WPCentral Contest: Win your choice of Windows Phone 8 device!

Windows Phone 8 Launch Day Contest: Leave a comment to this post letting us know which Windows Phone 8 device you want and you could win it courtesy of Windows Phone Central!

It's been a huge day for Windows Phone fans. Windows Phone 8 was officially lauched by Microsoft, and over the days and weeks ahead we'll see a number of next-generation Windows Phone 8 devices hit the market. Further adding to today's excitement, here on WPCentral we unveiled a newly updated site design! We have lots of contests planned as the Windows Phone 8 frenzy continues, but we're going to kick things off right now with a device giveaway to celebrate both the official launch and our newly updated site. 

How To Enter: Leave a single comment to this post letting us know how you're liking our new site design and what Windows Phone 8 device you want to win. Lumia 920? 820? 822? An HTC 8X or 8S? Or maybe a Samsung ATIV? Let us know and you can win it! Full contest details below. If you're not yet a member of Windows Phone Central, today is the day to join! Good luck!


Contest Details:

  • Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Winner will be announced next week.
  • Contest is open worldwide.
  • Depending on what phone you choose to win, we'll buy it and ship it to you as soon as it becomes publicly available.


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Following our site relaunch there was an issue where some members were having difficulty posting comments to articles on the blogs. This issue has now been fixed, both via the website and via our app. If for whatever reason you find yourself unable to post a comment, please logout and log back into the site. If you're still experiencing any issues, please let us know on this forum thread. Be sure to let us know what browser you are using and how you are visiting the site.


Reader comments

WPCentral Contest: Win your choice of Windows Phone 8 device!



Well, i like the site.. But i was wondering if they'll make a new mobile website also or not, as for phones i guess I'll get 920 or 820 .. Nokia rocks here in Middle east plus.. I am the only one in the country holding a WP :D

Must say I do actually like the new site, easy to navigate and looks nice. Also love the competition as my HTC Desire has just decided to brick itself a little sooner than I would have liked. I think the phone I would like has got to be the Nokia Lumia 920 (in Cyan or Black)

I like the Nokia 920 it's a beautiful thing. The yellow matches my Ferrari. Nice site layout, I like the new windows 8 look

I think the site looks great! It reminds me of my wife's sorority colors and I'd say she would love it too!  Keep it rockin' WPCentral!!!  By the way, I could REALLY use a free Nokia Lumia 920!  Thank you guys for all of the hardwork and great articles!

I pointed out that this didn't work in landscape mode to the Nokia engineer during one of the Nokia release parties, September maybe?  He was shocked, made a big fuss about it, said it was a pre-production model and that he would personally make sure it got fixed before production.  Now maybe 'fixed' means as soon as possible and there were already production models being built with what I consider a DEFECT or an engineering FAIL.  Whichever.  Combined with the labotimized NFC, this whole idea seems half-baked.  That said, I'd rather have the broken upright model than the flat model, but apparently AT&T and Nokia think that sending me a yellow phone three weeks after I order it is just dandy.  My daughter got the in-stock red 920 to replace her 900, and hasn't put it down yet.

A yellow Lumia 920 would be wicked!

New site design is awesome - easy to read and navigate! Thanks for improving!

I'm loving the new site design. So far from what I've seen, I'd really like to get a Cyan Lumia 920 on AT&T.

Absolutely loving the new redesign guys! It is super clean and easy to navigate.
Would love to get one of the LUmia 920's in grey. Thanks!

Liked the old site, love the new one.  Want a Lumia 920 to give to me mum so she can rock out with me ;)

Cyan Lumia 920, because of Nokia Music, Maps, the camera and the colors/design. 
The new design of the site looks beautiful, I just have to get used to it.

Im loving the Lumia 920! Cant wait for it to be released!
And the new site is nice and fresh. Initially i was a bit unsure about it but it's really growing on me and feel's very Windows Phone/metro

The website is looking amazing!!! It is just faster.. And with IE10 and W8 everything is just smoother!!

The site is beautiful, the whole microsoft ecosystem is coming together and I want the phone that Jessica has ;)
Lumia 920.

This new Website is very well accomplished! Easier to find what you want and best of all, metrofied! ;)
I would like to win a Nokia 920 Cyan! (Seems to be the favorite here!)

