Wordfeud now available on the Windows Phone Marketplace

Wordfeud App

Seems as though we've been taken by surprise with Wordfeud as the title is now available on the Marketplace. We previously looked at the app when the developers noted that they were looking at a February 1st release, but one could assume they couldn't wait much longer.

The multiplayer Scrabble clone comes packed with push notifications, Live Tiles, opponent chat, cross-platform support and more. Check out some highlighted features below:

  • Choose to play with friends or be matched up against random opponents
  • Play in 30 simultaneous games
  • Random board option to mix up the DL, DW, TL, TW tiles
  • Push notifications informing you of opponent's latest move
  • Uses English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish and Danish dictionaries
  • Chat with your opponents

You can download Wordfeud from the Marketplace fully functional and free with ads or $2.99 with no ads. (Update: Link fixed)

Via: WP7.nl, thanks Mark for the heads up!

QR: Wordfeud


Reader comments

Wordfeud now available on the Windows Phone Marketplace


its a very nice looking game. The ads are just annoying enough to convince you purchasing the game would be a good idea and the live tile is well done, how it trasitions from the "W F" to "W" with the number of games it is your turn in,is really nice.

Hope the developer straightens up the edges of those tiles.
Can someone tell me if it's possible to play against someone on the same device? Will buy if that is the case.

Alphajax is Windows Phone exclusive so although I really like it, Wordfeud is better because you can play people on other platforms. The better comparison is Wordfeud and Words by Post and even there it's an easy win for the former. The app is just very well done, includes several dictionaries in several languages and has a larger user base. It's a no brainer.

Im glad to see this arrive although I still prefer Words By Post. Words By Post allows you to play people with other platforms and your FB friends too all for free.

This one let's you play people with other platforms too (iOS & Android) and hooking up with your FB friends shouldn't be too difficult either.

Might be nice to add to the post that the trail version is the same as the full version but features adds.
Seems like a decent version. Very clean and fast. Unlike other major apps that were ported recently (like Whatsapp, thats still a big mess)

Are there any other cross platform games? I play words by post but I would like to play my friends with other phones.

I don't like that it doesn't tell you the amount of points before submitting the word you put though :/ other than that it's awesome

Clones are fine I guess but it sure would be nice to play what the rest of the world is playing, words w friends and hangin w friends.

Here in Holland, everybody plays Wordfeud. Why? Because it's cross-platform and it has a Dutch dictionary. It also has great gameplay and nice app design (at least for the iPhone and Windows Phone version, don't know about Android). Although there could be some improvements, like adding the ability to see the points before you make a move and different playboard designs to choose from. But bottomline is that it's a great app and very nice to have on Windows Phone as well :)

No incentive to buy it to replace Words By Post. Sure there's a larger user base on WordFeud but I never struggle to find a game on WBP.

Here in Sweden a lot of people used to play it, but now almost no one plays it:S, I don't know why thou.