Volvo's 2015.5 lineup has standard features that can be controlled by your phone

Volvo on Call

Volvo (volvocars.com), the Swedish automaker, has just announced that their new 2015 models will include the company's Sensus connectivity and infotainment system as standard. This includes the 2015.5 Volvo S60, V60, XC60, S80, and XC70.

Volvo's Sensus Connect system includes smartphone connectivity through a free app called Volvo On Call. It's available on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. What can you do with app? Let's take a look at the features.

Volvo on Call

  • See vehicle dashboard values, such as fuel level, trip meters, and more.
  • Control your engine block heater, if your car is equipped with a fuel-driven engine block heater.
  • Locate your car on a map or using the car's horn and direction indicators.
  • Lock and unlock the vehicle.
  • Request roadside assistance from the app.
  • Keep an electronic driving journal that will create trip reports for every trip made with the vehicle.

Even if you do not currently have a Volvo car, you can still install their app and use it in demonstration mode. It lets you preview some of the features being offered.

Volvo on Call

We can see this app being really handy in the winter. You can start the car and heater already while you're just about to leave work. The honk and flash feature is also handy when you can't find your car in a massive parking lot. You'll also be alerted if something needs to be fixed, for example, if a bulb is broken or washer fluid is low.

The Volvo on Call app is a free download from App Store, Google Play, and the Windows Phone Store. It has been available since 2012, but more Volvo owners will be able to use it after the recent announcement of 2015.5 models featuring the Sensus Connect system as standard.

Is this a cool feature? Would you want to be able to control some of the settings in your car from your smartphone? Sound off in the comments!

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Reader comments

Volvo's 2015.5 lineup has standard features that can be controlled by your phone


I wouldn't get a car based on how it works with my phone (I need it to connect with aux or Bluetooth for music though). Plus, I don't like to be very distracted. I only listen to music and other audio stuff in the car, nothing less, nothing more.

Don't worry there's a vast list of reasons to choose a Volvo over the other premium brands. First and foremost safety is vastly better than BMW, Comfort is vastly better than Mercedes, Audi, BMW. Interior design is of course subjective, but they do have some very nice interiors! Although the new XC90 is a bit too blingy for my taste and that massive touch screen instead of dash controls wont be to everyone's liking. The speedo clocks however are just lovely. I would never in a million years drive a BMW again, as I value my life and limbs too highly, but I tend to drift between Mercedss and Volvo, and every time I switch to a Mercedes I do it because it looks nice and the hype about comfort, an after the first 30 mile journey I always regret it and wish I was back in a Volvo. At 28 I'm not supposed to get back pains when driving lol. Currently in an S80, would love this feature,

I had an S80, too. Best car I've driven to date and, if I'm ever in the place to buy in that class of car again, it'll definitely be a Volvo.

Most of the features listed would not distract you while driving. Actually, I cant remember a single feature that would be used while operating the vehicle.

The VOC feature is mostly for using when you are not driving and is outside the car. You can keep logs of driving, fuel consumption. If you are in a cold area you can set the timer and even turn the heater on remotly.

The timer function isn't new though, they've had that as an option for at least 20 years, Mercedes have had it too, but they've relied on either setting the time in the car, or by using a second remote on your keychain. This would be better I think.

You really need to perhaps take a look at the news, and the offrerings from other companies. This is hadly in front of anyone. Yes, they have a WP app - the concept itself, however, has been around for several years and offered by multiple vehicle manufacturers. 

I have it on my new XC60 and it does work nicely. Just wish that it wasn't a subscription-based service.

Hopefully when my lease is up on my 2012 S60RD, I'll be able to get into a nice Rebel Blue 2015.5 V60RD and take advantage of these new features.

I got a Volvo V70 2014 model, and the Volvo on Call is very handy if you forgot to lock your car and also now when the winter is coming :)

"...and kids, that is how Windows Phone got me into buying Scandinavian products..." I.e. Nokia and Volvo.

