Windows Phone Facebook icon updated

New Facebook WP Icon

Microsoft has changed the icon used on Facebook for submissions published from a Windows Phone to the social network. We've grown accustomed to seeing a red Windows logo next to any status we send from the handset (via the People Hub), but now the new Windows logo in a purple theme replaces the dated branding. It certainly looks refreshing, but that's always the case with a visual change.

Thanks, Hethler, for the tip!


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Windows Phone Facebook icon updated


i've used the people hub to update my status a couple times but i haven't seen the red logo for a very long time now.

Yeah, I noticed the red logo disappeared for a bit there too. I like the new logo. Any way to get branding out there to be seen is a good thing IMO.

I love it. Very classy and sexy. The red one was good, but this one is great. Next step? :) The icon colour changes in accordance to the phone accent colour :P Just kidding, of course...

Im interested in when the new Facebook app will be released.The new Facebook icon is cool,but nothing to get worked up about.

I love that you made a whole new story out of this.  That was supposed to be sarcasm, but I actually kinda do...

Yey! Thanks guys for picking up my news tip once again 
Nope, it used to be red with the old Windows logo (flag). The new icon goes with the overall Windows Phone branding/theme; check www.windowsphone.com 
Not a huge fan of the purple color, it just looks really refreshing and I must say "eyecandy" especially the new WP logo 

The logo should change to the color depending on either your phone color or your set theme. That would be kinda cool.

Must be one of the few, if not the only one that hates the new logo. I think the new logo in the new Microsoft logo would have better suited Windows, keeping the colors too (the one with just the four squares next to Microsoft in the traditional Windows colors.).

I don't care about the icon ms! Instead focus on giving us a better Facebook experience like adding a pic on the location you check in & tagging ppl & so on..