Xbox Music for Windows 8.1 recieves a minor update

Today Xbox Music for Windows 8.1 devices has received a minor update. The Xbox Music services serves as an alternative to more popular music streaming services like Spotify, Rdio, and (soon) Beats Music. Windows 8 users even receive six hours of free streaming a month in fifteen different countries. So, what has changed in the latest update?

The update itself is minor, and the Windows Store change log remains the same as the last recent major update, so we are left to figure out the new additions ourselves. Upon opening the application on Windows 8.1, there don’t appear to be any visual or functionality changes. We suspect that the latest update delivers bug fixes, along with minor tweaks for performance, though we'll pass the buck on to you to find any other changes.

If you have been having any issues with Xbox Music and this recent update has fixed it, let us know in the comments below. You can download the latest update for Xbox Music on Windows 8 by clicking here.

Are you a fan of Xbox Music or do you prefer to listen to music another way? For further discussion, make sure you head into our Xbox Music forums!


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Xbox Music for Windows 8.1 recieves a minor update


Yeah, it really bothered me when this vanished with no explanation after the big update. It was always my favorite feature of Zune. Now I will patiently wait for them to add the ability to make it the screensaver again.

It might be that I never noticed it before, but suddenly my Xbox Music + Video app that came with the phone is actually letting me watch Xbox Video content via streaming. 

My biggest gripe about my Surface 2 is the lack of a decent Music Manger. I listen to my own music (MP3's) and have no interest in all the other fuctionality that Xbox and Nokia Music try to push on me. I wish they would put in preferences that turn some of the other functions off to where it was more user friendly for me. I would gladdly pay for a decent app that did this but so far I haven't found anything in the app store that works how I would like it. 

Why o why don't they include Windows Media Player in Windows RT 8.1 whyyy, i also don't have interest in this bullshit functionality of Xbox Music and Nokia Music ... Hate streaming and the Surface 2 didn't even come with an option to add carriers, Wi-Fi only .... 

Same problem here. I find Music info and Mediamonkey OK.
I don't like the way the music experience is heading on PCs. Services with incomplete discographies is useless

I've heard others mention Music Info before but it doesn't appear to be on the app store now. I'm downloading Multimedia 8 right now and will give it a try.

Windows RT is full of bugs, after update i still have an annoying bug with this app, when i play music the app randomly stops playing music, this aint normal, fix this Microsoft !!!! Tired of being a beta user ( it sure feels that way)

Hi, thanks for the link, but the people there are complaining about something different, when their pc or tablet is on sleep mode the music stops, i don't have that problem but the problem that i have is that the music randomly stops when my tablet is not in sleep mode, so when i'm using it it randomly stops playing music, most of the time when it's just playing a song ...

I can't get Xbox music or Nokia Music to work on my phone. Both apps crash when accessing my local collection which is about 11k songs on a 64gb sdcard. The standard music app on the phone is fine though. I hope they improve the music app for local collections then I can finally dump my iPod.

I prefer Zune for listening to my own music, but XBM is pretty cool for listening to stuff I don't have (yet).

I dig Xbox music. I love it on my SP2, except managing your collection on an individual artist drives me insane! Lol

Xbox Music is great, cheap at only 8.99 and if u have the time to match your artist info, visually sound! Its better than Spotify as i can run it on more than one fone without a clash... Wish I'd see less gripes on her, its always a windows badmouth mission in the comments on here. Don't like WP8... Get a bloody iphone ha

oh dont get me started on matching. I spent the good part of a few weeks matching all my music only to find xbox music on my phone was fragmenting the albums etc. This was apprently an older version that was doing this. Anyway, i deleted my cloud collection and started again. I got half way through when the Windows 8.1 Xbox music app decided it was a good idea to start downloading my entire cloud collection to my PC...the same cloud collection I had MATCHED from my PC (which means I ALREADY HAD THE SONGS). I ended up uninstalling the app, moving my music to a different folder, and now I just one by one add albums to xbox music when I need them. Moral of the story; Microsoft severly screwed up on the whole "matching" experience in my shoes. A complete joke. #endrant

Same here. The worst is that once you get everything right, within a week or two it will decide to arbitrarily "re-match" stuff incorrectly. It breaks apart albums for no reason at all. Even ones I bought from Xbox Music!