I've Tweeted and posted about how much I like the new site already, but I'll say it again; It's fresh and effiecient and I especially like the front page. Awesome.

Now, if I were lucky enough to win, I'd take ANY of the devices, but my #1 most-favoritest-choice would be a red Lumia 920.  (I might also need a new laptop as I've drooled on my keyboard)


I really like the metro influence in wpcentral site...would love to see a switch color button (black theme) :)
My choice is a Samsung Ativ S (plan to purchase an Ativ tablet...)

I have been waiting and waiting for a Lumia 920 in Yellow.
I gave up the iPhone 5, went back to my old LG Quantum, and now I just want that 920! I actually pre-order at Best Buy before they took everything down. So here is to hoping

The new site is what I call the Modern UI......extremely Metrofied excuse me to use the word and I want the HTC 8X PLEASE.

I like the new site design. It has a Metro Microsoft design language feel to it. Which obviously fits in to what's happening right now with Microsoft.

Nokia Lumia 920, please!

I do like the new design of the site - I noticed it's more tablet friendly now, resonating inspiration from metro UI. But strangely though, its taking more time to load than previous site design. I know it's supposed to be faster but I'm not seeing it. I want Red lumia 920!

Liking how the new design seems inline with the Metro Design UI, angular, neat and "live"
Would love a Lumia 920

Like the new design. Obvious tie-in to Metro but abit brighter. Loads quicker than previous design.
Dream device is the Nokia Lumia 920 (Gray or Black)

Even though the 8x looks amazing, I'm still wanting the Lumia 920. My focus has been good to me, but I can't wait to upgrade. I wish grey was available on ATT though! The new site is looking super fresh, WPCentral is my new homepage!

the new site looks fresh and the lighter theme makes it much more friendly
Cyan Lumia 920 :D

New site is great. Really bright design echos the new Windows Phone 8 hardware.
I'd love to win a Nokia 920.

The Lumia 920, of course.  I love HTC's stuff but Nokia has really impressed me with the WP7 devices and I really can't wait to get my hands on a WP8 phone.  Hell, to be honest I'd be happy with any WP8 phone!

The new design looks great. Looks like the Metro UI, which is very appropriate, and always appealing.

I'm on T-mo so I'd say Nokia Lumia 810 if that's an option.

I love the new looks on the site, much cleaner (in accordance with the Windows Phone UI) and faster to load which makes it aces in my book. I would love a Lumia 920 to finally put aside that Optimus 7 that I'm currently holding...

I would love and unlocked Lumia 920 in Gray or Yellow or Red or... any color... since you are nice enough to offer :) 
You guys Rock at WPCentral so keep up the great work! Can't wait for WP8

The new site is definitely a lot easier to navigate.
I would like the HTC 8X. The hardware design is just too great and not too bulky compared to the Lumia 920. Also the screen size on both the Lumia 920 and ATIV S is just too big for my taste.

I have always been a HTC kind of guy, but the new Lumia 920 looks pretty amazing.  I would go for the 920.
The site upgrade is amazing!  Nice and clean, and follows the theme of the content nicely.  Keep up the good work!

The new Windows Phone Central design fits well to the new Windows Phone 8 home screen. Looks elegant and different. If I could win a new Windows Phone 8 device, it would be a Samsung ATIV.

Lumia 920
Like how how the new site looks as its similar to the ms design. I still see some balloon styled buttons that can be changed so the whole layout looks more in line.

I love being able to see discussions and articles easily
Would love to upgrade to an 8X. Any color I don't discriminate ha ha

The site is most certainly reminiscent of the afore-named Metro UI. A most fitting design in symbolism of the Windows Phone platform. If you would be so kind, I would love to own a Nokia Lumia 920.

I'll take a Cyan Lumia 920.  Love the image stabiliization, NFC, and the flat cyan is the perfect color. New site looks good.

Enjoying the new site design so far. At first I thought I would have trouble navigating, but I have actually found it easier to keep up with the latest articles.

I would love a black Lumia 920, really looking forward to the wireless charging and excellent camera. 

Cyan Lumia 920 would be awesome! My 1st gen Focus is on its last legs. BTW: really digging the new site design!

