Enjoy Xbox One your way – stereo headset and adapter to ship this March

When hoards of Xbox 360 fans rushed over to the Xbox One on November 22, they noticed that much had changed – including the controller’s standard headset port. The changeover to Microsoft’s new Xbox One headset had created trouble with brand loyalists who had already spent their hard-earned money on expensive Turtle Beach or other gaming brand headphones for the console. Luckily, Microsoft has officially announced their upcoming Xbox One Stereo Headset and Stereo Headset adapter, which are scheduled to touch down sometime in early March.

The first item on the playing field will be Microsoft’s official Stereo gaming Headset that is promising to deliver a “premium audio experience for both game and chat audio”. The headset will deliver a full-range throughout the 20Hz – 20 kHz spectrum, which on paper tells us that the unit has the possibility to deliver excellent bass and crisp high frequencies (we will see what happens when we get our hands on it).

The headset includes a unidirectional microphone for gaming that will hopefully stop everyone from worrying if his or her microphone is positioned correctly. The headset itself will end in a standard style headphone jack, but an adapter is included for Xbox use. This means that you will be able to use any of your past 3mm stereo headphones by simply using the adapter. In addition, the adapter also supports older Xbox 360 2.5mm chat cables.

The adapter will look similar to the one shipped with Xbox One’s mono-chat headset, but will this time include two addition buttons, so you can adjust game and chat audio levels separately. If you already have a stereo headset with integrated microphone, it will be sure to work thanks to the Xbox One’s built in Skype audio codec files.

You will be able to pick up the Xbox One Stereo headset this March for $79.99. If you simply want the Stereo Headset Adapter alone – it will cost $24.99.

Source: Microsoft


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Enjoy Xbox One your way – stereo headset and adapter to ship this March


For some reason, this article isn't showing up in the news feed on the app on my phone. I had to find it in the forums to get here.

Edit: there we go, now it appeared

Can't wait for the adapter! I have been enjoying my Sony Pulse on my PS4 for the past week after their update! Now I can't wait to use my Trittons on my Xbox One! One more month of hell without a headset!

I wish this was put out when the system itself came out. Can't expect everything I suppose....at $500 its easy to do that..

std jack size is 3.5mm so what is this 3mm  a type or a new standard?

Is there a mic jack in or do you only get that if you use their headset? I'd like to use me exist headset wit its own mic. More questions than answers here chaps

I kinda think that is bolonga. PS4 included stereo compatible headsets standard and now that the more expensive Xbone has JUST now got their own stereo headset/adapter...i think everyone that bought a Day One Edition should at least have that adapter sent to their homes for free. Just saying, from my p.o.v. I've already paid for this in advanced.

Now if only they can get off their asses and make Dolby Digital 5.1 work over optical instead of HDMI only.

Nice I been wanting these for awhile. I love my DT770 pro. I lm thinking of maybe going for there gaming headset but money is hard to turn lose of haha.

$25 for something that should of been included on the contoller ? Maybe its me but that seems like way too much...should be a $5-10 as its only a adapter so you can use something you already paid for !!!!

I modded my xbox headset today to work with my X12's. It is really simple to do and it looks clean and works great.