My favorite is when it takes a few of my deluxe albums and splits certain tracks (not necessarily the extra deluxe-only tracks) into two albums, one being a part of the deluxe album and one being the regular album. Then a few weeks later, it will decide they should be merged again. Makes no sense.

I personally wish they would just bring back the Zune player and rebrand it as Xbox Music.  What a great peice of software for managing your collection.  I miss it greatly.

I miss Zune, too. The WP app on my PC to sync my Nokia Windows Phone no longer permits sharing unless they use your Windows sign-on. It's easier to use the Store app on my phone than download from my collection from my PC with XPO Music.

I listen to music with the ZUNE PC music player most everyday. It is amazing. Too bad MS has removed features like syncing with Windows Phone.

+1520 on that!

Zune was the best, it convinced me to buy a Windows phone 7 and later an 8. Xbox music just sucks in comparison. I saw no reason for any updates to the way zune worked on the Zune HD or Windows phone 7, except for maybe adding a way to create and edit playlists on the go.

On Windows phone 8 I get no live tile beauty unless i'm currently listening to something, it takes twice as long to access artists/songs/etc., i hear a noticable click between songs when listening to albums and don't like how it's so cloud centered. The cloud is nice, but many people have throttled/restricted data plans and listening as much as i do would kill my plan.

If they just brought the old experience over, with a slight refresh I would be much happier!

Right after the previous update i've lost the albumpicture of Armin Van Buuren. I'ts there on Windows Phone 8. So, no improvement there. Still no albumpicture.

I'm a big fan of Xbox music. Download a song and it will synch it with 6 devices. My collection is everywhere. Great service. I do miss the artist screensaver when playing a song though.

That was the best part of Zune HD (aside from video output and well, everything else, except for lack of H264 High Profile which was a result of the CPU not supporting that......  Since the iPad, all those videos are H264 High and then you had to transcribe EVERY HD podcast...... :(

I agree about synching to all devices.  That's a great feature but I wish it would merge the cloud with what was on my phone using some type of music matching which it's supposed to be able to do but never does reliably.


How do you know there was an update if it doesn't prompt you saying there is an update? You can't even manually update, it always automatically downloads it without you knowing.

I've gone into the settings in the store and turned off automatic updates. Now the live tile tells me when I have an update, just like it used to.

I still use Zune desktop. It looks and feels like a Win 8 app anyway, esp when pinned to Startscreen. If you need to manage metadata or cover art, I recommend Musicbee.

It needs a bigger update than this. I've checked out Beats Music and it is really nice. Really rich sound too.

"recieves"? "recieves?!" I appreciate everyone makes the occasional mistake but as journalists your English can't seriously be THAT bad. Get that abomination fixed asap.

Jesus Christ. enough of the updates addressing streaming. You have destroyed any local library management Zune had. I'm sick and tired of waiting for this. I have an amazing OS that has had the media portion stripped down to manage none of my music, video, or podcast without pulling my hair out. Even worse, the only two video management apps out there are Pandora Video Box and Movie Premier (tbough only Movie Premier works with your TV shows). We use to have Johnny Westlake's great Music Info for managing our music library, but that has gone AWOL. FIX YOUR CRAP ALREADY, MICROSOFT!

Oh too right. The local library management is downright awful. It essentially makes the pictures, music & video apps a steaming pile of poo. I just went back to Zune and VLC. They just simply work.

RHAPSODY. Why doesn't Rhapsody ever get mentioned in these lists anymore? Its catalog is better than XBM; it's better curated; it has Squeezebox support and a WP8 app.
Come on!

For people like you and me who have used ZUNE nothing can ever compare to it. But for people that have never used ZUNE, this thing works quite well. Everything is in the cloud and accessible from any of your devices. Make a playslist on XBOX MUSIC APP, then it magically appears on your XBOX, WP, etc.

