Win a Lumia 900 Windows Phone by captioning this photo

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Ben (the "PC Guy" and "Mass Windows Phone Marketing Agent") Rudolph is returning with a slightly different attempt to give away Windows Phones. Should you desire what we'd assume to be a white Lumia 900, then you might be in with a chance of winning one (image / competition idea courtesy of Nokia For Us). Simply use your creative powers to create a suitable caption for the above photo, which sits the Nokia device next to a white bar of Dove soap.

How does one enter with their snazzy caption? Simply tweet your entry, adding the #captionthatlumia (click to view some of the entires already published) hashtag. The competition is running through until April 29th (11:59pm PT) when Rudolph will create a post on the Windows team blog announcing the winners. You can enter as many captions as you like, we look forward to reading yours. It's at least a refreshing change from the Smoked by Windows Phone campaign.

Source: Ben Rudolph (Twitter) via: GoWindowsGo; Thanks, Sam, for the tip!


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Win a Lumia 900 Windows Phone by captioning this photo


I also need to know the rules of this and the area of the competition before I unlock my right brain. Don't want to lose my creativity for nothing now do I.

1.  a bar of soap to wash away all that disgusting stuff of iPhone & Android has left on you over the years!
2. Nokia, here to wash away all the bad memories iPhone has left in your brain.

clean never looked this good
better than a bar of soap is an understatement
clean like dove
cleaner than a bar of soap
now that's a soap worth dropping

It's a Bird it's a Plane it's a Dove bar! Wait it's to clean to be that. It's the Nokia Lumia 900" #captionthatlumia...

Most of the entries suck. I thought this one was pretty good, though:
"I don't always bathe, but when I do, it's with my Lumia."

As long as you're willing to put in a bit work, there is no reason to wait for the whiite Lumia's to come back in stock to get one.

iPhones are just soap. Everyone uses it. Android phones are like Irish Spring. Wakes you up, but a little too much for most people. Windows Phone is like a Dove. Smooth, fresh, and a guarantees clean feeling after using it.

Lumia 900 is so addictive that you don't want to keep it away from yourself even when you are in bathroom....lol!!!

You guys know the contest isn't read here right. Probably just having fun but I thought I'd remind you all. Gotta tweet it or its a wash.

I was thinking the same thing... especially with those using hashtags in the comments. Or they could just be re-posting their already tweeted entry here for fun and we're both killing the mood :P

"A phone so pure it makes soap feel dirty"
Niiiiicce! I liked that one :) From everything I've seen, that caption should be up there with the "finalists" (IMHO).