WPCentral 140: Nokia Lumia 900 vs HTC Titan II

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Jay Bennett and Daniel Rubino are joined by George Ponder this week to hash out those two big Windows Phone releases, the HTC Titan II and the Nokia Lumia 900 both on AT&T.  Tune into our discussion of the pros and cons plus other Windows Phone news happening this week.

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WPCentral Podcast 140 for April 11th, 2012

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WPCentral 140: Nokia Lumia 900 vs HTC Titan II


Daniel, It's not really lag like stuttering. It's more of an accuracy issue where it lags behind your gesture just like when you did the Touch test on the diagnostic app against the Lumia 800. You can really feel it when playing a game like Dodonpachi Maximum. The battleship is far from your finger when your moving it, it catches up when your finger stops moving
Edit: It's not the type of lag we used to get when scrolling third party apps pre-mango

Honestly I haven't had any of the isssues described. My friend has had the loss of data issue. I am a long time iPhone user who was blown away at CES by the Nokia Lumia 900. I borrowed a Samsung Focus in February and continued to be impressed with the Windows Phone platform. I run a facebook page called the AT&T Fan Page and have made it my mission to stay with the Nokia Lumia 900 to inform the fans of our page that there is another alternative out there to the other platforms if they are not happy. Enjoyed listening to your podcast and am now addicted to Trines Hangman! LOL. Great site guys!

I saw the "lag" on the Lumia 900 in the review but i have not noticed it on my own Lumia. I have used several drawing apps as well as a diagnostic app that tracks your finger as it moves around the screen and i see no lag, at least nothing different than any other touch screen phone ive used. I liked the video very detailed and informative.

i'm with Jay. Nokia Drive and Nokia Maps do it for me. I'm a (very amateur) photographer and also a "seasoned" WP user but the Lumia 800 (don't have the 900 is Aus yet) just feels great while all HTC phones I've had and used feel cheap. I'm stoked that with the 800 I got a GPS navigator free and Mix Radio is free as well which I can't believe how awesome it is!
The camera on the 800 is good enough for me to take snaps with when I'm out and about. When I go to an event or party my Canon S95 comes with me no matter what and it will never get replaced as my point and shoot. So even if the 900 had a better camera like the TItan II I still wouldn't go the Titan II.
If Dan and George aren't using their 900 feel free to post it my way. I'll pay for postage :)

FUUUUUUUUUU, haahaha IDK WHICH ONE TO GET NOW! I really love the look of the nokia, and want Drive.... but love the camera of the titan II. I'll need some therapy over this dilemma. haha

Daniel - were those the Beats earbuds you were wearing ?  I liked my Focus earbuds and have a pair of Brookstone but I am looking for a really comfortable pair - any thoughts?

I'm still using my titan which I've loved since getting. However, recently its been dropping calls like crazy which is aggravating and I have a Microcell at my house. I don't have a upgrade until Dec. Which I still feel shafted buying the titan then few months later titan 2 comes out. I looked at both phones, but I agree Daniel if the lumia had the titans camera it would be perfect. I do remember 3 days before release I talked to a rep in Atlanta and she told me she was forced to use the lumia and had connection issues. The other rep next to her said he's been waiting on a Nokia phone and wasn't impressed because she lost connection. Even amongst the At&t reps the connection issue got them not liking it and not having Pandora, but I showed them other apps to download.

I will be waiting for Windows Phone 8, but I get the feeling we may not see some incredible devices. I will wait anyway though, i really want Nokia to take notice and give us a windows phone 8 phone that is the best phone in the US. Keep it 4.3 though, i love my titan to death, but sometimes it does get funky when trying to use one hand. Sorry for the long post LOVE WP and great podcast. Its always nice to listen to people talk about WP the way i do.

Personally for me since im not a big picture taker i went with a nokia lumia 900 2 of em actually one for me and my brother i went with cyan he went with black i think option wise design wise and screen wise L900 is much better though titan2 has screen SIZE and camera quality but i think thats only relevant when targetted at users not really in general anyone who loves taking pictures will enjoy the titan2 but i think even the navigation software on the phone is not up to par with anything nokia offers for free. Camera on the L900 may not be what everyone was expecting but at the end of the day it isnt as if your not getting good quality..though i do agree low lighting does not make for good pics on my phone to say the least good jobs on the reviews and remember titan or nokia wp is wp :D

I'm starting to see a few complaints about the lag on the Lumia 900 and once again it appears to be another intermittient problem that most are not experiencing. I hope this gets addressed by Nokia as well.

i will post as i see manny get confuse about windows phone os and version
Windows phone Tango is for ONLY 256mb low end 800mhz cpu and below
Windows phone Mango is for ONLY 512mb middle 1hgz to 1.5ghz cpu
Windows Phone Apollo is for and upgrated version of HTC titan,nokia 700,800,900 series and is the trnasition betwenn phone 7 to 8
Regarts to apps and games , it not imported to microsoft only the number is imported and by start of windows 8 , thay estemate 100.000 apps and games to start the windows 8 phone and tablets
that is why microsoft does not upgrade there SDK to reflerct the the yaer 2012 like the android or apple
if we go back to the mobile 6.5
you have custom shaders, true hardware float point and low level audio support
microsoft has not put this in there sdk for windows phone 7
it is only an transtion phone to anothere phone with a new sdk to follow
Michael Hansen