Windows Phone GDR3 Preview forum now open!

Microsoft today announced the Windows Phone GDR3 Preview, enabling those with developer accounts to try out the update before it goes live later today. As well as content creators, enthusiasts who have a developer subscription or are registered with the Windows Phone App Studio (apps.windowsstore.com) program can also get involved.

Be sure to read through our detailed article for more details on the program itself and how you can get it. We thought it would it be great to open up a new forum to help you all join in the discussion, share your experiences.

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Head on over to the Windows Phone GDR3 Preview forum to join in the discussion.


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Windows Phone GDR3 Preview forum now open!


please, i just need  clarification: This WILL void my warranty, but only until the official OTA upgrade comes out... is this correct?

@Rich Edmonds: Ive been looking for an answer all day... please, I just need  clarification: This WILL void my warranty, but only until the official OTA upgrade comes out, so once the official OTA and bittersweet shimmer come out, Ill be able to upgrade to them and the warranty will be back in order... is this correct?

You obviously dont get the song, its probably way above your head. It has a lot of meaning. The real point of the song is that love is blind, especially for underage blind girls and the groping teachers that they trust.

It should technically be 768p. Which theoretically means 8X and Ativ S are left out. At least, that's what I read. Maybe its just an irrelevant technicality though.

This FEELS positive, since quite sometime(ever since the sale of Nokia to M$), let me register and check this out.

So what happens after I update, Will my phone still tell me an update is available when the new firmware is released. Just wandering if I'm on gdr3, will it know to update the firmware

Only if you are a dev, have a dev account or have an app store account like the other blog posts have already stated

This is a smart move for MS. Considering that developers are essential for a better OS it's good to see them support us :D

I have good feeling, official GDR3 will released on October 22 since Dubai going to lunch new product., I think?

Installing it now. So far it's been about 5 minutes and is at 98%.
Will report any odd findings in Forums

I have an account in the windows phone app studio..i don't see an option to "unlock" my Lumia 920 so I can get the update? How are y'all enabling the download?

When will this get pushed out to the public other than this method? The article made it sound like it was being generally released later today.

Goto the files in your SkyDrive, open a file, click on options and select share. You can then choose the method such as email and it will attach the file. Like you I opened an email and clicked on attach. It does not appear that you can attach anything other than pictures this way. You can only attach files if you initiate from SkyDrive.

What does the custom tones thing mean, my IM s are still coming as the the previous default tone

Now, with all these new developers, it would be awesome if someone could develop an app that mimics DataSense for all of us att branded folks (I'm on an MVNO so MyATT isn't an option and ive heard it pales in comparison anyways). Android has a plethora of data usage apps. Is WP8 just too locked down for us to do the same in any meaningful way?