Xbox Video updated with transparent Live tile, fixes download issues and more

Xbox Video

We won't be getting an update to Xbox Music today, but we are getting one for Xbox Video. Head to the Windows Phone Store and you'll see a changelog listing 'minor fixes and improvements'. That's wrong. Read on after the break to get the full scoop in what's new with this latest version of Xbox Video for Windows Phone.

Today's update brings Xbox Video to version 2.5.3962.0. Here's what you'll find:

  • The Xbox Video tile on the home screen now supports custom backgrounds and theme colors, without the need of a 3rd Party App
  • We used the telemetry info from the last release to track down and fix a stability issue that over the last 30 days was causing 75% of our reported unexpected application exits
  • We fixed several download issues related to licensed content:
    • Some downloaded content was not available to play when the phone was offline (i.e. the phone did not have an internet connection or was in Airplane mode).
    • Certain behind-the-scenes timing issues could create an edge case where a piece of licensed content could not be downloaded.
    • Some downloaded content could not be played after switching to streaming via the UI.

Additional fixes include:

  • An unexpected application exit after purchasing a TV season with a large number of shows.
  • Choppiness/frame rate stutter after resuming playback.
  • Links to TV seasons listed in Featured Sets were pointing to the details pages for the wrong season in that TV series.
  • An intermittent issue where Movie and TV Collections sometimes appeared empty when the phone was offline.
  • In some cases, purchased Movie and TV content was not showing in a user's collection.
  • Multiple localization issues.

Pretty solid list of changes for this update. Though this might be our last update for a few weeks. Microsoft has said that they're going to be working on 'meatier features' and that we shouldn't expect two-week release cycles for Xbox Video in the near future. What sort of features would you like to see the team add? Sound off below.

Thanks for the tips everyone!

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Reader comments

Xbox Video updated with transparent Live tile, fixes download issues and more


I like the whole transparent deal, but there should be an option within the app for that. I honestly like when my start screen looks full of different colors and this transparency thing is just messing with my theme. I can take off the option, but that would only mean that I will have a bunch of tiles that are the same color then.

I agree there should be an option to control the level of transparency the way it was with Vista Aero theme. I would like translucent colours, where the accent colour is there.

I agree entirely... The moment I turned off the background my start screen looked horrible! There was way too much of one colour. Apps should provide a couple of different tile options, like we did with Metrotube ;)

I agree. I like a variety of transparent and solid tiles. An all transparent start screen is bland and unimaginative.

Instead of adding transparency to tiles they should be making them live again to display useful information. The Music/Videos and Games tiles were animated in 8.0. In 8.1 they're just static icons. Now they're planning on making them colorless too.

I think even the tiles transparant it still displaying live tile. Not sure? Try play video and then pause it.exit app and few at start screen. It shoud be there

I just posted a suggestion to user voice asking them to give us the option to toggle the live tile's transparency. If you want an option to toggle live tile transparency then go to user voice and vote for the idea.

I think the novelty is wearing off for me now. You can't differentiate between tiles quick enough without colour. Store and the WPC app look similar at a glance for instance and I keep podging the wrong one. As for WhatsApp and Here maps.

Same here! I keep the bottom half of my Start Screen non-transparent and make it look nice. Now it messes with it.

What I want to know is why they took off the seeking buttons in the video player? Now if I want to go back 5 or 10 seconds i have to go back up to a minute or more....

OOhh no! I miss that green esmerald color already.....disadvantages of transparent tiles :(
One more thing, a lot from Xbox Video and Music Teams...what is Xbox Games Hub team doing?

That's what I mean! The transparency is not for everyone and they are making it that way. Should have a toggle option in settings.

My home screen is turning into a big blue piece of shit. I hate it, I really, really hate it. I'm so pissed off right now. Every app should have its own identity. I am so close to leaving WP it's not even funny anymore.

I totally agree that there should be an option for theme and default...but if it annoys you thaaaat much, it's pretty trivial to make your own background that adds some color variation in the right spots.

OMG... My startscreen was perfect before video got transparency... And now it's an ugly mess... SOOOOOO Disapointed.

wow, that's all it takes....

how were you feeling before transparent tiles and all tiles were the accent color unless the developer set a custom color like facebook and twitter are now?

why not just remove your background photo and bang you're back to the way it was before?


Yeah like the wpcentral app, it has the option to disable this shit transparent tiles that babies are crying for, I just hate it with passion

Just use a background with accents or gradients... Eash. Not every single developer is going to add custom colours to the apps. The background is tied to the set accent that is why the apps are all one colour when the background is disabled.