Loving the new design. Nice and clean, sharp, square lines that I love seeing.
I would love a Lumia 920 (any color really) as it's not available on Telus up in Canada :(.

I love what you did with this place!!!! It's more user-friendly for me and more  visually appealing compared to the previous incarnations of the site, good job guys;  I would love to get a Windows Lumia 920 either Red or Black

the site design is great, tho this comment section is cluttered, and would rather have seen you use disqus instead of requiring me to register :/
that being said, while I would love a Lumia 920, they brilliantly decided to make it AT&T only. so I guess I'll have to settle for yet another crappy HTC device!
at least make it the 8X! Please!

New design is fast and efficient just like Windows 8. I could go for any phone really as all I want is get my hands on the software but I guess Pureview and 32GB storage make the Lumia 920 the best choice.

The redesign is great, although I'm not a great fan of the pink logo. 
A lumia 822 would be a great successor to my lumia 800! 

All I need is a black or cyan Lumia 920 or Black or Blue HTC 8x and my future Windows Tablet will not be lonely.  
Nice site by the way!

New site layout looks great, guys.  I like the tile look to the headlines, and the toggle between latest stories and latest discussions.  Cheers.
PS. Nokia 920 in black, gray, or cyan would be my preference.

New site is much more inline with current trends, thus it feels modern and up to speed with where the web is at. No more mobile site?
Would like the Lumia 920 for AT&T. 

The site looks fantastic! Very Metro, err, Modern , err Microsoft Design language-ish. Thank you so much for offering to purchase me a new Stormtrooper White Lumia 920 for At&T! Keep up the awesome work guys...

The new site is so vibrant and really modern LOVE IT!  I personally would choose the nokia lumia 920, going for the white because it justs pops for me, and the camera is unmatched.

I think the new site looks good! There are some things that seem a little out of place (on the forums with IE10) but all in all I like it. I will say that it can look like a "wall" of text on the frontpage. The seperators for each article may need to be better defined. As for the device I would like, I would love to win the HTC 8X!

The new design is really more "WP8"-like.. and I really would like to enjoy it with my brand new red Nokia Lumia 920 :-)

Verizon Ativ S! I have a Galaxy SIII and have always dreamed about a WP8 on the same hardware. As for the site, clean and fast just like Windows Phone!

Gotta be an HTC 8X (california blue - that shit is amaze balls)
Really liking the new site as well, really clean and the colour is very windowsesque. Kepe up the good work :D (always first site i check in the mornings for new happenings in the tech world :D)

The new site blends very well into the Metro/modern-design of the new Windows/Windows Phone 8.  Thanks for reporting the fresh WP-related news!

As for the phone?  Well I like them all!  However where I live only the Lumia 920 is confirmed to work with 4G, so a black Lumia 920. :)

I'd love to get an ATIV S, and about the new design I really love it, it's much better to read and load, good work!

The new site looks great, with your own take on 'Metro' giving it a strong connection to WP while still having a strong identity. 
A Lumia 920 in Cyan will be nice. The international version one, naturally.

Intuitive, simple, amazing, colorful, just like Windows Phone 8.
Better when I check the WPCentrak news from my White Nokia Lumia 920.

The new design/layout of the website is great and it is very metro-esque which is a big plus! I would like the Nokia Lumia 920 in yellow that would be amazing! Keep up the great work guys

I'm really digging the new, dare I say, metro inspired site. I'm new to the Wpcentral scene so wasn't too attached to the old version. But love the cyan and pink. Big and Bold! Especially since I want the Lumia 920 in Cyan.

Love the new design, goes perfectly with Windows 8, Surface, and WP8.  The phone I'd love to win - Lumia 920!

yellow lumia 920 of course! the best design, the best camera, the best display and the best ecosystem of all oems :DD

I think the clear winner in the initial WP8 batch is the Lumia 920 which would be my choice.  Site design looks great btw, it's very "Modern Style UI" ish.  Nice job.

Love the new design, photos seem to pop, articles are more attractive, and has a flatter clean disign, similar to the new office.

The new design is quite spiffy. Definitely more playful and in keeping with the interface-formerly-known-as-metro UI paradigm. Like the one spotted by that there Lumia 920 I'd oh-so love to win here from you swell chaps.

