Windows Phone Central Ringtone Contest (Win a Nokia Play 360)

Windows Phone Central Ringtone Contest

Got some musical chops? Then make us a ringtone and win yourself a Nokia Play 360!

Have you created a unique, entertaining, humorous, inspiring, "turn your head", jaw dropping, "make everyone smile" type ringtone for your Windows Phone? If so, you could win a Nokia Play 360 ($150 value) which will allow you to stream and blast music from any Windows Phone via Bluetooth.  That's right, we're having a ringtone contest and we're looking for the best.

The winner will also have their ringtone featured in our app to be used by everyone. Ka-ching.

Here's how this contest will work:

  1. Create an original ringtone
  2. Post it in this Windows Phone Central discussion
  3. The ringtone has to be original content to qualify. No use of copyrighted music or materials unless it is yours.
  4. You can submit two entries but they need to be distinct and original
  5. You have until June 23, 2012 at 5pm EST to submit your entry.

From there, we'll listen to all the entries and select the two ringtones that stand out as the best to us. Expect the winners to be announced by June 28th.

Nokia Play 360

Oh... as an added bonus, on Friday, June 15th and 22nd we will randomly draw a winner from the entries to receive a $50 gift card to the Windows Phone Central Accessory Store.

So get creative, get humorous, get original and start working up that ringtone. You will need to register to participate and you can take care of that here.


Reader comments

Windows Phone Central Ringtone Contest (Win a Nokia Play 360)


This brings back memories of Nokia phones coming with ringtone composition programs. Wonder if Nokia is going to bring something like that as an exclusive, that would be really something.

Shameless plug alert!  My app Pianist Music Studio can export compositions as ringtones.  I think it would be an awful idea if Nokia released any kind of music composition app.  Then people wont get mine! :D

Are we allowed to use Music licensed under the Creative Commons License? CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 to be exact (Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike)?

One of my colleagues ringtone is a recording of his little girl saying, "Daddy your phone's ringing." :)