10 killer Kingdom Come: Deliverance mods you can get right now

The Nexus Mods website has been a hub for PC game mods for years, and recently modders have uploaded their own projects for the game Kingdom Come: Deliverance there. Whether they tweak in-game difficulty, create silly visual effects, or add brand new types of non-player characters into the game world, most of these mods are great. Here are 10 of them that you should check out.

Note: All images used are those attached to the mod files.

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Roads are Dangerous by Zaatch

Roads are Dangerous is a mod that increases the chances of enemy encounters during fast travel. Due to the fact that the rate at which you can run into bandits and other violent folks on the road is low by default, this is a great mod for people who want their fast travel experience to be more lively or who want more opportunities to dish out justice to bandits. Another cool thing Roads are Dangerous does is add three different types of enemies you can fight on the road, adding combat variety.

Bow Dot Reticle by FoX_D3ff3nd3R

A big problem many people have with Kingdom Come is the archery system which removes your cursor and makes aiming rely on your naked eye on. Bow Dot Reticle is a simple bit of code that forces the game to keep your reticle present when using your bow, which is a great way to help if you struggle with archery.

Sectorial Lockpicking by Tyddy

Kingdom Come's lockpicking can be confusing and overwhelming, so Sectorial Lockpicking makes the process simpler by visually showing where players need to hold their lockpick as they rotate locks.

Richer Merchants by EddieShoe

Often times, merchants don't always have enough coin to purchase all the items you've collected while hunting or when you're trying to clear your inventory of clutter. Richer Merchants ensures that every shop owner in the game will have a few thousand currency at the start of each day so that you'll never have to worry about not being able to sell your wares.

More Responsive Targeting by Tahknall

During combat with multiple foes in Kingdom Come, it's crucial that you always keep an eye on all your opponents and switch your targeting between them to keep them all at bay. More Responsive Targeting makes the process smoother and prevents control of the camera being taken away from the player.

Faster Arrows by PcFreaky99

For a realistic game like Kingdom Come, arrows seem to travel a lot slower than they do when shot in real life. Faster Arrows makes it so arrows fired by the player are much faster, which means the aiming and firing process will feel much more natural.

Unlimited Saving by EddieShoe

Kingdom Come seldom lets you save in order to prevent "save scumming," a practice in which players can avoid consequences of their actions by quickly saving before doing a rash action and then reloading that save afterwards. However, if you want to be able to save scum, or simply save whenever you want, Unlimited Saving will let you.

KCD Lightsaber Models by UblichenVerdachtigen

Ever wonder what Kingdom Come would look like with lightsabers instead of swords? KCD Lightsaber Models replaces every sword in the game with a colorful lightsaber. Go out and show those medieval knights the power of science fiction!

I Mourn For Balance by MourningCoffee

For players who want an even bigger challenge than Kingdom Come presents, I Mourn For Balance is a fantastic mod that alters bonuses and weaknesses on all of the gear in the game to make combat more challenging, but still fair to the player.

Henry's Face Compendium by MissNilin

Though Kingdom Come's protagonist Henry is undeniably a handsome lad, it's fun to switch up his look. Henry's Face Compendium is a collection of different faces and skins for Henry that you can use to replace his default appearance.

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Kingdom Come Deliverance is available now for $59.99 on Steam.

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