Windows Phone Marketplace appears to be back in business

Windows Phone Marketplace back in business

Whatever the reason for the Windows Phone Marketplace had for not playing nice earlier, the problems appeasr to have been resolved. We've been able to access the Marketplace online as well as from our Windows Phones.

Even the links to Marketplace apps are behaving as they should. The glitches we've experienced today as well as over the weekend could simply be the result of Microsoft working under the hood.

None the less, all appears to be corrected and we hope everyone is now able to access the Marketplace.  Sound off in the comments if you're still having problems.


Reader comments

Windows Phone Marketplace appears to be back in business


Umm, it's 6:22 PM.  I am still unable to access it and getting the same error of "We are sorry, the page you requested cannot be found".  Even with the force refresh and clearing the cache.  The WindowsPhone.com main page takes forever to load. 

9:54pm here in the US East....and Marketplace still down when you try to access it from any links within Windows Phone (i.e. http://www.microsoft.com/windowsphone/en-us/ and CLICK on "Marketplace" or "My Phone"....only results in error page.
But, if one uses the link WP Central divulged a short while ago via a Tweet (http://www.windowsphone.com/en-US/marketplace?wa=wsignin1.0) , one can TEMPORARILY get into the Marketplace and MyPhone and Account. But, if you click back on "Marketplace," "MyPhone," or "Account" again, you will go back to the error page.
My sense is there is some kind of linkage error going on within Microsoft. No techie here....but, that's my take!

Ok in Italy too, cannot see us marketplace but European markets are up from here.
Page speed is double than normal, hope remains like this forever ;)

Rebooted computer and now Marketplace works normally again. No more error pages. (Running Vista/IE9 here.) Coincidence? Solution? Who knows....it works now. (Virginia, USA)