What do you think of China's Xiao Na?

Xiao Na

Microsoft just announced the availability of Cortana in China and the United Kingdom. In China, Cortana will be going by the nickname Xiao Na. Not only is the name different in China, but Cortana looks different and has been given a pair of eyes. This is in order to serve the Chinese culture. We think Xiao Na looks pretty great and want to ask you the same. Take our poll and share your thoughts on Xiao Na.

We'd love to see an option to go between the different styles of Cortana. Though we're very happy with our futuristic circle. Hit up the comments below to share your thoughts on Xiao Na.

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Reader comments

What do you think of China's Xiao Na?


It's nice, but being able to choose between different 'faces' would be cool. I know "Xiao" means small but what does "Na" stand for? Is it just a name? I hope she'll be intensively marketed to boost Windows Phone sales in China.

I'm Chinese.NA is娜. Usually it's a name for females, but it also means"elegant" or "graceful",an adjective to describe women.

"Na" is just the last syllable of Cortana. In China people like to give nicknames to people they're close with (especially given to children), oftentimes prefixed with "Xiao" meaning "little" and the last character of their name. Because Cortana is roughly pronounced as "Ke Ta Na" in Chinese, "Xiao Na" is like a close nickname meaning Little Na.

Probably written like 小娜 in Chinese characters. 娜Na means a woman with graceful movements. 小Xiao is a way to address someone in an endearing fashion.

That's the literal translation, MS may mean it to be something completely different.

it is cute and now we know the real reason why the Chinese government raided Microsoft. they didn’t get it in the dev. preview and wanted it first.

Nice, different than original cortana..... Hopefully microsoft make Cortana available with indonesia language cause not all of indonesian really understand English language, Good work Microsoft.

And then they'll name it 'Kartono' just to make it sound a bit more Indonesian. I doubt we will ever get Cortana in Indonesia by the way.

LOL. About getting Cortana in Indonesia, I really doubt it, but I hope that WP users in Indonesia will still be able to use Cortana, even though without local content or modifications (but it's better if there's one)

So do I but the article says  "in order to serve the Chinese culture" so maybe it means something in Chinese. I have Chinese blood but starting with my father, we have lost our Chinese heritage so can't say much about the topic.

I like both. Xiao Na is a cutie, but I find the Circle more inline with the interface and more elegant. It'd be cool if the circle cortana could morph into Xiao Na for specific animations.

No you don't have to type the whole thing again... Just press and hold the text for a second and a cursor will appear. Move it to the desired place and edit the text you want

Thanks for your advice.
Actually if the keyboard could able to link with internet or cloud, then it probably the best, the thing that I said already appeared on some OS but I don't want to mention here since we are all WP fans.
TOUCHPAL really did a good job. During typing Chinese, it able to find the best prediction if we are online status. That's what I never forget about that software.
Perhaps MS doesn't need to follow some third parties input, but I hope the Chinese input with phone dial mode can be improve. Most of people using Chinese input are using nine blocks phone dial mode.
Thanks for appreciations.

1520 is available for international version today, probably some people going to downgrade and then update to cyan, then install again PD to get the GDR1 next week.

It's super cute, wish they would add more animation to add, as well as cortana for sure.

It's good to see the passion and motivation Microsoft is going with lately.

Keep up the good work Microsoft.

Maybe a poll on how many WPC members are from China would be more appropriate.


Bet yah its less than 5%

Why would Chinese WP users come to WPC in the first place? English is not any preferred language in China

Looks like a butt than a face. It's super cute, wish they would add more animation to add, as well as cortana for sure.
It's good to see the passion and motivation Microsoft is going with lately.
Keep up the good work Microsoft.

Xiao na and Xiao Bing are sister in China by Microsoft.Xiao na is for WP, while Xiao Bing is for sina weibo and wechat. They are digital assistants

Now that looks like a beta app. It's sad to see MS giving so much attention to China when you consider how much the Chinese pirate MS' software. I also noticed that in that pic, there is no beta tag in the upper right hand corner like there is on my 1520.

No Xbox in China do don't expect people know halo or Cortana in China. So Xiao Na is definitely a much better name and iteration

I'm from mainland China that's why I can tell you few people know about halo/Cortana compared to the total population. Even if 10 million people know, that's still less than 1% of population. Absolute numbers do not have much meaning for China, you need to look at the percentage

I hope cortana be available for more language specially Persian and user could improve it for yourself and each cortana grows up with his owner education like his children :)

If they give it a bit realistic look...it would be amazing...it would be like watching the girl/assistant behind the pretty sound of Cortana!

The face is not an option for outside China. Chinese culture places high values on eye contact. That's the sole reason why they went with this. I like the circle more though.

The best part is that India is also getting Cortana officially!!!!! Huzzah!

Looks like a fucking alien creep..
Why the hell they're diluting their brand Cortana..?? Idiots..?? I think what Africans, Egytians, Indians, Japanese, UAE would get..


So does this mean we could see the same animated character for more asian countries? Or will it be limited to China?

Hey MS why not give us the option to choose either animation!

Personally I would have left it as Cortana as that's what it was meant to be. It nice for MS to take and interest I in other cultures to better things, would also mean when Cortana is released on xbox one the Chinese version will be named this.

It looks a lot like the lame alien cat logo Cyanogenmod came up with. If they needed something with a face (yeah right) they could have put eyes on the existing Cortana circle instead of creating this... thing.

I'll keep the look of cortana we have now, but I guess some folks might like to choose an avatar for it. I do like the robot face of EVE in WALL-E.. Think that would look good as she had mood expressive eyes

I'm a Canadian living in China, and I have the Lumia 925 (bought in China). I sure hope I'll have the option to use Cortana, and NOT Xiao Na.

Don't know as I have to wait another week for something that we were told would be in China and the UK in less than two weeks!!!!!

if we need update 1? does that mean only DP people will actually get Cortana in the UK? or is there going to be a small update for all to activate her?

Cortana in Japan please! Even if I set my region US, as long as my default language is Japanese, there's no Cortana. :'(

Insane. Different cultures appreciate different things. Otherwise, they'd be being U.S.-centric and Western-centric, which isn't smart for a company trying to appeal to markets around the globe.

seeing as an update is required to activate this i'm assuming this is a leaked image?


I know Cortana has been announed for China and UK but we can not yet use her under our native regional settings etc?

Does mean Cortana will have different names according to the language or only for non-latin-based languages?

Otherwise, I propose Cortana to be called Lupe in Spanish.

I hope they eventually ad in a model that looks like Cortana from Halo... At least for the Americas although an A.I. lady that's practically naked would probably sell well in Japan too.

  Honestly, it looks too much like Google’s Android mascot to me. I would prefer if they just used Cortana’s face from the game but I’m sure that wouldn’t happen without having to jump through a bunch of hoops.

As I said from the beginning Cortana shoud have had a face! Nothing fancy just a simple animated face. It should also be the same everywhere!