Vodafone Nokia Lumia 1020 advertisement spotted in Metro UK newspaper

Lumia 1020

An advertisement for the Nokia Lumia 1020 has been spotted in the Metro, a UK newspaper. The advert is coloured with Vodafone's branding, a sign the mobile operator is behind the platform and is pushing the Lumia Windows Phone. What's neat about this deal is the highlighted 12-month Netflix promotion.

If you're looking at purchasing the 41MP Windows Phone, check out Vodafone's offer since you'll then be able to enjoy media content while on the move. If you haven't already done so, read through our Lumia 1020 review for our thoughts on the Nokia device.

Thanks to Allan for sending in the image!


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Vodafone Nokia Lumia 1020 advertisement spotted in Metro UK newspaper


Notice how there's ZERO references to "Microsoft" in the add and the Windows Phone logo appears very tiny at the top. Curious, no? ;)

(Also, good to see Vodafone is getting this phone. I think I may use my loyalty points to get it cheaper now)

Why the hell would they talk about Microsoft on a Nokia phone? You don't see Galaxy S4 ads going "made with android, which google develops".

Its rare that you see any Microsoft branding associated with WP. I was just looking at the old box my 822 came in, the only mention of Microsoft is in the copyright info in the fine print.

Because they normally do? Vodafone adds for phones normally have the OS logo quite visible (unless it's the iPhone, in which case it's unnecessary). They show you the phone and the OS.
Oh but I know why they decided to put the focus on the fact that is a Nokia phone and not a Windows Phone. That was the point. Nokia sells. WP doesn't. That's why they almost omited any mention to the OS.

I see what's there. You realize you're arguing based on the US? Newsflash: there's World besides the US. The UK is not part of the US. It's an European country, you know? European modus operandi applies. Not the American.

News flash for you, you have no idea what I am basing things on.
As usual, nothing but warrantless speculation from this clown. Throwing around assumptions and conjecture at will.

Why do I still waste my time with a stupid 'murican?
Idiots like you are the ones who give normal americans a bad name.

The original OP kind of has a point...the UK ads for the 1020 play down the Nokia brand in favour of Windows Phone & Microsoft. One would assume that Vodafone called the shots here...and so they should, they're the ones pushing it. The only thing I would take from it is that Vodafone feels Nokia is still stronger than Microsoft & Windows Phone here in the UK.
Just a thought and my own personal opinion...please don't roast me for it, lol! WPC fans have been quite aggressive lately!

Edit: Actually, now I'm beginning to wonder if the Nokia sign wasn't actually on the lens area, would they actually get a look in? They're like Carl Zeiss now...simply a mark of quality.

41 MP Nokia Phone >>>>>> WP or Android Phone or whatever. The selling point of this marketing material is that big ass 41, not the manufacturer or OS developer or Osama Bin Laden. Jeeez, lets grab a marketing strategy book shall we?

Microsoft made and paid for their Nokia Lumia 1020 ads in the UK, but the only ones they do have their logo on it. This doesn't have a logo because Nokia/Vodafone made the ad, but Nokia almost has an obligation to put the Windows Phone logo on it. If it's Nokia's ad, you see their logo more prominently.

Top of the line phone, 12 months Netflix, 24 month Spotify Premium sub and a 4G plan for £47 quid a month?
Wow, smashing deal right there. I'm jealous of you Brits. Hopefully Vodafone Ireland offer something similar

If thieve the money to advertise this should make the account app for the phone two im not on Vodafone but few people i know would like it please XD

Translation: If they have the money to advertise this, they should make the Vodafone My Account app for the phone too. I am not on Vodafone but few people I know, would like it. Please! XD

Vodafone are pretty much the only UK operator that actively advertises WP devices. EE, on the other hand, are so clueless about the platform it would be funny, if I wasn't with them.

Certainly seems that way. The exclusively with EE really hurt Nokia imo simply because EE did nothing to push it yet shove iPhones down peoples throats. Vodafone were also the first network to push out GDR2/Amber. I only ended up going with Orange because it was the best deal I could find at the time for the 920.

"Exclusivity deals" are not designed to lure new users onto a platform. I really wish people would stop criticizing them before even trying to understand their strategical function; In this particular case, Nokia would have negotiated partnerships with different carriers around the world based on the number of existing dumb/feature phone users they could lure into upgrading to an entry level smartphone like the Lumia 520 and Lumia 620 etc..

O2 are also pushing Windows Phone massively (and a little bit from Three. Not so much from EE). I'm seeing an ad right now in fact.

That's not true.
O2 and 3 are stocking good range of WP devices as well.
The big issue is with the shop that sell most phones: Carphone Warehouse. All they push is SG and iPhone.

As a previous poster said. Nokia sells. MS / WP don't. Which is why the future may be a bleek one once Nokia brand disappears. Hope MS don't mess it up !

There was an advert for Lumia 1020 in Metro awhile back where the entire front page was in yellow with nothing but the Carl zeiss lens in view, and then on the first page advertising it.

I'd say that was a far better ad than this, though when I first showed it to someone they didn't realise it was for a phone.

The most interesting thing here is how useless this site is at reporting, or it was just a slow news day.
 There was a wrap around the WHOLE Metro newspaper the week the phone came out. A week later Time Out London's WHOLE front and back cover was yellow and an advert for the 1020. Now they're reporting a half page advert a month after it came out? Makes. No. Sense