Monster Pinball HD Red Stripe Deal

Windows Phone Red Stripe Deals: Monster Pinball, Sonic CD and Polyglot

We've already mentioned the Xbox Live portion of this week's Windows Phone Red Stripe Deals, Sonic CD. The other two parts of this weeks deals include Monster Pinball HD and Polyglot.

For those not familiar with Red Stripe Deals, every week three Windows Phone titles will be discounted and identified by a red stripe around the icon. You'll have one Xbox Live title, one game, and one app discounted. The discounted pricing only lasts a week.

Sonic CD, Monster Pinball HD, Polyglot

Monster Pinball HD is now $.99 (no trial version) and you can find it here in the Windows Phone Store. Sonic CD is discounted to $1.99 (you can find it here) and Polyglot, a language translator, is now $.99 (you can find it here).

QR: Red Strip Deals 4-18-13


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Windows Phone Red Stripe Deals: Monster Pinball, Sonic CD and Polyglot


I have a post in the Windows Phone App Forum that I will be updating weekly. I would link it here, but I get the error message, "This post has been automatically been marked as spam. Please revise your comment to either remove links and/or references to money."

All these apps and games are great but usless, i still haven't been able to download asphalt 7 yet let alone any others because of the serious lack if storage. Half of which is being taken up by the "other" storage.

Have you tried that app that trims the Other storage down a bit?

And you might not have room for 500 MB-1GB games like Gameloft titles, but Sonic's less than 200 MBs and other games are usually smaller.

Monster Pinball HD is a little deceptive. With its listing of achievements you'd be quick to assume it's an Xbox Live game. It's not.

Tempted on Sonic CD....funny thing I can get the orignal game(Sega Sonic CD ) for about double that price...
If it was $0.99, I would but, I guess I will have to pass this round....

Polyglot is powered by Microsoft Translator. Is there any reason one should buy this instead of using Microsoft Translator app (that is even free) ?

The UI is a bit better and there's a free trial if you want to test it out. But I didn't see any compelling reason to pay for it before... I might have another look now that it's $1