I want my green tile back too. Or at least the option to go back to it. Messed up my row of all green tiles. Had to unpin them, the OCD was not having it!

I unpined mine as well, and went ahead and unpined the Music tile as well.... in preparations for the next update.

I would just like for it not to show my personal videos when I open the app...maybe needs password protection... I mean, personal videos are just that, personal...it's the sole reason I won't pin Xbox video to my start screen... So I haven't really been worried about a transparent tile yet... But I agree, every tile needs transparency for the background pic to shine through!

same for pictures... they autoupload to onedrive before you finish taking the picture and boom, your account is locked

i don't want all my apps transparent :(  it could be a option .. imagine your start screen without background and all the tiles the same color! it looks ugly :(

It still wont play ripped dvds, either in m4v or wmv format, even though those files play perfectly fine in the Video app in Win 8.1

Did you rip them from illegal content or from purchased content. If hope illegal content will not work on Xbox video

I'll re-rip some DVDs and test this out; but the ones I have ripped previously play just fine after transferring to my Video folder.

If you would be so kind, let me know what happens. Like I said, the files play just fine on my Dell Venue 8 Pro and my Yoga 13 running Win 8.1.

The file used to play just fine in the WP Music and Video Hub.  I bought MoliPlayer Pro, and they play just fine.  But when I try and use the Video app, it says "format not supported", and this is for both m4V and wmv formats.


Thanks I really appreciate it.

Also, I am using a Lumia 1520, and I have tried putting the movies on the Phone or the SD card, and it doesnt matter.  They dont play, but they do play with MoliPlayer in either location.

Ok, the Xbox Video player failed to playback pure ripped DVD video.  However, MoliPlayer Pro played the video flawlessly and can also playback from DLNA server (Universal Media Server works for me) as well as can play mkv video - easily worth the $3.

It will be interesting to see what the "promised' VLC player for Windows Phone can accomplish that MoliPlayer Pro doesn't already do - and do VERY well. 

watching the 18- month long saga what the VLC team in france doing, it may take another 1 or 2 years until they are able to deliver some kind of semi-working version

thanks for your time and effort.  i do really appreciate it.  yes, molipro is worth the $3, but i shouldnt have to buy an app to restore functionality i used to have.


have a great weekend.

Is it just me, or does everyone still have problems with Video Player? The app seems to ruin the aspect ration when zoom function is used. :/ It somehow stretches the video vertically or horizontally, along with asymmetrical zooming to to some random portion of the frame. :|

Yep. I don't understand why there's no HD support yet. It has to either be a licensing issue or they want to arbitrarily make Xbox One and Windows 8.1 the premium experience over phone and browser.

In your opinion. I think having every single tile the same color is *too* uniform and would look bland.

Not for me. I had a Multi colores tile interface. I had unity between my pc, tablet and phone. Tranparancy killed this. MS is being stupid again. They should provide CHOICE, not switch one look for another.

Choices or options is the last thing we can expect from MS in the future. Their plain is to develop all, I repeat ALL their products for the dumb people. As dumb people cannot cope with choices, MS follows the same strategy that they used since the company went successful: they will dictate whats good for you. For IT-illiterates, thats even comfortable. For the experienced ones like us? Well we have nothing to do against it, we constantly eat what they cooked. We can continuously complain, as long as the dumb people are the majority of their consumers, and they are fine and dandy with what they get, nothingvwill change. Nothing. Ever.

Yes, because the entire world should get what you consider to be best. We should also get the same car as you, in the same color, dress like you, eat like you, same tv, etc, etc, etc.

Damn, no option? I have Games/Music/Video/SmartGlass in a 2x2 green grid. I don't want 100% of my start screen to end up the same color eventually. Need some contrast.

I like transparency tiles, but not the whole screen. This actually sucks for some of us, add a toggle option.

I do like and use transparent. Just not every tile. Plus it wouldn't matter anyway, they lost the Xbox green and its defaulted to my theme color. Hate windows phone sometimes. I have ocd and every time I get ok with my start screen, something changes and i have to start all over again.

I've had a movie disappear. I bought the big lebowski a long while ago (back before the Xbox rebranding). One day it wasn't in my collection. I had to purchase it again.

You voted for this crippled system, when you gave your money for the same content the 2nd time. Why should MS change anything when their consumers happils pay for the same product multiple times?

