Windows Phone Central Lumia 900 Photo Contest

WP Central Nokia Lumia 900 Photo Contest

Take a photo with your Lumia 900, win a $50 gift-certificate!

While we have been critical of the Nokia Lumia 900's camera in the past, both Dan and I agree that after updating to Tango the Windows Phone camera has much improved.

In celebration of seeing the fixes to the Lumia 900, we're having a short photo contest show off the new camera enhancements. There's nothing fancy to the giveaway but there are a few rules...

  • Post your image in comments, taken with a Lumia 900 after updating (must be on 'Tango' 8773/8779 with 1222x firmware)
  • One entry per person
  • The subject can be of anything (landscapes, portraits, sports, wildlife, door knobs, etc.)
  • Include your location (state, country)

We'll keep entries open through Monday, August 20th at 7 pm PT / 10 pm ET

From there, we'll draw five winners at random to receive $50 gift cards to the WPCentral Accessory Store. You'll need to register to participate (easy process found here) and please include your location with your entry (it helps to know when generating the gift cards).

Our advice for posting your image is to use SkyDrive and use the 'share' option to generate a public link to that photo.

Good luck and happy shooting!


Reader comments

Windows Phone Central Lumia 900 Photo Contest


As the post mention, if you have firmware 1222(x), you are good to go. So like me, I have firmware 1222(3). You have 1222(2) so you should be good.

Well I do have mine set to detect updates...so I don't need to be connected...but randomly today I got the update notification for the first time on my phone.

Funny how everything is about Lumia, leaving us with other handsets not able to enter. I don't see why Microsoft just doesn't let the other companies go if everything is about Nokia.

We have regular contests here open for everyone--in fact this is the first "limited" contest we've ever done. 

Fact is we're celebrating a nice fix for a nice phone and we didn't have to have any contest as we weren't scheduled to any this weekend. 

People always find a reason to complain....but honestly you guys do favor the lumia phones way more than any other brand. The deal of the week is always a case for the 900..most.tiems you show a lumia pic for the articles. Can't complain the 900 is the best handset. But don't deny the bias!

I'd like to see a HTC Trophy photo contest since you have been advertising that lately. or Have something for the 1st Gen phones then 2nd Gen, now that would be fun. Since wp8 is just around the corner. Something to say farewell to WP7.5/8.

We run one to two contests a week which is about one to two more than any other Windows Phone site ;-) You'll have plenty of opportunities to win something.

100 ISO, no flash, center meter and hold the camera very steady (maybe have it lean against something). Set for Macro for close shots or normal for regular distance. Toy with white balance based on your lighting. Tap-to-focus on the subject to snap the photo.

I feel like the currently most powerful android phone on the market with a cracked screen taken with a WP7 device has just a smidgen of irony :p

Is there any control over those contest? I have a Lumia 900, but I feel that other people with different phones will still take photos and say they took it with the Lumia 900. How can you be positive?

Hey I uploaded my picture but the EXIF on skydrive doesn't show any data about the phone.  How do I get it to show the device the phone was taken with???
I don't want to get disqualified :(

Please, would you help me? Nokia Argentina is doing a contest for making a letter and people have to vote. I did everything I could but it is impossible for me to win. Would you please vote for Analía Iturbe in the first page of the contest. The biggest problem is that as people in Argentina aren´t interested in the Windows Phone too much they nearly vote themselfs or their friends vote them. Please help me.

Guy, there's something called the Skydrive app in Windows Phone. Try it, you may just be surprised and learn something new about your phone. Click on my link above and be surprised that I uploaded full image quality on Skydrive, that's right.

Maybe you should look on the menu bar and see where it says "View Original". That doesn't look compressed to me.

Contest Entry!!

Picture taken at Pinery Provinal Park in Ontario, Canada. I could not believe the colours and myself for pulling out my phone in just a nick of time to shoot two of my friends...