Windows Phone Word Flow keyboard dethroned as fastest by Fleksy-equipped teen

Word Flow

A Brazilian teenager used the Fleksy for Android to break the Guinness World Record for fastest texting, previously held by the Word Flow keyboard of Windows Phone 8.1. Marcel Fernandes Filho typed his 25-word message in 18.19 seconds on a Samsung Galaxy S4.

The record was broken on April 25 in New York City, and edged out the previous record-holder by .25 seconds. Filho was required to use perfect spelling, capitalization, and punctuation.

Fleksy is a relative newcomer in keyboards. It was in private beta for a while, releasing to the public back in December. Fleksy uses large keys and places an emphasis on prediction and auto-correction in an attempt to let users keep their eyes off of their phones while typing. Fleksy currently supports Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.

Oh, and the message that Filho had to type? "The razor-toothed piranhas of the genera Serrasalmus and Pygocentrus are the most ferocious freshwater fish in the world. In reality they seldom attack a human."

Source: USA Today

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Windows Phone Word Flow keyboard dethroned as fastest by Fleksy-equipped teen



I have no other swipe keyboard to compare with, but WordFlow is great. Since I'm not going to be typing competitively, I think I'll stick to it...

Yeah given that only the fastest in the world type the fastest in the world, I don't care ^^

Not if I make my own Android build which I almost do and replace the google keyboard and slap Fleksy in /system :-) Still not like it makes a difference. Keyboards aren't tied to one device or the other. Not like we don't have a million options.

The flow technology is awesome too. SwiftKey also uses it.

The word flow keyboard record was set on the 520 right? I personally find that more impressive considering the screen is relatively small.  

Though a record is a record.

It makes more sense that it was done on a 520. Smaller screen means finger has to travel less distance to type the same words.

Yeah, I was wondering, does word flow even work on a 1520 if you don't have ginormous hands? Because it makes the same finger traverse the whole keyboard instead of having two fingers to take half the screen each.

Does the Windows keyboard have an option to compact the keyboard down so that it only takes up like half the screen on either the left or right? The flow keyboard on Android (SwiftKey) is like this and it really helps to type fast and comfortably on larger screens. Just asking cause I've never used a Windows phone.

The device used to beat the windows phone doesn't matter. Fleksy will run perfectly on older Android devices. Fleksy is pretty sweet. I'm using it now even though I normally use hackers keyboard for doing work in Office documents simply because it gives me a standard QWERTY keyboard and I can use standard keyboard shortcuts.

I think swipe like keyboard is faster on a smaller screen, because you need to swype less, the distance your fingers travel in the end is shorter so you can type faster with less speed. They should try it on 620 with even smaller screen. I guess the dude who set the record chose 520 for a reason

Probably as many times anybody practice on any keyboard until it became muscle memory

if i would i can beat that guys with swiftkey. Swiftkey learn from what you type and you only need to press the space bar in many case :D

SwiftKey uses flow technology as well. Pretty nice keyboard. Using Fleksy at the moment but also got SwiftKey installed.

Kinda makes me wonder if Fleksy put an emphasis on the autocorrect for those words. Then again I guess same could be used for WP's keyboard.

Nah, I think it's been proven by now that WP8.1's Word Flow is just incredibly and unbelievably accurate.

Begin typing this sentence and look at the suggestions, it suggests the words in the sentence so u would barely have to type anything if you tap fast.

Well, typing is simply the act of manually selecting the letters that form the words you want to communicate. So swyping is, in fact, typing.

What I've noticed is that the keyboard predicts not only the word you are sleeping but also the likely next word based on the preceding words. It's pretty damn awesome. Windows phone did this way better than Android did when it first came out. I don't use Android anymore so I don't know how much it has improved since then.
The last sentence above was typed merely by selecting the suggestions from word flow up until "has" :-)

I begin to type a sentence starting with THE and end up clicking the suggestions, longest ever wasclicking them suggestions for a 4 line paragrapgh LOL

Just tried that. This is what I got:

The traditional way of life and the other hand is a good day at work and the other side effects of the traditional way of life is not responsible for any reason you have to go back and watch the game of thrones.

Kinda old. I've heard about this 3 weeks ago. I even thought this result was before the WP keyboard. Little punk!

Exactly! If the kid is fast, would he be faster on a WP Word Flow keyboard? You can't test drive two different cars exactly the same way with two different drivers and the same applies to keyboards.

Couldn't the same be said about word flow though? Who's saying the record holder from Windows phone wouldn't be faster on a galaxy? Don't get me wrong o love word flow but if you use the argument once you can just our twice.

