The newest Kano kit is a do-it-yourself touchscreen computer that will teach you how to put the computer together, turn it on, learn some basic coding, play games, and more. The Computer Kit Touch is already out there on the Kano website, Amazon, and other places. It sells for $279.99 and you can get it now from Kano or wait until October 1 if you order from Amazon.

The kit starts with a step-by-step storybook that walks you through the process of putting your new computer together. It uses words and pictures, and it's designed to be used by children so anyone can learn from it. When you get to the end of the book, you'll have a fully functional Raspberry Pi computer with a 10.1-inch HD touchscreen and a wireless keyboard. The computer has the Kano OS already on it, a storage capacity of 16GB, and a three hour battery life. You'll even build your own speakers.

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The process doesn't stop there because once you turn it on you'll begin to learn the basics of coding through tutorials, challenges, and games. You'll learn how to make music, produce art, play Minecraft, and more. The advanced levels include real applications of Javascript and Python programming languages.

Making a touchscreen computer from scratch seems awesome, but Kano has been doing this for years and has plenty of kits to choose from. If your main curiosity is in learning how to build a computer or some basic coding, or you just want something fun and nerdy to do with your kids, then you can get other kits like the 2017 Kano Computer Kit for less than $105. Or if you want to learn a bit of magic, try the Kano Harry Potter Coding Wand for $99.99.

The Computer Kit Touch comes with a one-year warranty and a lifetime of help.

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