The site is visually pleasing, very clean and easier to understand.
Lumia 920 is the choice... grey or black! Hope i get it!

I like the way the new design of the site matches the aesthetics of WP8. The colours, the tiles and the clean and uncluttered nature of the site gives it a real identity that matches the content. I wish for an HTC 8s. :) 

Red Lumia 920 please! Im so excited for this and felt cheated when i missed out on the 4 hour best buy preorder, and been chomping at the bit to pre order it though at&t. I have been without windows phone for 2 months since i accidently broke my arrive =( i am in withdraws lol

Love what ya'll have done with the site! I personally think the whole metro, or um windows 8, interface is so gorgeous. A new Red lumia 920 for AT&T will go along with all the new changes quite nicely ;)

Sorry, didn't read the rules before commenting, definitively the site loads faster and the new look is the proper way to get along with the new WP8. I want the 920 because is the one with the most astounding specs.

The new site design is pretty slick, I've got to say.  Looks especially nice whilst using IE10 on Windows 8!
Nokia Lumia 920.  If there's a colour choice, yellow or red!
I'm Canadian, btw.

HTC 8X please WPC team! I've been using wpcentral for awhile now without an account and I have to say...your new site design is great. There's less clutter (don't hate me for saying that :D) and I'm digging the headline topics section on the front page. Keep up the good work you guys!

(Written using my Nokia Lumia 900)

Hey guys!!  Loving the layout of the new site, plus all the Windows Phone 8 Twitter updates!!  Keep it up!  I would love a Nokia Lumia 920 (bright Yellow please)  

I think the new design is actually a nice fresh look. The pink was a little weird at first. Nokia lumia 920 in black :)

Love your new design, just as the new Windows Phone 8 devices...
I wanna have a Nokia Lumia 920 in Cyan! If Cyan is not available I wanna have it in yellow :D

All I can say about the new site is that it is a Windows into a whole new world. Hopefully, this open the Gates into my first smartphone.
Lumia 920 (Cyan) is my top choice :)

The new site is great - loving the colur scheme - not many sites make pink look good...
Also props on making the competition world wide. Very use to missing out here in NZ
Lumia 920

Yellow or red 920. A game changing device for both Nokia and WP.
Of course we all like the new site. I was all over the compliant in the Forums. Fun, eye catching design.

I'll take a red lumia 920 please! I'll also buy a good otterbox case for it if wpcentral store stocks one next week :)

Nokia Lumia 920... black, grey, whatever... i'd even put the money i'd save towards a WPCentral shirt for our baby due in December...

The New site is great I especially like the Colours, I'd Maybe give each castegory across top their own Square tile though instead of one long Bar either way its gorgeous.
Would love a Lumia 920 if Iwas to get Lucky

The site redesign is very welcome; it's bright, fresh, fits more with the image that Microsoft is trying to convey, and is still fast. I would want to win the blue HTC 8X!

Black Lumia 920 please. Could really use the upgrade! Loving the new metro styled site. A day doesn't go by that I don't check this site out

Nokia Lumia 920.
Site design looks great. What a surprise to have finished installing Windows 8, to be in awe of its design and simplicity, followed quickly thereafter to discover the WPCentral has made similar changes. Looks stunning.

MS should thank you for the redesign. It only adds to the appeal of WP. If by chance I won, I'd go for a white 8x on Verizon

Love the new site layout...  Looking forward to many great articiles this site has moving into 2013.  Would love the opportunity to win a new Windows 8 phone as well.  Will still come to the site regardless if I don't win.  Thanx for all your hardwork, time and effort giving us all Excellent Windows Phone / Windows 8 news :)

The Lumia 920 on AT&T would be awesome. I personally love the new layout. Its clean looks great on my Surface, and totally exemplifies why I love the Microsoft Design style. The balance of large beautiful images with crips clean text makes it easy to digest the latest headlines quickly, while presenting the information in a bold and distictive fashion. Well done!

I've been leaning toward an ATIV S, but it doesn't look like that is coming to the US, so I'll go with a Nokia 920

Overall I really like what you guys have done with the site. The only piece I am not sure that I like is the background image with the translucent squares at the top of the pages. Sorry to be anal but you asked :)
As for the phone, I would love an Verizon HTC 8X, PLEASE!