The article isn't trying to make word flow look bad, it's just giving people some info so blind WP fanboys don't go screaming at people with android devices that they have the fastest keyboard in the World (which is a rather lame achievement anyway).

lol Well that didn't last long. Record taken away even before they could use it to promote the new version of the OS.

You're quickly turning from a douce bag to a troll. But my big question is, how come you're still around when you already threatened a lot of times to move to iOS (iPhone 5S), Android (Z1 and Z2), non-Google Android (Nokia X), and a vague recollection of going Sailfish too.

Does it change each time? What's stopping someone from programming a keyboard that types the whole thing in 1 press (even if it changed you could wire it up to a web service once you know the phrase)?

It's the same every time, so it's fair I guess. At least this was the same sentence used for the Word Flow record. But yes, that could lead to a keyboard that is specialised to that phrase.

our keyboard is slightly specialized to this phrase try typing it regularly and look at suggestions.

To be fair Word Flow does crowdsource suggestions, so that could be from the number of times it was typed to practice for the record itself.

Correct, however on Word Flow it uses these suggestions as you type the next word to help determine what you're writing. So even if you don't use the suggestions, you're still being assisted by them.

Okay, but surely for the normal end user tapping on a predicted word is the whole point of this type of technology? So for me, these record attempts aren't really worth anyone's time besides those taking part.
I personally didn't like Swype back in the day but I find the WP solution to be excellent and accurate too.

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When I got 8.1 I went out and directly and compared the keyboard with my friends S4, dont have any non Wp devices in my house :P, so on the S4 if the word is a little out it doesnt recognise it whereas I go completely off on my 820 and it still gives me the word I need. Talk about a Smart Phone LOL

People are just feeling hurt for some reason and trying to justify what happens. It happens online all the time because people go out and spend lots of money on something they think is best at the time and when any news appears that doesn't put their device first in something then... Well lol pretty obvious.

Just ignore it.

No, not trying to justify it, I know that both keyboards are just as fast as each other. I just think it would have been fairer to use the built in solution instead.

I know that, I'm not stupid. I was simply stating that to make it fairer they should have used the built in solution instead.

Going to try it + going to make an app that counts the time, shows the phrase and deactivates suggestions. Wrote using
Word flow in twenty seconds lol

Oooh, someone broke the record, damn its a deal breaker, I'm switching to android... Said no one ever

That's how I notice when I accidentally switch keyboard languages, the WordFlow stops working...

I believe "the fastest keyboard in the world" is a bit misleading. I'm not fanboying but Word Flow is faster than that because it makes most of the work. This guy only proved he has the fastest fingers in the world, but that Fleksy keyboard in my hands is 20 times slower than Word Flow.

What? A circle is a circle. Methinks someone is a little obsessed with Cortana. LOL

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Nobody has a patent on a circle so Microsoft did not copy Fkeksy. The original neutral comment was "...looks like...", very different from your "copy" which is an intentional action.

Omg. Really, in Turkish we call these things ibretlik tespit. It's really hard to translate but believe that it's good ;)

how many attempts......i tried it, couldnt do it in less than 45 seconds.  Its insane to type that fast.  I dont think I could type anywhere even close to that even if I tried over and over and over again.  I can do it in like 25 seconds on a standard pc keyboard though.

I have liked to see him do this with Fleksy set to invisible mode. You can't even see the keys. It's awesome. But in wondering why this guy is using the keyboard that way. To me it's a lot faster to just swipe right once to add a space and twice to add punctuation (then swiping down to scroll through punctuations) but then agaib I'm not as fast as this guy lol

Without Swype Android has the slowest keyboard ever. It lags to hell on the Galaxy Note 2. There is a terrible delay from when a key is pressed to when it registers it. iOS's keyboard would be ok if it would show lowercase letters on the keyboard when caps lock is off. I always get so confused and I end up pressing the caps lock key several times until I get the case I want. Windows Phone has the best touch screen keyboard. A lot of critics who hated Windows Phone 7 even said the keyboard was great. Now with Word Flow, texters everywhere might flock to Windows Phone.

Yeah what I up with iOS not showing lower caps? Never understood that when I use my iPad mini. I hate the keyboard on that thing, the WP keyboard is so much better. Even before WordFlow

That little blankety blank @#*!! Someone step up to the plate and redeem Word Flow,it's only.25 seconds.. How hard could that be right??? lol!

Regardless of how you accomplish it, what it says is that you need to put the phone down and step away...look up first before you step away...then run and don't look back.

Would have thought this kind of thing is more down to the person doing it than the keyboard itself.

