Nokia is looking to partner up with Vodafone UK to offer free Netflix on all Lumia 1020 purchases. The FT reports the deal will include one year's worth of Netflix for those who purchase the Windows Phone on Vodafone. Nokia is currently signing a deal with Microsoft for the latter to purchase its devices and services division, but it's clearly not halting aggressive marketing anytime soon.

Netflix is also looking to compete in Europe against established competition, including LoveFilm. This opportunity enables the service to be utilised by those who purchase a new Lumia Windows Phone on Vodafone without footing the entire bill (we suspect Nokia has placed its company card on the table). The upcoming holiday season is also being targeted to bolster sales.

Windows Phone is already doing well in the UK, snapping up 10 percent of the market. With more hardware on the way, alongside enticing promotions such as this, Nokia is certainly looking to increase the rate of platform adoption.

Source: FT, via: The Verge