I still use ZUNE and am listening to my ZUNE HD as I type this. For me, a music listener, nothing has drastcially changed with my subscription. I still have access to my 10 credits and ZUNE MARKETPLACE and am able to download songs through it. The only thing I was able to do that I can no longer do is download songs straight to my ZUNE HD, though I'm still able to stream them. That change took place like 2 years ago when they first announced XBOX MUSIC. Either way, I'm quite HAPPY and will be as long as the Marketplace and my 10 credits are intact.

We need to do make them fix this garbage app. Lets band together and get Zune features back!!!

Yea, hopefully it fixes my problem; i have two playlists and now when i enter the app both playlists have the same title and when i click on one it automatically goes to the other. so the one i clicked one had to be deleted.

i reinstalled the app a few times and it still occurs.

however i can add aongs to both playlists and then everything goes back to normal. but happens again soon later.

hopefully this fixes it.

My favorite feature is play all songs in a genre.

Oh, wait. Sorry. It doesn't have that "pro user" functionality on Windows.

But look! It does on Android and WP8!


Huge pile of suck. I can't believe there's a team at Microsoft who is in charge of this app. They probably outsourced it to a local community college "Intro to XAML" course in Seattle.

There is now a shuffle all button at the top of the collection pane..... that seems to be about all. The changelog is updated on the store page as well now.

On my desktop Xbox music still takes me to random blank screens sometimes when digging through my collection or searching...

I like it. Granted I never used Zune, but I don't store music locally and for what it does (streaming) it does well on all my devices..

This app works fine for me... I just need it to actually see all my album art... It only sees maybe 8% of my art, and the rest is blank. It is embedded into every track and there's a folder.jpg with every album. Everything shows up perfectly in WMP and MusicBee, and even on my phone! Although the Xbox music beta has the same problem.... :/


Okay, so if you stream music, this update is incredible! It plays within a second, I had to try random new music to make sure it hadn't cached the songs! I played some random artists, and songs start ALMOST INSTANTLY. I'm on my SP2 via wifi. I was so impressed I had to long in and leave a comment :P

Also glad the artist photo bloom is back, although I don't like the UI choices they made... Thought it worked fine the old way (2 or 3 updates ago)

Friendly tip, I turned off auto content downloads, so now I add music/albums to my cloud collection and stream everything, although I wish things synced better from the WP app. Had to uninstall XBM for WP... too bloated at 157mb


Guys are you kidding me?! It got back the feature it was once known for! The visualization!! Now when you play a song go to "now playing" you'll notice a fullscreen icon on the artist picture press it and boom! You got back that cool background of artist pictures with visualization

Where is the full screen button? The three short green lines, to the left of the artist picture, leaves the song list on the bottom half of the screen? Why does the top half go black screen for some songs? Even if this worked full screen, it's still not as good as the ZUNE PC live visualizations of artist pictures. It is, a step in the right direction, toward what ZUNE is.

actually i've never used Zune, but based on how people keep talking about it i'm sure it was amazing.

hope xbox music gets the glory of Zune someday

Since I'd normally pay $10 for an album of music anyway, why not stream? And since it automatically syncs WMP playlists AND its library I already had on my laptop (16,000+ songs), it makes music a breeze! Xbox music is my favorite app, even coming from a MSFT junkie. Well-worth the amount I pay for it :)

Can you stream from a NAS on your local network yet? Still can't believe they're not allowing you to do that. It wouldn't be so bad if they provided a decent option that did provide windows indexing, but they don't.

does anyone know how you can change the destination for downloaded songs?


it always saves them on my desktop in an Xbox Music Folder, but it really clutters up my SSD and i want to save it on my bigger HDD.

Devlopers pls help me I am facing problem after windows 8.1 update.

Basically I've Lumia 520 ( Indian Region ) .

(01)   After WP 8.1 update my SONGS List are not getting updated completly.

for example If I have 100 songs , it shows only 80 to 90 songs ..


(02)   Problem number 02 

After WP 8.1 update  - After completion of a each Song and jumping into another song ., A SCRATH Like Noise Comes


Remedies I've tried:

01 ; Formatted my 08 GB Memory card , for many times

02 : Hard Resetted My Lumia 520 , for many times

03 : Bought New 32 GB CLASS - 10 Memory card..


But still I haven't got solution..

Pls help me..

Email ID : premsdarshan@outlook.com