Nokia is based in Finland.  Finland is not a Scandinavian country.  You can call it a Nordic country, certainly, but it's not correct to say it's Scandinavian.

I'm living in Sweden. Currently driving a 1999 V40 and while my dream car would be a Mustang, it just feels right to drive a Volvo here. Love it.

I am driving a V60 plugin hybrid. Guess what, as an exception the app for my car only works with iOS and Android with no indication on when the WP version arrives.

Still far too many frustrating app exceptions (Sonos is another example).

Guess what, you need to update the app because the plugin Hybrid works with WP. A friend just confirmed the app works with his V60 Plugin Hybrid (from the Netherlands)

I hope it is true, but this is what the web site states:

Beschikbare appfuncties voor Windows Phone

De Windows Phone-app biedt op dit moment geen ondersteuning voor V60 Plug-in Hybrids. Aan de Windows Phone-app ontbreken bovendien enkele functies, zoals het versturen van bestemmingen (Send to Car) naar het navigatiesysteem van uw Volvo en het controleren van de buitentemperatuur op de locatie van uw Volvo.

Comments in the Marketplace seem to indicate it works since this weekend.

Would be great news. Thanks Hoekie for letting us know !

Just waiting for Sonos then...

After reinstalling the app and an attempt to log in with my Volvo ID the message is still: "Your Volvo is not available for Volvo On Call for Windhows Phone. It can be used with the applications for iPhone and Android devices".

Then something is wrong with your Volvo. Go get an update at the dealer, because the app works just fine with a V60PiH.

It appears the app is only updated for WP8 & 8.1. Works brilliantly on my colleague's phone.

Time to upgrade, Just waiting for a high end phone with glance.

HTC ONe (M8) for Windows
is the first Windows Phone 8.1 Update handset
Cool metallic back and with a SD slot, too!
Better battery stamina in normal operation on Windows! 

Always thought about getting a Volvo, the most beautiful cars in my opinion. The thoughtfulness in design, the passion for safety and usefulness, and the reliability is something, that perfectly suits with what I want from a driving or computing tool.

Wow! I think I will enjoy my S60 right here in Zambia with that app. Volvo has always been the best car for me. I love the design, engine and comfort it has on the road when speeding. They say Zambia drives Toyota but I drive Volvo. The most beautiful vehicle on earth (that's my opinion and no arguments)

Look at Mercedes.me it does more or less the same for all mercs produced this fall and after. But no wp app yet

Hmm, I don't drive yet (16, still working on a license, haha!), and I'm years away from buying a car, but I'm definitely inclined to buy a Volvo because they actually support WP. But that's a long ways off, and I know nothing about cars, so...

I drive a rebel blue V60 T6 Polestar. Really. With a blonde super model in the passenger seat. I drive it like every night. In my dreams although.... :(

I drive a non-metallic Black Stone, V60 T5 Premium.  Really, really.  With a cute brunette and child in the back. I drove it today and was excited to finally be able to use the 60/40 fold down seat as it fit my tall and narrow cargo perfectly.....  :-)

Comon MB! Rease a version of your app for WP :(

...although they (MB) do charge you a subscription fee to use it >:(

I just received my 2015.5 S80 with Sensus Connect a few days ago and the app works perfectly.  My only issue is that my NL920 WP8.1 DP does not read text messages through the system.  However, the coolest thing is starting my car with the phone.

Its excellent but I wish they could work on connecting all models not just the new models even if it requires one to buy an additional gadget why coz its the old cars that no longer show you this info i.e odometers have become faulty. Looking forward for the same on VW coz am a fan.

This looks really nice, loved driving the c30. But ever since we bought a Saab I'm sold, and if you value safety Saab is infact the only way to go. I'm glad that Saab is back in production now, and I hope they still focus on safety and hopefully they also implement similar nice features in their new models.