Win a Lumia 635 from Nokia US for the new school year

Nokia US

Want to win a new Lumia 635 for the new school year? Then you should check out this new contest from Nokia US where you can win a Lumia 635, an Office 365 subscription, and 12 months of Skype.

Entering is easy. Just head to the Nokia US Facebook page and tell them what color Lumia 635 you'd like. You can choose between green, orange, yellow and white. Then just drop your name, zip code and email address, and you're entered to win.

Three folks can win this back to school prize. There's a little over 11 days left to enter, so hit up the Nokia US Facebook page and try your luck. This contest is open to those 16 and older living in the U.S.

Source: Nokia US


Reader comments

Win a Lumia 635 from Nokia US for the new school year


I have a 925 as well but still entered. Would be nice to have a backup device for myself, my wife or another relative.

yea i could, but, I dont feel like entering a contest and hurting someone elses ods for it who really wants it jsut so i can turn around and sell it :P

I hope they won't lie as they did in Indonesia. I once heard Nokia Indonesia had a similar contest on Facebook, but the winner just never received the prize.

I spend 95% of my time on Skype instant messaging and calling. Rarely do I ever need to use it for video calls. And if I do I'm on my PC.

Come to think of it. I never use the front facing camera on my phone. Want to take a selfie? Flip it over since the rear camera is better anyways.

To be honest I use Skype daily and front facing is a must. I video chat with the gf and it would be a pretty boring convo if I couldn't see her face.... Or having to turn the phone around for when a message comes....

Awesome. Facebook sign-in required. Let Facebook sell personal data about me for the miniscule chance of winning?
Let the sheep have this one.