Ultimately though, who cares.

Let MS release WP8.1 to all (final, not preview), everyone can then practice and break the record. :D When is it launching btw, anyone?

Well whats more impressive is that the wordflow keyboard was a whole 2 seconds faster then the previous record, this compared to fleksy time being just a quarter of second faster is negligible :P. However a record is a record none the less, so grats to the breaker.

I had this keyboard on my galaxy nexus and maybe it was the phone, I didn't think it was because swiftkey ran fine, but fleksy was horrible. It looked great but had horrible autocorrect and lagged.

By a few seconds...lol built in keyboard is solid so imagine future unlocked APIs sp we can have the same keyboard on windowsphone...pfft

Geez. I don't care that it beat it, good for him. Anyways, if something beats another by less than a second, especially this, it doesn't matter.

Fleksy $3.99 vs Wordflow Free (and Built-in to WP8.1)

I'll go with the latter, thanks anyways!

Yeah, I'd rather see a group of people and take an average. But I'd bet that's been done already and hopefully someone will publish those results.

I have just tried the Fleksy keyboard on a Samsung S3 and didn't even get past the tutorial. I uninstalled the app before even trying it out because the tutorial put me off from even trying the app.
Windows Phone's word flow solution is a seamless built-in solution that actually works brilliantly without any problems. Android can have their Fleksy and bullshit Guiness world record, because the sheep of Android need to be reassured and comforted.

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They all record time with a hand controlled stopwatch. How can you rely on this? This is ridiculous.

.25 seconds difference could easily have been caused by inaccurate measuring.

Human reaction time is approximately 150 to 300 milliseconds (or 0.15 to 0.30 seconds).

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reaction_time

So, over two measurements, one time on the Word Flow record, and one time with the Fleksy record, the difference could easily range from 0 to 0.60 seconds.

Who says the record is broken? One measurement can't say!

I think the video is just a commercial, real record attempts are measured by more precise means. Especially when you already have apps that can accurately measure that exact phrase

3rd party keyboards shouldn't count. Windows Phone still has the fastest keyboard of any mobile OS.

It's hard to believe swipe can be broken. Especially with flesky. I use flesky and I absolutely can't type a damn thing on it but it looks so damn good I use it anyway.

Well, that kid text day and night of course he is good but MS word flow is for peoples who text all the time and also for those text once in awhile and do it quicker than normally those ages. So, wordflow to me is quick and the best.

Except wordflow doesn`t support many languages, portuguese included. Then again, why should it support portuguese? After all there are only 500.000 million portuguese speaking people in the world.


Anyone Can plzz askjoe belfiore about fleksy and would they upgrade world flow to again get the guinesss world record.

Don't let them touch word flow because it's great already for everyday texting by ordinary people! So somebody who pobably practiced day and night on fleksy beat it - that's not gonna change the world.

That keyboard is awful I heard. It autocorrects only the similar sized words. Eg. If I type sludg, it should correct it to sludge, but it gives slugs which is wrong. Pretty awkward keyboard.
IMO record will be broken soon by someone.

I'm just gonna get an Android. I'll switch back when Microsoft finally adds every feature Androids have.

WP 8.1 was dethroned much earlier. I saw a video of a guy typing on a latest BlackBerry. Pretty impressive.

That means what? That BB improved their keyboard after being beaten and is the king again?
Because soon after WP 8.1 WordFlow video I saw that guy with BB typing the same text and being faster by a few seconds. (!)

Again, these are only based on the users familiarity with the keyboard... Of course an expert in something will trump one they are unfamiliar with, it takes time and practice to be really good at anything U_U

Word flow works for me not sure about the message he had to prepare seems to me if it comes across a combination it does not like it comes down to how good the user of the keyboard is. Would be more interesting to see the results for normal person asked to prepare the same text who did not use flow keyboards previously. Lastly does it do the icons we like the icons bit. Except the comments section asked me to remove my thumbs up icon from this post as emoticons are not supported so fail.

Fleksy is difficult to use.It took lot time to get familiar with its swipe gesture controls. For God's sake this guy has done a record using this tough keyboard may be deserves a lot for using fleksy.

Word flow didn't come up with the world "Noise" in shape writing.
Typed "Noise" twice and word flow learnt it. Android keyboard can't learn that till "pussykat" update arrives

That's why I mentioned further up that it would be a fairer test for them to use the Google Gesture Keyboard instead.

Someone should create an apps that can helps to calculate what time taken for the user to type the entire sentence . Whereas this can help to identify any potential user that can beat the record as well !!