1Password Alpha Windows 10 app updated with Teams support, ditches Windows 8.1


After a few months of waiting, developer AgileBits has released a new alpha release of its password storage and management 1Password as a universal app for Windows 10. With this release of this new version, it is officially ditching support for Windows 8.1 devices.

Here's the rather long change log for the new update, which has the version number of 1.1511.22.

  • Password for Teams (https://teams.1password.com/) support
  • bugs, many bugs are squashed and removed. And yet, we believe there are many things we can (should and will) improve in the coming updates. Please have backups of your critical data when you play with edit and don't hesitate to write to support or ask in forums https://discussions.agilebits.com/categories/windows-modern-beta for help or to let us know that something isn't working well (even when it's obvious).
  • Lots of changes done and more on the way, we are coming back to "release often" life style
  • items can be edited and saved in .opvault format (not synced yet, we are working on it)
  • items can be edited in .agilekeychanin format, but save disabled until we finish all tests
  • vaults selector is also the place to manage your connections to OneDrive, Dropbox, Folders and Teams
  • all open connections and vaults information is encrypted and stored in roaming profile. That's right, you just connect on one device and other Windows 10 devices, using the same Microsoft account, will have your connections shortly. Roaming speed depends on multiple factors and managed by Windows 10 itself. If you do not see connections appearing right away, give it a little time or try to force roaming profile sync by locking Windows user.
  • master key protected is stored in Password Vault protected by master password (hit Windows key and type "Web Credentials" to find it, look for op:// resource). Every 1Password for Windows Modern app is reacting to change of master password by locking itself as soon as changes are detected in Password Vault.
  • long awaited search of vaults everywhere in OneDrive, just like we did it with Dropbox. No more app folder requirement ;)
  • settings button is now using a flyout menu instead of inline UI
  • "Scan control code" command in Settings menu to use your device's camera to control 1Password (our support may send you some QR codes to get the job done) or you can use it to scan Emergency Kit from * * * * 1Password for Teams to quickly regain access to your team!
  • current activities renamed to live log
  • you can now copy, save to file or send email with live log
  • you can now send email with crashes or open folder with crash reports. We hope you don't need that, but we know there will be bugs and crashes and we want to get them fixed as soon as possible.
  • vault title and icon are part of nav button now
  • removed duplicate username/password fields from login items
  • advanced options are gone, they are replaced with special links and QR codes
  • use op://reset in your browser or in Run dialog (Windows+R key) or type "start op://reset" in command line to initiate total wipe of application roaming and local settings and folders. You master password will not be erased, this can be done manually only at Windows Credential Manager. Note, that data on Teams, OneDrive, Dropbox or user folders is not erased or affected, to access it again you will have to open connections and vaults again. (and please, dont try to spam your friends with op://reset links - we do ask Master Password and seek cofirmation from user before we bring destruction ;)
  • recognize database item type from .agilekeychain
  • startup speed and speed of vaults opening are improved
  • vaults refresh progress indicators are added

Thanks to MikeSo for the tip!

Download 1Passworld Alpha for Windows 10/Windows 10 Mobile

Source: AgileBits

John Callaham