I am 99% sure that is how it works. I've used Xbox Video for a long time and the way it works is that whenever you purchase a movie or tv show, you are only able to download it up to a certain point in time. It could be 4 months, a year, anything but it is I'm the terms. However, the movie or tv show can be streamed forever. Daniel correct me if I'm wrong please because I think this is an issue a lot of WP users would love answered haha!

I would like to see the Video player/app support DLNA client.
There are so many things I would love to stream from my PC/server and no 'good' DLNA clients available.
WP needs a good stable standard client.

Seeing that they have ditched the Xbox green branding for transparency , I would say soon, at least in the case of OneNote. By the time, WP 8.1 rollout completes , we should get transparent tiles for most of the official apps which are not integrated to the OS.

Apps should let you choose the tile background from these options: transparent, app color, and accent color.

I could not agree more; all those proclaims about tiles that have to adhere to the Accent colour.... and since WP7 launched MS has been the worst offender with its own bloody tiles using arbitrarily chosen ones!

This transparency thing is not pleasing me I have enough transparent tiles I won't mind if the others remain as they are, I need my phone to be colourful and beautiful

Use Cool Tiles to choose colour of some tiles (doesn't work for all of them) also make some transparent that aren't already.

Now you can easily resume your last watched video. Nice. If only they could make it so the sort feature on personal videos doesn't default back to "date" every time you open the app instead on staying on "a to z" like I selected.

Lol Jesus H' Christ....m for the last good damn time Microsoft.... FIX OUR LOCAL LIBRARIES!!!!!! All this other shit is pointless. I'm not going to buy movies to stream through your crap service, if I can't handle my local movies and TV shows properly! I don't want one for previously owned videos and another for ones bought thorough you!!!! Fix that and then I'll buy videos through you and then we can worry about this mundane crap you are updating. I'm sick and tired of us telling you dumb asses the same thing with each update, and you doing something totally different. Start doing what we ask or just shut your f'n doors, you idiots.

No one asked Microsoft to create 4 separate apps on the phone.  No one asked Microsoft to create 3 separate apps on the PC.  No one asked for metadata editing to be dropped from the PC.

People have asked to use Zune for PC synch again, but the user voice site reported it 'declined.'  That's not customer service.  Believe me - you cannot get any iPhone user to seriously consider Windows phone having split the apps up like this.  It's beyond ridiculous. 

Give us 2 things:

PC: Zune with the ability to watch videos that we've edited metadata for, as either tv, movies, or music videos, listen to music, audiobooks, or podcasts, and purchase/rent tv, movies, music videos, music, and audiobooks, as well as synch our phones.  Add in social networking (see what your friends watched, like/comment on their viewing; friends comment/like your viewing; share TV/movies you like to FB/friends; set reminders for movie releases in theaters and on Zune)

Phone: Zune with the ability to listen to music, podcasts, and audiobooks, watch videos, listen to the radio, edit metadata, and swipe left/right to change tracks on a separate pane from the rest of the pivot app.  This is not difficult.

If they're going to get rid of the Xbox Green tile colour, then they should incorpate the Xbox icon (the x-orb) into the icon... otherwise how is anyone supposed to know that's an Xbox app?   For example, Xbox Music can be the X-Orb with headphones on it, and Xbox Video can be the X-orb with a video player or something, i dunno.  But they should do that.

They should get rid of X-Box Video and X-Box Music and restore the original Zune app.  Much better logo, and it actually worked.  XBV/M just stink on ice in comparison.


Besides that - think about this: would Apple split iTunes into iTunes Video, iTunes Music, iTunes Podcast, and iTunes Synch?  No.  The phone has 1 app - iTunes.  That's it.  The computer has one app - iTunes.  That's it.  So why in the world does Microsoft think it's a good idea to split the app into separate apps?  Whoever decided that should be released from his/her employment.

The videos downloaded from Xbox video gets stored in phone memory or SD card?? And can we share them via Bluetooth??

Why the faaaaaak has to sync online just to watch some videos stupid piece of shiit i have to turn on airplane mode just,to stop syncing and let me play my videos

I guess nobody in that xbox video team bothered to test how the damn thing works before releasing. The loading takes forever!

What..?? After the update, the app cannot play local Full HD videos in the SD card for 512 MB devices. I don't need transparent tiles, I need the player to support Full HD local SD card videos...

Believe it or not some Windows Phones have 720p and 1080p screens, maybe that's the reason why!!!

