Wordfeud coming to Windows Phone on February 1st

We previously touched on Wordfeud close to the end of 2011 with an email reply from the development team who stated a Windows Phone version of the cross-platform multiplayer word game is on the way. Now we can see the app in action on a Nokia Lumia 800 in the above photo. 

In the post over on the Wordfeud blog the team state that they're looking at a February 1st release. Good news for those who are awaiting this title.

Source: Wordfeud, thanks Rob for the heads up!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • What is the most popular between this Words by Post and Words with Friends
  • Words with Friends definitely is the most popular.
  • But why is it popular than words by post?
  • More users! Zynga does a great job at building gaming communities.
  • Windows phone needs words with friends.
  • We neeeeeed words with friends!!!
  • Spell it isn't bad though...
  • Spell It is great, but most of my friends don't have Windows Phones. Word Feud is definitely a step in the correct direction.
  • I agree, spell it is an amazing app!
  • Words by Post is pretty fun. I have been playing it with my wife who has a WP7 as well as a friend with a Kindle Fire.
  • Also...commenting from the WPCentral app is AWESOME.
  • I'm not really sure why people have such a hard on for words with friends. Words by post is already cross platform with Android and ios.
  • Because... words with friends is already the dominant app on the other platforms. Most people will ask if you have THAT app to play them. It's silly to ask them to add a redundant app to play you and use WWF for all their other friends.
  • It's because you can't realistically expect your friends to switch to Words by Post just for 1-2 Windows Phone users they know when all their other friends use Words With Friends. It makes much more sense for the Windows Phone users to adopt WWF because they're the minority. Wordfeud is quite popular, especially on Android, so it's a step better than what we have now but ultimately the platforms needs WWF.
  • I agree.....i have all my friends and family on Words by Post! I am the only one with a Windows phone at the moment.....several are looking to change to windows on their next upgrade after using my phone! :-) Besides.....Words by Post takes a lot more dirty words!! ;-)
  • Someone on the l'Appe bandwagon set it as the IT app and as their apps are law... =/
  • Have been looking forward to this one as it meets all my requirements; cross-platform, looks polished and supports both English and Dutch dictionaries.
  • That phone is so pretty :D I also play words by post with both my wp7 and android friends so this game is welcomed.
  • Words With Friends cannot be expected to come to WP if no one is sending e-mails to Zynga to let them know that you're interested.    I emailed them a few months ago about porting the app to WP, and was told that any new announcements would be on their blog.  Well, to this day, no announcements, so perhaps there aren't enough WP users showing interest.
    Regardless, I've done my part and I don't even own a WP device yet!  But hopefully, by the time Apollo rolls around, there will have been enough interest shown to them regarding the WP platform and an app will be available.  If not, so be it - I'm still going to purchase a Nokia WP.
  • I can understand that people want WWF; it's just a shame that Zynga is a horrible money-grabbing company. I rather try and convert my friends to Wordfeud instead of trying to get Zynga to change their mind.
  • Because no company besides Zynga wants to make money??
  • Of course, and I've got no problems with that, but Zynga is just in a league of its own. Just take a look at the in-app purchase of tokens; basically letting users cheat for money. It's bad enough the cheating goes on, but there is no need to make it a feature just so they can make money of it.
  • I have... Once last April when I first got my Focus, and again in the summer. They say there isn't enough support/they don't wanna support a OS that may fail.
  • Can't tell you how many times I've emailed those guys
  • You can also play WWF with facebook users. Just sayin'
    Not complaining though, I'm glad we're getting this. At least now I can play with my girlfriend who uses Android.
  • OK, I'll admit the Facebook integration is nice and I wish Wordfeud could have this as well. Still, I'm sure I'll manage without.
  • Words By Post has Faceook integration and it's cross platform too. Android and IOS. I'll be sticking with it.
  • When you say integration, are you talking about an actual app to use on Facebook like WWF or just a Facebook page? Cause I looked and I don't see an app like WWF and ultimately, that is why WWF is the more popular of these games.
  • You can connect and play WBP with your FB friends from your phone. I received the update about 2 weeks ago on my Windows phone
  • Just by words by post to support the guy who made the jump to wp7 first. It's an excellent app on all fronts.
  • Saying WBP is just as good as WWF is just like saying WP7 is just as good as iOS. Sure, you may be right.... But no one is going to listen to you. :/
  • WWF not wp7 and only English? Wordfeud is the best...
    F### the rest.
  • I don't know anyone who has a Windows Phone :/ so I would love Words with Friends! :D
  • Nothing wrong with wordfeud blame zynga for the lack of WWF, not WP or MS.
  • I'm so excited for wordfeud! :D