Windows Phone 7 devices to be on sale October 21st?

We're pretty solid on the October 11th date for Microsoft to unveil their new mobile OS in New York City (we'll be there of course). But while we expect the usual market push, keynote speeches and the ability to play with new hardware, we don't think AT&T (and maybe T-Mobile) will make those phones available that day either.

So the big question is: When can you actually buy a Windows Phone 7 device?

At least for Europe, that date appears to be October 21st.

Numerous sources, including a Microsoft raffle for a WP7 device (winner announced after the 21st) and an article in a German magazine ("Euro am Sonntag") have colluded to back-up that very day as the first for commercially available devices.  This also jives with the HD7 release in "week 42" info that came out a few days ago.

Now the flip side is what about the U.S.? While we have not had such specific dates mentioned, it's not too hard to imagine that the U.S. will have a similar time-frame, at least within the same week we hope.

[via the::unwired]


Reader comments

Windows Phone 7 devices to be on sale October 21st?


I can't wait! HTC HD7 sounds very good. But any WinPho on AT&T will do for me. I currently have HTC Pure and was thinking about switching to some Android-based one but, after reading info about WinPho, I am going to give that a try instead.
Keep us informed!

I hope HTC doesn't ruin the WinPho 7 experience by putting its Sense UI over it.

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