Great. If they fix transparent for one note, authenticator and skype then my start screen will be completely transparent. And I am loving it.. :)

What is the use of this app for Indian users as there is no Xbox subscription....more over there is a pop sound while fast forwarding....does anybody know how to get rid of that

Options is good, when i remove start backgrounds,colorful is still there just go to app settings. Make it solid color green,

Who uses Xbox thingies? TV this, movies that, etcetera, etcetera, you are not logged in? Just want to use the phone. Is there an option to kill the Xbox thingies?

Nice to see that more and more people are waking up and realizing that LIVE TILES ARE BETTER THAN THIS BLAND UGLY ASS TRANSPARENT TILES WITH A BLAND UGLY ASS WHITE DEAD ICON. Congratulations Microsoft! You successfully destroyed every freakin thing that made WP different from android and iOS.

Personally, I think it should show me:

-when a friend liked a TV show, episode, or movie; in a 'social' pivot, show me those notifications so I can then see that TV show, episode, or movie for myself and decide whether to download/rent/buy it

-when a new episode of a TV show for which I have a season pass comes out.  Again, show this within the app, or if you must, the horribly implemented 'notification center' that very ill-informed people have asked for, which destroyed the Me Tile.

-when a TV Show or movie that I 'liked' or 'favorited' becomes available for rent/purchase.  I should be able to like/favorite a show or movie that's not yet available, and when it does, get notifications of that availability.

-when a friend likes/comments on a TV show / movie I've watched, again, through the use of a social pivot within the video app.  That way, your friends can see which shows you like and discover new stuff themselves.  No app does this now.  This would be great for new show/movie discovery.

-reminders on upcoming movies in theaters/online.  I should be able to mark down movies, based on trailers, that I want to see, and have the app remind me the week and day of the movie release that it's in theaters.  Then, when that same movie is available for rent/purchase in the marketplace, give me a notification of that.

That's just off the top of my head five things that a live tile could do for me.  I find it very hard to believe that Microsoft hasn't thought of this themselves.  This seems pretty simple to fathom.

The bug with the personal videos is still not fixed. I have some videos deleted earlier, and Xbox Video app still is showing me them. Even if I try to delete them again in the Video app, nothing is changing. 1520 8.1 DP latest updates

I am not able to access the Xbox video extra features... All i see is personal videos..Is it a location specific thing?

To this day I am not able to access the Xbox video extra features... All i see is personal videos..Is it a location specific thing?

I need GREEN TILE OMFG! PLEASE!!! At least add a toggle option ffs. My start screen looks like shit. I have to waste my time making custom backgrounds, my start screen looked so beautiful in WP8. Just give us a damn toggle option to turn on/off transparency -_-

Yeah I wonder why they are being so lazy about adding a simple toggle option.. Pretty much all third party devs/apps provide this simple option so you can opt for transparency or the regular tile. The simple little things!! :-(

There should be an option to turn the connection off in settings.. In India it doesn't even support purchase of movies or tv shows.. So what's the use?

Music app remains utter garbage. Needs to be thrown away and written from scratch. Look at the Google & Apple Music apps for inspiration.

I still can't download any of my tv shows, I can download any movie that I bought, and I can download the tv shows on my w8.1 tablet still, but not on my wp8.1

Subtitles, multiple audio tracks, mkv file support, metadata editing of files stored on the device, the name changed to Zune, a social plugin to see what my friends are watching or have watched, and what they've liked/favorited, the ability to share tv shows, episodes, or movies with friends from within the app and get notifications thereof, and see stats on most-watched series, completed series. 

I need a simple app that show personal videos alone without any loading... Signing in screens.
...all other stuffs as a separate app ...

They should've given an option for a transparent tile not make it mandatory. I liked having my Xbox apps be all in green!!

I am having a strange problem. I have this latest update installed. I copied a video from my PC via explorer to phone, saw It and then deleted it but it still shows up in Videos app even though it is not occupying any space in the internal HD. I am using Lumia 925 in India.

To each his own. Personally I'm glad that they now have transparent tile support. My start screen is all transparent so I can clearly see my image.

Still having that "cannot play this file" errors... Frustrating. I hate both Music n Video on WP8.1... Hmmm.

Same. It's so annoying. How hard can it be! Plus why do I need to log in to watch my download videos..... The reason I downloaded was because I don't always have internet.

I still can't watch downloaded videos. I can only stream. Not what I expect when I spend £15 on a HD film...