s, i hate this phone only 4gb of storage and crappy 512gb ram.

You knew what you were getting when you bout it. For the same price or less, you could have gotten a Nokia device with the amount of memory you needed to buy this game. I made a mistake buying the 8gig 8x. Never again I'll buy any other than Nokia.

So we have 2 temple runs, Pandora, Facebook beta(sad because it looks just like every Facebook out there), google YouTube coming soon, rumored instagram. So what else can we and the tech bloggers can complain about after all this?

2 broken titles are equal to no titles at all. you will have a right to brag when the apps will work properly

I don't worry about them. There's better games and apps out there. I'm just waiting for wells Fargo. I actually saw the wells Fargo icon at the L925 reveal. Wonder why its taking so long.

Just purchased the app. For everyone asking about the game play/ swiping, I haven't had any problems. Granted I've only played five games. Its very smooth, and much easier on the eyes if you have HD screen. Its a shame it requires 1gb of Ram. Using L928.

i'm hearing mixed reports about the fps lag, control swiping issues here.
can anyone give confirmation as to whether the huge issues in v1 is fixed?

Random release of a game! This is great! I'm hoping this upcoming Wednesday we get TR2, then Oz later down the road.

I have know a few children who have moaned in the past about sum games that don't work on 512k Windows Phones. They want Androids because of it. This is a bad sign for Microsoft as there's lots buying Windows 8 phones who can only afford the cheaper ones. They manage to get devs to bring games to their platform but it could be doing more harm than good.
Eventually it will be 75% of the market who will have 512k devices.

The app description says, "Comes a new take on the most exhilarating app in the APP STORE" (app store isn't capitalized, I just wanted to make it stand out that this is the windows store...

@Daniel: I counted almost 18 seconds for this game to load. Is this normally how long it takes to start up from closed? Crazy. 

I don't buy a cheap low end PC and then cry when it doesn't run all the latest games.
Same applies to Smartphones.

It's a shame to see mobile phone games like this one to request 1Gb ram to run when the same game runs @ 256mb devices on other platforms.
And that's not the only problem.Developers must stop to only port games and begin to optimize them as much as possible.
There are many WP8 only games that cause major heat of the device and amazingly fast battery drainage!

Two reasons I am not getting this game:
1. No trial. I am strictly not buying anything that does not offer a trial. I am not asking for games to be free all the time, developers are allowed to make a profit. I do however feel that if you believe in your game, you will let us try it for short ammount of time.
2. Pay 99cents for a freemium game? I am not so sure about this. It really depends on what you can purchase in the store and if it is the only way to have fun with this game but since there is no trial I will assume the worst.

At least the experience on WP is consistent. Look at the reviews on Google Play - 5 star (7,707), 1 star (5,925). Lots of complaints the app won't even open, lags, glitches.

Imangi won't be getting my money after the crap they pulled with Temple Run... releasing it broken and not patching it...

There are no good games in the platform and Ms should also try to bring it to devices running on 512 mb

my wife's Lumia 820 plays the game fine but my 920 always has issue registering my swipes sometimes just as you saw at the first play through at the beginning of the video.

What I love about WP is how quickly it can jump back to the homescreen from ANY game. Thats just so wonderful. SO is the ability to receive toast notifications anywhere. Although moving forward I wish there were some way to control them, just in case somebody starts complaing about it, as you know somebody surely will.

Did anyone else notice the ChatSnap tile in the video? I feel like i was the only one ^^
This means that they are testing it and it might be out soon! Some competition on the market is always nice ;)