1Password 8 is here for your Windows 11 security needs

1password 1love
1password 1love (Image credit: 1Password)

What you need to know

  • 1Password 8 has officially released for Windows 11.
  • It updates the 1Password look you know, packs a dark mode, and has enhanced performance.
  • New capabilities are also included in the fresh 1Password release.

1Password isn't reinventing the wheel with the release of 1Password 8, but it is tweaking a few core components to make for a particularly pleasurable Windows 11 and Windows 10 experience.

You can enjoy a fresh look with dark mode capabilities, alongside features such as Quick Access (which allows for credential access without 1Password being open), Item Catalog, and more, like the new Watchtower Dashboard that'll help you keep an eye on problematic passwords.

Aesthetics and feature updates aside, there's also another big benefit baked into 1Password 8: The fact it'll run better. You won't see this change on the surface, but you should feel it.

Dave Teare, co-founder of 1Password, shared remarks on the launch. "We've created an incredible foundation that powers our best version of 1Password for Windows yet, while setting us up for an exciting future," he said. "Our customers deserve the best, most polished experience when it comes to securing their personal information – our latest iteration of 1Password 8 for Windows delivers exactly that."

If you were waiting on a desktop app version of 1Password that feels like the browser extension variant, you'll like the new look. You can grab the finished release for Windows right now or wait on the macOS version that's still in early access.

Robert Carnevale

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